The fairy was shocked when she entered the thunder pool.

Damn it, demon race
Leitian which mood he nonsense Luo Xiu both attacked to Qing Di to cross the pool to absorb the Armageddon power body also broke out than a powerful attack, but even Leitian was spared at this time.
This is the true solution of the blue thunder. I have been to the true fairy to rob the thunder pool and suddenly practice the true solution of the blue thunder. The demon race will encounter this trouble. If we can’t suppress the thunder pool, we will die.
The problem now is that Leitian has not even passed the doom, but he is a false fairy. This is a bit too early for the true fairy doom.
Fortunately, even the celestial immortals were not spared in the attack, and the celestial immortals suffered the most powerful attack.
The celestial immortal roared and his body gradually expanded, trying to restore the true fairy’s strength. Let Luo Xiu, the millstone of heaven and earth, let his colorful clouds crush the true fairy.
That true fairy kept attacking but was reflected back by colorful clouds. Every time her body swelled to a certain extent, she was absorbed by the millstone that day and scattered in the thunder pool.
Leitian didn’t have time to take these immortals. He faced the attack from the thunder pool, but he never met the blue wood thunder.
These divine thunder departments are the explosion of Qinglong form, which makes him unable to withstand Qing Di clothes and Qing Di clothes, and the consumption of Leitian Xiangang has increased by more than ten times.
Luo Xiu had to put back the dharma body of the serpent, and nine people sprayed immortal vitality one by one and condensed into the nine-word mantra. Her nine-word mantra was not strong, but she was able to finish reading the nine-word mantra at the same time, which exerted great power.
Two people are connected, and Taoism is gradually connected.
The fairy suddenly got a golden weapon in her hand, which looks like iron whip is longer. After the golden weapon was taken, the fairy’s body suddenly swelled to a hundred times, and the giant Ling knocked Luo Xiucai off with one blow.
The golden whip number fairy ofuda forwarding power makes Qing Di thunder pool boil with it.
Leitian grind teeth to Luo Xiudao spell?
Luo Xiu nodded and leitian also prompted the two personal methods to merge together. In the sky, a nine-headed giant appeared. The weapon in the giant’s hand was a red halberd.
The giant is taller than the celestial fairy by half, and the red halberd lashes at the celestial fairy, raising a whip to resist, but it is heard that the collision of this weapon in the thunder pool has exceeded the thunder.
If the two sides talk about not attacking and defending, it means that Luo Xiu will be legalized, and the giant will chop the celestial immortal with one halberd and one halberd, and there is no chance to fight back.
The huge halberd flame was trapped in the weapon without a trace of leakage to attack the enemy, and only after it was successful did the Yang halberd flame break out, and it entered the enemy’s body and directly burned him to death. He Jinxian did not dare to bear such an attack.
Leitian Luo Xiu got a breather. Two people offered sacrifices to Yuan Shen Fa Zhu. This time, Yuan Shen Fa Zhu’s attack power gradually turned into a huge freak with a diameter of more than a thousand feet.
The thunder power in the Yuan God’s method beads has turned into black and white, and Luo Xiu, two men, plunged into it. It is obviously very dangerous for their strength to enter this area full of yin and yang.
But without so many two people working together to manipulate the Yuan God Fazhu and rushed straight to the celestial immortal.
The celestial immortal has already embraced Jin Xian’s magic power, but not Jin Xian’s power. It’s already furious to be stormed by the dharma body and kill the Yang Ji. Seeing a huge thunder bead rushing over, the immortal slaps it, and it’s about to explode the Yuan God’s dharma bead.
However, Lei Zhu is obviously composed of Yuan Shen Fa Zhu, which can be shot and exploded by Jin Xian, but it is an extremely stable refining process and it is also arduous.
The fairy slapped the Yuan God Fazhu, twisted it strangely and turned it into a round slice like a pie, and then the Yuan God Fazhu wrapped the fairy.
This purely physical attack on the Yuan God’s Dharma Bead wrapped the reduced immortal in it, which made the immortal’s Dharma action take place in vain. Only then did he pick up the seven-star magic gun and let Luo Xiu control the Dharma Bead alone, and he plunged into the immortal’s body.
Jin Xian’s body structure is no longer human, which is full of all kinds of strange energy to form bone meridians, but the quality is all things that can be directly transformed into immortals
Leitian summoned the millstone of heaven and earth from the outside and started it in the immortal body, which quickly shriveled up.
Jin Xian’s power was crushed into a true fairy in the Yuan God’s dharma beads, and the fairy could attack Luo Xiu desperately, but in the Yuan God’s dharma beads, Luo Xiu’s body was free, and now the place did not consume any vitality.
Luo Xiu, just don’t let this immortal escape from the magic beads of Yuan God. Fighting can give Leitian.
What Luo Xiu has to face is that the immortal is chasing the immortal, and the moving speed is quite fast. Luo Xiu’s escape way is to keep moving in the magic beads of the Yuan God and move before the immortal attacks.
This movement is called sequential evasion.
Luo Xiuji can’t think about the moving position in advance, and the immortal will release a wide range of magic from judging that the immortal is good enough to delay Luo Xiuji’s speed and then control it in a very small area to deal with it slowly
However, this immortal’s body Leitian is wreaking havoc, and he can’t get Leitian out of his body if he doesn’t leave the Yuan God Fazhu.
The fairy was surprised and angry. He never thought that Luo Xiu was running around.