The Tibetan Buddhist monk looked serious after thinking, saying that this Antarctic world is full of small light mirrors and cudgels, but it is also very difficult to block the footprints of fairies and fairies without saying that it is a celestial mountain and two aura clocks are even more aurora fires.

There are not thousands of emerald peaks on the island.
The most amazing thing is that the fish and shellfish in the island’s biological sea are born in such a fairyland in the spirit zone, but they are endowed with magical powers.
I think it took a lot of effort to create the abode of fairies and immortals in the light mirror when the Shu Mountain was strong, but I never thought that it would be another day after thousands of years.
Li Yueling also knew something about the Antarctic skylight, but he didn’t expect the Tibetan Buddhist monk to speak so clearly. The master seemed to know a lot about the skylight, but what was the reason?
The Tibetan Buddhist monk seems to have been reminded of memories, and he is a little distressed. He said that he was ashamed that he had been to the South Pole when he had just completed the arhat golden statue, but he was shocked when he didn’t get to the light mirror. It was just heard before.
It was also because of that lesson that I returned to the middle boundary of the East China Sea for penance, otherwise I would not have entered the silent period so soon.
Even the dragon’s Tibetan Buddhist monk Luohan’s golden body can’t be well-known in Antarctic days. Li Yueling’s heart is slightly startled, and his interest in the fix-up world of Antarctic days is even stronger mysteriously.
At this time, the Tibetan Buddhist monk said to the patriarch, you don’t know that the Antarctic sky is blessed with aura bells, and each monster is worse than the other, and each one is an achievement. Even that demon is a great success.
The monsters who have survived several thunder robberies were not limited by the devil’s treasure refining in those days, and they were afraid to run to Middle-earth in droves. None of the sects were their opponents.
The more powerful the Tibetan Buddhist monk told the Antarctic monster, the more interested Li Yueling became, and at the same time, he got a deeper understanding of the naked leader’s inviting demons to go to the light mirror privately.
It seems that if you want to take the Antarctic sky mirror, the nine-doubt tripod is definitely a key. Li Yueling has a strong ability to grasp things, and it is clear to you after a thought.
Master immediately laughed easily. If we go to the Antarctic sky mirror, we can get the fairy mountain abode of fairies and immortals.
It took a long time for the Tibetan Buddhist monk to touch his bare skull before he said that the monster there was too powerful.
Li Yueling didn’t take it for granted, but he answered again. If you get the devil’s treasure, you will be more sure.
It’s natural to think that the nine-suspected tripod with chaotic tires has refined the demon’s power, but it’s a monster’s body. If it shines high, it must be attached to the bow, or it will be refined.
However, the tripod was put into the light mirror by the master of Shushan thousands of years ago to suppress the evil spirits in the Antarctic sky. If they want to get the tripod, they must enter the light mirror. This is a difficult thing. Once bitten, a twice shy man fears a twice shy man. In the past, he suffered in the Antarctic day, and he is also crying today.
That’s simple. We don’t have to rush into the mirror, but it will hurt our way, and more than one Li Yueling still laughs
Patriarch, do you mean to smell Li Yueling’s statement that the dragon hides the Buddhist monk is thinking that the naked leader invited nearly 100 evil men to be suckers-yet he can’t understand others.
At this moment, Master Jin Nuanyu should have neglected a little. Now that the naked leader can know it, it means that others may know it, not to mention the two factions of Buddhism and Taoism alone.
Imagine that they might sit and watch the treasures of Fairy House being captured by people in the demon family.
Li Yueling listened to Jin Nuanyu explaining the Tao for him, and it was comforting to know that it was not surprising that such a situation had been guessed, but Jin Nuanyu could find out the mystery from his own words and phrases, and it was a great blessing to be such a virtuous column. Small jade’s promotion today is not a complete integration into the realm of repairing truth, and her keen insight as a successful businessman has been brought into play again.
The Tibetan Buddhist monk came here with a bright eye. If that’s the case, we really have a chance.
Poison shadow Tuode has been listening to the conversation of the three people. At this moment, Li Yueling smiled at the two of them. What do you think? We are very democratic in Yuan Zong.
Although poison shadow doesn’t know what democracy means, he does think that it is undoubtedly that my brother is a little worried about the evil door of Buddhism and Taoism. Although it has been a delicate balance for more than a thousand years, there is no big dispute.
Wouldn’t it be bad if the monsters in the Antarctic are really strong, and they might work together to deal with it first?
Although this disciple is a real villain, he is also cautious enough. Li Yueling nodded in recognition. You are awake, but if things are really developing in that direction, can’t we help them stir up disputes as soon as there is no dispute, or let them have conflicts and intensify them in front of your house, even if they succeed more than half of the time, even if they clear the Antarctic day.
In front of the fairy house, there is also a fight for each other.
Poisonous shadow didn’t speak again, as if he were thinking about Li Yueling’s words, while Tuode didn’t have so many poisonous shadows. The clever mind is to do what the master says.
The plan will never change, and everything will have to be changed according to the situation. This time, you will go to Tuode with your teacher, and you will stay and look after Zongmen.
Teach a group of disciples to be in charge. This is a magic gold ring. Take it to sacrifice and refine the jade pupil. You will also take this treasure method in the bamboo slips. After you go to the division, you will have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of guarding the clan gate. If someone invades, you can’t beat it.
You must remember this.
Speaking, Li Yueling handed Tuode the magic gold ring she got from her childhood when she was a child, together with her treasure seal. She took the magic weapon and nodded seriously. Master assured Tuode that she must remember the master’s entrustment.
Aside from the poisonous shadow, it is also a strange itch to see Tuode Meng Li Yueling give the magic gold ring. You know, he Tuode has already completed Yuan Ying, and he also has the ability to sacrifice magic weapons. On how to sacrifice.
It is difficult for them to build a magic weapon of the Xuan level by repairing their strength and refining their materials with low quality. It is already thankful that they can be refined into a magic weapon of the Yellow level.
Li Yueling’s gift to Tuode’s underground magic gold ring is not a magic weapon, but it’s strange whether it’s the middle level of Shushan’s legacy or the underground poison shadow.
Li Yueling, however, also looked at the poison shadow. He didn’t show partiality as a teacher and thought about it. The poison shadow is a magic weapon that the repairman got when he returned to kill the enemy Johnson. It is also suitable for him.
Besides, after the enemy Johnson’s body was destroyed, he not only left a magic weapon, but also left an excerpt from Shibao’s jade pupil Jane, which is perfect for poison shadow.
Reading this in Li Yueling’s hand is another magic weapon, a jade pupil Jane is the enemy monster’s game-writing protocol, and another magic weapon, A Bi Yuan Zhu, is too evil for Li Yueling to finally give up the plan to give it to the poisonous shadow.
The poison shadow took the game-writing protocol to destroy the soul shuttle, but Li Yueling got up and said to the poison shadow that you should practice these two magic weapons well these days.
Then he turned to the dragon, Tibet, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism and Buddhism.