Jing Muyun jumped out of the ruins to get ready to leave this place. Last night, the soldiers didn’t find anyone, and they all gradually dispersed. Should you be worried? Wanted to think Jingmuyun didn’t resist sending a message to Chi Yao in the past.
It’s daytime. Chi Yao shouldn’t call me, should he? Jingmuyun stared at the mobile phone for a while. When she was just about to put it in her pocket, her palm shook and looked at the screen. She called.
"Wood, are you all right?" As soon as I answered Chi Yao, I swept over and asked, "What happened last night? I seem to hear a fight vaguely?"
Jingmuyun didn’t hide it, but simply said "it’s safe now"
Chi Yao breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s Alex’s soldier. He wants to catch you, give it to the queen and get the reward." He wants to reward her. She can probably guess whether it’s the army or the Tali throne?
"I won’t let him get what he wants," said Jing Muyun.
"Why don’t you hide in the palace" doesn’t it mean that the most dangerous place is the safest? Alex shouldn’t have thought that Jing Muyun would hide in his bedroom!
Jingmuyun was silent for half a second and then agreed to "good". It’s not a good idea to touch the pistol in your arms and finish it. "Tonight …"
Jing Muyun’s words haven’t finished yet, but suddenly there comes a neat run from the front. He moves quickly, turns directly and drills into the alley. What’s the matter with a slight frown at the same time? The second time, the second time I called, I was found! Should it …
Jing Muyun looked at his mobile phone. Has his number been tracked? Damn it!
"Wood?" It’s half a day. I can’t hear Jingmuyun’s sound. Chi Yao called him anxiously.
"I’ll call you back," said Jingmuyun hastily and hung up.
The footsteps behind him are still approaching. What worries him most now is whether this lane can get through! But it turns out … Damn Murphy’s Law! Jingmuyun looked at the wall in front of him and it was a dead end.
"Shout commander come with us! You have no way out! " Behind him, the soldiers are slowly approaching the head, still breathing slightly. This commander can run so fast! I turned several paths to catch up!
Jing Muyun looked back at the soldiers behind him. "Let me ask the queen if she wants to take me alive?"
Section 195
"Of course!" The first soldier nodded. "It won’t be difficult for the queen to come with us." After all, the commander of a country won’t kill him.
"Well, well …"
Jingmuyun seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and then walked towards them in the opposite direction. When the soldiers came to surrender and let their guard down slightly, they saw a strong scenery hanging in front of them. Muyun walked around them and heard people screaming everywhere, but he was too fast. The soldiers couldn’t see where he was doing it, and another soldier screamed and then remembered it.
"Ah … where are you?" The first soldier was dumbfounded. All the brothers stayed where they were, but why did they fall down one by one?
"Uh-huh …"
There was chaos in the ranks of soldiers. When the soldier at the end was kicked off, the first person finally saw Jing Muyun. He blew past like a gust of wind! "Stay or I’ll shoot!" He shouted at JingMuYun figure.
But Jing Muyun turned a deaf ear and ran quickly. The soldier with the gun aimed at Jing Muyun and just wanted a gun, but his figure had disappeared!
“shi!” The commander’s physical fitness is too abnormal!
Jingmuyun used his excellent memory to walk out of this alley, leaned against a big tree, took a few breaths and raised his numb right arm, which was just smashed by a butt.
What is this place now? How can I get to the palace?
Just as Jing Muyun was preparing to leave here to study the route, a man suddenly jumped from the tree. He was also wearing a military uniform. Jing Muyun was able to step back two steps, and his legs were slightly divided. He would immediately be able to control him!
But the soldier didn’t pounce, but asked, "Are you the commander?"
"Don’t shoot me. I’m King Caesar!" The soldier explained to himself that he heard that the commander was fierce! Just now, he also saw the speed of the shot, and he couldn’t see it clearly. If he didn’t explain it clearly, he would definitely be silenced by Jingmuyun himself!
Hearing the name of Xize, Jing Muyun put a little "What’s up?"
"King Caesar sent me to help you" actually just released water to help him escape. "Commander, if you go this way now, there will be fewer people there …"
But Jing Muyun didn’t seem to hear "take me to the palace"
The soldier’s eyes widened in an instant. "The palace?" King Caesar said to give the commander water, but he didn’t say to take the commander to the palace! If this is discovered halfway, his life will be over. "No, no, you can’t go to the palace!" "
"You don’t want to forget it," said Jingmuyun lightly.
"Ah …" He breathed a sigh of relief.
"Just tell me where the palace is." He doesn’t have to take it with him, even he can go himself.
The soldier’s face is not very good-looking. Isn’t it suicidal for the local commander to go to the palace like that? However, Jing Muyun’s firm expression made him feel that some soldiers’ perseverance is very valuable! "Turn three blocks over there and you’ll see it!"
Jingmuyun looked "thank you" along the direction pointed by the soldier.
"No …"
Jingmuyun didn’t say much and ran directly to the other side. His mobile phone number must have been reported by the courier, which was tracked. Jingmuyun pulled out his phone card and threw it in the street.
When Jing Muyun arrived at the palace, he held on to the wall and took a few breaths. If it weren’t for this, the palace would be there. It seems that it will be too late to get in.
There is a straight road in front of the palace. Usually, the management is very strict. Vehicles are not allowed to go this way. Even tourists can watch from a distance. Jing Muyun slowly goes around to the back of the palace, which is connected with a small forest. This is the only way to go.
I don’t know if I can meet Caesar this time …
Hidden in a small maze, Jing Muyun can clearly see the maids shuttling around the garden and the royal guards patrolling from time to time.
Night came quietly. Jing Muyun looked up slightly and caught a glimpse that the window of Chiyao’s room was open, but it didn’t light up. Presumably, he hasn’t gone back yet. Jing Muyun is a little impatient to sigh. The patrol guards will come every five minutes. He runs from here and climbs the wall. It takes more than five minutes to say the least.
Just as Jingmuyun was suffering from jet lag, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the light in the other room. Xize tapped the window and seemed to want some air. Jingmuyun finally appeared when his eyes lit up!
But he’s waving in the face. You can’t see him in this dark! Then he took out his mobile phone and took out a camera flash!
"What …" Caesar’s sight was really attracted. There seems to be something flashing over there just now, right? When he looked intently, he vaguely saw the tall man "Commander?"
As soon as he exclaimed, he looked behind him, covering his mouth, and then looked at Jingmuyun again. He must have come to Chi Yao at this time! Caesar thought for a while. Yes!
When the floor guards patrolled again, Caesar suddenly pointed to the small garden. "What’s that over there? Go and have a look! "
The guards looked up to see Caesar pointing to that direction and then threw themselves into the past.
Jingmuyun gently hooked his lip angle, seized the opportunity and ran out of a small maze. Then he climbed the wall with his bare hands and had an experience. Jingmuyun got up much faster this time, and Caesar watched him disappear smoothly in the window. Marie Laure Gigon breathed a sigh of relief.
"King Caesar? Nothing. What did you find? " The soldiers who have been looking for the building for a long time are a little strange and shouted at the building.
"Hey, no?"
"Nothing found" guards shook their heads.
Caesar smiled. "That’s probably because I was mistaken. Okay, it’s okay. Go ahead and patrol."
Caesar’s expression became tangled when Caesar’s window turned around. Commander, commander, what are you doing? Now that the queen wants him dead, how dare he venture to the palace? If the queen finds out, even Chi Yao will suffer!
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The queen was surprised to see the sudden intrusion into Caesar. "Caesar, didn’t you just leave?" Why are you back?
"Ah, I’m a little hungry again." Caesar sat in his seat and glanced at Chi Yao.
Chi Yao noticed the sight of Xize, but he didn’t know what he wanted to express. He was a little confused. Look at him. Xize’s seat has always been next to Karin. It’s really not easy to whisper to Chi Yao.
Chi Yao picked his eyebrows. Is he trying to say something?
"Caesar, what’s wrong with you?" Karin looked suspiciously at her son. How did she feel that he was strange? She just said she had to leave first when she was full, but why did she come back now? You said you were hungry again?
Caesar shook his head and helped himself to a bowl of rice. "No, I’m just hungry."
Karin looked at the side of her head and he didn’t say anything.