That’s Hai Yunzong, whose leading name is Han Tao, the best person in the younger generation of Hai Yunzong, and whose strength has also reached the level of half a step.

Lin nodded slightly these days, and he also knew a lot of information about the windy sea area. Although the most powerful in this sea area is two dng days and five people, this sea cloud Sect is also a giant in this windy sea area, and its strength is not weak. Five people are somewhat different from each other in terms of background.
There is still a person in the southwest who is a bit tricky. Lin’s eyes are the first to turn to the southwest. There is a boulder and a gray man sitting quietly around him. There is no other trace. Obviously, he is alone, but this kind of lone ranger dares to come here. It is obviously not a provincial oil lamp.
Gu Yan looked at the man in gray, but his eyes were dignified. It was a one-armed man who didn’t join the forces, but in this windy sea area, he was quite famous. He also stepped into the semi-step-by-step mysterious realm, but it is said that he once gave birth to the mysterious realm. ji did not get away smoothly and injured the other party.
Lin move smell speech eyes also flashed a bit surprised s line of sight swept the gray man was found after a sleeve dngdng.
It seems that this person is also some means of fighting by leaps and bounds. He is good at it and he is also very white. What do you need in this? Since the gray man can do this step, he must be hiding something.
It’s really worthy to be a lun Mohai. If you put this figure in the East Xuanyu, it must be very dazzling for the younger generation, but it can be regarded as excellent here.
Lin Dong secretly tongue-tied. This windy sea area is not the most powerful sea area in lun Magic Sea, but now it is a tough problem. I really don’t know what Uber figures will be in other places.
And when Lin moved and stared at the man in gray in the distance, it seemed that he was also aware of the immediate shift of sight, and jng mans in his eyes passed by so sharply that they tore the gas straight.
Lin looked directly at the face of the man in gray, but he didn’t have the slightest fear of the fame after S. Although it was not small enough for him, it didn’t matter. He was able to injure a living Xuan and get away smoothly, but Lin was really beheaded.
Killing and wounding these two is a qualitative gap.
The gray man’s sharp eyes stared at Lin for a long time before the sharpness gradually weakened and he took a deep look at Lin, which slowly turned back.
Aside Gu Yan will look at these two people in the eyes. After seeing Lin’s calm appearance, my heart also thinks highly of it again. Then again, some difficult guys look at them. The black dragon pattern should be rampant in the windy sea, but look at this situation. The four guys are coming here. If the peak strength of Nirvana is nine yuan, even half a step will be able to compete.
Lin’s sight once again turned to see a group of people dressed in red in the distance, and their robes were painted with black dragon patterns.
And at the forefront of that group of troops are four fierce men with a strong ShaQi coming from their bodies, all of whom are obviously vicious people with their hands stained with a lot of blood.
It’s obvious that this mysterious spirit has provoked a lot of really difficult people. It’s really interesting to have a fight after it.
This Xuanling Mountain is shrouded in poison, and we have to wait until noon before we can go in. Once we enter Xuanling Mountain, we will fight for the mysterious spirit, which is a dignified way to look at the towering mountain.
Lin nodded slightly, and then he would not say much. He stepped back and looked at the quaint injury, and then waited for the hour to come.
Although there are many people at the foot of the mountain, it has become unusually quiet at this time. It is that the eyes on Xuanling Mountain are getting hotter and hotter with time.
In such a quiet day, the scorching sun is also climbing the peak, and the hot sunshine pours into Xuanling Mountain, and suddenly the poisoning that permeates it is also rapidly dissipated.
When the poisoning of the mountain peak completely dispersed, the quiet foot of the mountain suddenly rioted, breaking the wind and instantly ringing through the road, rushing into this huge Xuanling Mountain like locusts.
It is also at this moment that the struggle for the mysterious spirit is exhibited.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two
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Vaguely, there are still some thin poisonous forests. Suddenly, the wind breaks out in the mountains, and the figures rush in like arrows, and then quickly sweep away at the giant peak.
There are a lot of people
Lin’s toes landed on a thick trunk. He glanced at the figures who had been swept into Xuanling Mountain like locusts, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle slightly. Such a large-scale entry would surely disturb the monster beast in Xuanling Mountain.
It’s too tempting to live a mysterious spirit, especially for some people with nine yuan nirvana. If you can get it, you have to save a lot of hard work and ancient teachings.
The ancient family came to the foot of the mountain with a lot of people, but this time it didn’t all enter Xuanling Mountain. After all, if the strength here is dangerous and has not reached a certain level, it will be a burden to give too much help even if it comes. This time, it is more than a dozen strong ancient brothers who came in with Lin Dong Gu Yan.
The number of monster beasts in Xuanling Mountain is very large. According to the information we have obtained, the strength alone reaches half a step, and the Xuanling Mountain has no head. Moreover, at the top of the mountain, there is a head of strength that reaches the Xuanling Mountain, and the three-headed magic dumpling guards Gu Yan’s line of sight and looks at the cheeks in the depths of Xuanling Mountain. Some dignified ways
When I heard this, even Lin’s eyes couldn’t help but coagulate. The strength of the monster beast in Xuanling Mountain is really not to be underestimated. This time, it has not attracted so much bright light. I am afraid that this line of people can successfully obtain the mysterious spirit.
I hope we won’t meet each other in all directions of Xuanling Mountain, or it will be a trouble, Guyan said.
But when her voice fell, there were already some beasts screaming and screaming in the distant mountains. I want this Xuanling Mountain monster beast to be attacked.
come on
Gu Yan heard these sounds, and Diane’s eyebrows frowned slightly. Soon, she no longer said much. With a wave of her hand, the jade hand took the lead in grazing behind her, and Lin Dong and others followed quickly.
As the big army stormed into Xuanling Mountain, the mountain was calm and immediately burst, and the angry beast roared and swung in the mountain, followed by some energy collisions and crashing.
The mountains are full of faint blood at this moment.
Lin and his party also suffered a lot of monster attacks all the way, but their array strength was good after all, so these attacks did not cause too much trouble or casualties, but the speed was still dragged down.
A huge ape monster beast roared, and the sky came crashing down with unusually sharp claws. The head wind tore it at an ancient brother who had just defeated the monster beast.
However, its attack has not completely fallen into a violent green light, that is, it swept in and blew a punch into its huge body, and then it sounded in a low voice. This monster beast flew hundreds of meters like a kite with the same line and fell into the forest in a hurry.
The rescued ancient brother looked at the inverted magic ape and breathed a sigh of relief, then cast a grateful look at the forest.