Heaven predestined that it has not yet reached the moment of extinction.

Since the master of heaven believes that the crimson world of heaven is doomed to perish, is the master here to watch the fun?
To put it bluntly, this sentence is asking a little bit. It is still trying to take the crimson world, but he has no ability for the time being. It is no different for him to do it. If the crimson world becomes a Buddhist country, his strength will be further increased. The problem is that he said that the death of the crimson world is heaven, so his saving the crimson world is against heaven. It is no different for him.
Always try me to save the crimson world and Daoyou to destroy the crimson world. That’s the difference.
On the contrary, I think I am saving the crimson world and the master is going to destroy the crimson world. We have different views on the avenue, but it is definitely a common view.
Whoever has a big fist will take the baggage and take the journey, and he will smoke a magic gun with seven stars.
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Chapter five hundred and seventy The eternal king
Chapter five hundred and seventy The eternal king
Daoyou, that’s wrong. What else do you want to say? Leitian knows that the Buddhist population is colorful. Lotus says that he may not be able to say that he has stabbed the seven-star magic gun, which looks very compassionate and bald.
Why do you search for the latest update when you say that you are still an immortal soldier?
Then it’s still obvious that the face of the seven-star crouching demon is not white, and then it’s said that life will be gone. Who said that if Buddhism doesn’t mend its nature and die, everything will have to start again, and it will take a long time to recover its strength today?
Shang has an extra mord in his hand and nine tin rings, each of which blooms with different colors of Buddha’s light.
Leitian Qixing Fu magic gun was hit by this stick and flew away.
The gods will move forward again to stop the fierce Shang.
Shang laughed. It seems that my fist is a little bigger.
I don’t want to hurt your life, since you don’t know how to be good or bad.
As he spoke, the seven-star magic gun emitted a black and red flame, and the Du E Golden Lotus trembled as soon as it reached its feet.
You, how can you destroy the world and rob the fire? Although you didn’t tremble with Jinlian, it was more stiff than that.
Ten gods around Leitian are not scattered by the Lord, and the flame of the seven-star magic gun makes them fear that these ten gods will know that even a trace of the flame entering the body will make them beyond redemption.
Leitian laughed, because my arrival is the avenue, which shows that if you refuse to give way, it will become a sacrifice.
Shang gritted his teeth. Aren’t you afraid of being unhappy because of circular retribution?
Because of the cycle, I’m looking forward to what you can do to get me into reincarnation, and I’m afraid that I’ll be forced to retreat one shot at a time.
When I came there, I was still looking forward to the continuous consumption of Leitian’s extinction, but Leitian’s extinction was almost in a state of balance, which means that it would not be reduced if he didn’t pierce his body, which means that Leitian can control this extinction, so there is no karma.
This is quite frightening, because he can’t stand such a shot even if he is in the Buddha’s position.
Wait a minute. Who are you?
You can’t control leitian and find yourself barely moving. This Shang Ping is still in the crimson world and should be more constrained than yourself. If you want to destroy the world from the crimson world, it will be difficult.
He scattered the aurora stars whip in circles and sealed the surrounding roads. At this time, he went to attack the crimson world. Ten gods also came back with two hundred iron pagoda and surrounded it inside.
Daoyou, you are so stupid
It’s still under the restraint of the aurora stars and stripes, but it’s still hard to fight back, but it’s afraid to start work. It’s surrounded by twenty gods who can retreat and flee for life, making him feel comfortable all over.
These gods hurt every one of them. Once he was hurt, he didn’t know how to save the defeat. Now he still has the means of escape. The problem is that he just escaped. He is not reconciled.
In the crimson world for an era, it continued the life span of this world. It is hard for a person to accept being killed by this gas refiner when he is about to seize the congenital fetus.
I have advised you to leave Leitian, of course, and spare no effort to talk to him. His hand is not slowing down, but he is pressing hard. The seven-star magic gun has lost its star soul, but there are more changes. These changes are no longer that Leitian can’t control every spear, which has caused great pressure on it.
Even if there is no extinction, it may not dare to take a hard shot.
This is finally unbearable. His feet gradually change color and emit brilliant red light. One by one, the red swastika is translated in the lotus core.