Lao Hou pulled a Zhang Jun and said, Let’s go and have a look.

Yes, Zhang Jun answered nervously.
They came to the back of Sister Wang, but there was a gap in the horizontal line of the display, and the gap was getting worse and worse. Sister Wang put her right hand on the keyboard and trembled a little. She hesitated. She didn’t notice the people behind her because everything was in the stock. She looked up at the huge display screen on the opposite wall. The slope of the red road had become larger for a moment. She bit a thick lip and seemed to be encouraging herself. It seemed that she was making up her mind to sell. It was easy to finish it in half a minute. Sister Wang took a long breath like a big cigarette and collapsed in a chair. Then she found that she was sitting behind her. Hou Yaozong, do you think I’m mountain coal international? The banker reached out and knocked on the keyboard for a while. He replied, I don’t think so, but it’s right to sell. After all, you haven’t earned less. Sister Wang’s chubby face is full of spring breeze when she heard this. Just now, depression has already been thrown out of the cloud nine.
It’s almost 3 o’clock. Let’s go for a while. Old Hou said to Sister Wang
Ok, thank you. You dish it.
Hehe, Lao Hou smiled and answered.
Just arrived at the stairs on the second floor, I heard that Hua Hua Mahjong should come from Lao Hou’s room, but when I pushed the door, I saw four people playing Mahjong, with a middle-aged man facing the door, and Wang Junlai Fang Xia, an aunt, and a middle-aged man conveniently played a card, and then said that Hou Yaozong heard that you had a new apprentice and was a guest.
Where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, haha.
Zhang Jun followed silently because he didn’t know the old Hou, after all, and said to the middle-aged man, Did you sell it in the afternoon? Aunt Gaga laughed. His name is Cao and he runs faster than anyone.
Wang Junlai also turned his head and said, "How about your mentoring if we win the wine game later?"
In the evening, I’ll be the host, and Hou readily promised
Fang Xia has been talking for a long time. Hey, hey, I didn’t spend your money on the stock mahjong Shuangfeng today.
Ah, no wonder China’s disappointing football voice came from Master Liu. He was watching the market in the room.
Fang Xia replied that Master would call your wife later.
Master Liu wondered why she wanted to take her because she didn’t like the street.
Fang Xia pursed her lips and leaned her chin to tell everyone that he didn’t let his wife be afraid of spending money and being stingy.
Wang Junlai narrowed his eyes and watched Fang Xia say that the sadness of football in China is because women in China are too unruly.
Wang Junlai suddenly felt that his right calf was hit hard and ouch ouch.
This is Fang Xia’s anger with a smile.
Ha, ha, ha. There was laughter in the room.
Old Hou came to the brain to watch for a while and said to the master, it’s almost over, but can you chase it now?
The master looked up at Lao Hou and told us a story. One day, Hou Yaozong saw the car as soon as he got to the bus and left. Hou Yaozong was good at chasing the car. Hou Yaozong waved a sweat and called for the master to wait for me to chase half a mile. Then the window leaned out and said, Stop chasing after you. Haha.
Everyone laughed again. Old Hou was embarrassed to pay out a cigarette and handed it to his master. He also lit a cigarette. Slowly, Zhang Jun sat and took a newspaper from the newspaper column on the windowsill. Hehe came and read it carefully
It’s time for the market to plummet. Let’s drink and celebrate. Let’s go. I don’t know who said hello. Zhang Jun looked up and saw that the mahjong table had been withdrawn. Everyone wore coats and walked out. Zhang Jun hesitated for a long time with a newspaper. He smiled and said that he liked to read it and took it away. No one cared. Zhang Jun rolled up the newspaper and followed it out.
This is a very good steamed dumplings Pavilion. It is an ultra-luxury private room in this area. A large round table is neatly placed in the center of the middle round table. There is a glass vase with a few branches around the red plum table. There is also a high-backed chair. There is a video cabinet in one corner. A video drama is being performed. Everyone who is not interested in watching it is sitting in the chair. Old Hou first introduced Zhang Jun.
This is our unit’s little brother named Zhang Jun, who is 5 years old and unmarried. After entering the stock market, he will take a lot of photos and introduce them to you politely.
Zhang Jun blushed, and everyone shook hands to be acquainted.
Cao Yuchun, a middle-aged man next to Lao Hou, is 48 years old. He works in a company at night shift and is almost always in the stock market during the day. Wang Junlai is 41 years old. In an insurance company, Ban Ligong has been stationed in the stock market for many years. Fang Xia is 34 years old and is also doing insurance in a textile factory. There are more middle-aged aunts in the stock market. His name is Wang Liping. He is 51 years old and has just retired from a public institution. Master Liu is also the main leader of a large enterprise, but he is only 56 years old.
Wang Liping shouted, Did Fang Xia call Yang Jiahui?
Said the horse to Fang Xia replied
Zhang Jun milli eye asked 1 Yang Jiahui.