Occasionally, some alchemists from the door will come to the evil spirit yin pulse refiner to build something with powerful lethality, and the evil spirit yin pulse is unfavorable for longevity. Brother Luo Fu will come here for rotation almost once a month.

Leitian dare not rashly enter this Fuze Mountain Range and set up a large array in Luofu. This array is to prevent Shaqi in the mountain from leaking and hurting the surrounding creatures, but Leitian doesn’t know that it has no warning effect.
There are more than 70 peaks in Fuze Mountain in Leitian. Call Biluotong first and ask him that there is no way to find the Luofu gas refiner first.
Master Biluotong Road, this easy time to stay in poison bee is under control
Biluotong summoned hundreds of golden-winged sawflies and released them. The golden-winged sawflies belonged to a monster beast with a low level, but they were highly toxic and horrible. Biluotong specially chose them to be so weak that they alarmed the Louvre refiner. Almost half a day later, all the golden-winged sawflies flew back and danced in front of Biluotong.
Master, the Luo Fu gas refiner is at the front peak. He has arranged arrays around us to tell us not to be magical. His eyes can’t see our gas refiners entering this mountain in the early stage of gasification, but they don’t respond.
That’s very good. Let’s turn over from the last peak to find the evil spirit. Let Biluotong return to the demon gourd. He inspired Qing Di’s clothing and Taoism. A wisp of breeze wrapped him up, but he couldn’t fly yet. He would have to walk to avoid Luofushan and pay attention to it.
Hong has changed his coarse linen and linen in the mountains during this period, but he can’t hide his identity in the face of immortals, and he can’t send immortals to be stationed here according to Chang Luofu after doing such things.
The last mountain peak is several miles wide and leitian, afraid that the gas refiner can see it, but he dare not believe Biluotong’s story. Qing Di’s clothes depress his breath, and it seems that even the gas refiners in the gasification period are not groping slowly along the cracks in the mountain.
After entering the array of the Louvre Sect, Leitian felt that the surrounding environment was cold and hot, and the wind was biting cold. When it was hot, it seemed like a fire burned the mountain, and the stones were shattered everywhere. It should be that everything was blocked outside the big array. After two people crossed this mountain, they could not see the sun clearly.
The more I feel this way, the stronger I feel. Thanks to the strength of Leitian Qing Di’s clothing and body protection, it is much higher than him. This is nothing dangerous.
Because there is no forest to cover them, the speed of the two people has been very slow. The highest peak in Luofu Refinery is overlooking the mountains.
Cross the peak in front of Wudao Mountain and stand upright. There is a huge crack directly in the peak. The air blowing in this crack is already colored.
The gray wind contains the evil spirit that makes the gas refiners hate, but it is big, and the evil spirit yin pulse is nearby.
Elder martial sister, a Dan medicine can hold Bai Qiji, but Hong can’t. She can’t carry Daoism to resist Shaqi, but she can endure it by physical strength, which increases her strength consumption several times.
Hong nodded at a place like this, and she would be dead if she spared Dan medicine again
Tandem leitian headed by two people along the mountain crevice through at high speed.
The gray wind is blowing in the body, and I can’t tell whether it’s cold or hot, but it hurts blindly.
When we came to the end, an evil wind with a stronger color blew from the side, and Hong shivered and immediately swallowed the Ziyang alchemy pill in her mouth, which means that she was also injured, and her skin was already black by this evil wind.
I had to take the second Ziyang alchemy pill to dispel evil spirits.
The place where the evil wind blows is a cave less than the size of a fist. The edge of the cave is huge. Black ants enter an ant nest. The ants have gray wings behind them. When they see two humans approaching, they fly over and bite.
Leitian stabbed seven stars with a gun, and the magic gun stabbed more than 100 giant ants in a blink of an eye. When Leitian stepped back, he drew a green front sword and threw it in the past to expand the cave. Let’s go in.
get in
Hong Jian, though still in doubt, also rushed to chop up the nest mouth.
That rock is not strong. The Qingfeng Sword is cut for dozens, and then the small hole is expanded to allow people to enter the cave, but it is not an ordinary ant nest structure, but a natural cave where giant ants break through.
In leitian road, it may be connected with the mouth of a detective. These ants come outside to look for salt.
Stabbed the ant Bai Qihong and destroyed the cave together, but he was too strong to stab the cave with a magic gun, which was enough to walk upright.
The cave in the mountainside is wider, and Leitian is the first to walk in. His pike keeps stabbing to solve the problem of entering the giant ant.
This giant ant is a monster beast, not a real demon race, and has never practiced it. With mouthparts, iron has played a lot of channels in this mountain range to absorb the evil spirit and yin pulse, but this monster beast also needs to drink water and eat salt, which was discovered in the mountainside by Leitian.
At this time, the cave has dispelled the Shaqi dialogue, and the Daoism here should hinder outsiders from discovering it.
Leitian nodded. This is the real reason why he entered the mountainside.