Mosquitoes were eliminated, and the mink looked at Stuart’s place for a while, only then did it shrink into the blanket and want to go back to the beautiful girl’s mind.

Seeing the scene of mink killing mosquitoes, Situ Hao temporarily dared not play the beautiful girl’s idea. He waited quietly on the beam for a long time and saw no movement before quietly retreating.
Back to his own room, Stuart couldn’t help wiping his forehead with a cold sweat.
Damn it, mink, it seems that Stuart’s operation is going to collapse
That night, with a very depressed mood, Situhao tossed and turned in bed for nearly two hours before falling asleep.
Situhao got up at dawn the next day.
He washed up early, and after breakfast, he kept going back and forth in the lobby of the inn to create opportunities for himself to meet beautiful women, but the beautiful girl next door seems to be born to sleep late and never saw her get up.
Situhao is not a fool who can’t stop going back and forth. He has got the exact news from Xiao Wang, the bartender. The beautiful girl never got up.
I haven’t been back and forth for more than a hundred times, and I’m too tired to tear it down. I just sit in my room and listen to the next door.
It was almost ten o’clock in the afternoon when Xiao Wang came in and said in a low voice that there was a massacre in the guest city. Can you go and see it?
Situhao’s heart suddenly sank and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. What was the massacre? He asked softly.
More than twenty members of the Shenyang family in Dongcheng were killed, and here Wang’s face was afraid to say anything more.
What’s going on? Come on, don’t hesitate.
Wang continued until SiTuHao lowered his voice. I heard that Shen Gong took his mother through Yunfeng Street yesterday and encountered an ancient young master. Four of their followers were killed, not a little girl. Shen Gong’s mother was bound to be caught by the ancient young master and finally born to die, I’m afraid.
When I heard that, the murderous look in Situhao’s heart immediately jumped up. What, this beast keeps killing him?
Ah Gong, don’t be impulsive. No one in Huiyang’s ancient family dares to provoke it.
Huiyang ancient family is a martial arts family in Huiyang city. The ancient family is not the most powerful force in Huiyang city. I heard that they are also a big family in the martial arts world. I know that you are a good man, Coco, and you can’t go to die. Wang said softly, lowering his voice.
Situhao smiled slightly when he knew that Xiao Wang was thinking about himself. Well, thank you for waking up. I know what to do. By the way, I want to go into Shenyang and see if I don’t know when to go.
Don’t go in when you enter Shen Jiagong. Just look outside. That’s what the young master of the ancient family does. No one dares to go in and find out. If you want to see it, you have to hurry up. It may not be long before the ancient family pulls those bodies to their slaughterhouse to feed the wild animals.
Situhao listened to Xiao Wang’s story that the murderous look in his heart was higher and higher, but his face was still calm. Since this ancient family is a martial arts family, are they immortal or magical?
I heard it’s the magic way.
Situhao nodded and told me how to get to the ancient home of Shenyang. I went to see the excitement.
Xiao Wang Lima told Situhao the direction of Shenyang’s ancient home. Situhao was murderous in his heart. His concern for the beautiful girl had dissipated and he went straight to Binyue Inn. According to Xiao Wang, he went straight to Shenyang.
Situhao finally understood the qualitative difference between Xiandao and Mohdao today.
Fairy evil still has some scruples, while evil magic is blood red, harmonious, naked and drenched. Fairy and magic are not fucking good things, so little that he hasn’t seen one side respect the lives of these ordinary people yet.
This is a black-and-white world. It is a group of pseudo-monarchs playing tricks, but evil is synonymous with those who are bold and evil.
Situhao hated this meeting for the first time.
With an angry heart, Situhao soon came to Shenyang.
Shenyang is a large courtyard. Obviously, this is a relatively well-off family. The door of Shenyang is open, and the people are full of people outside the door. They look at the crowd in the courtyard with horror. None of them dare to go near the door of Shenyang. From the outside, they can see the bodies lying in the courtyard.
Situhao can go straight to Shenyang compound no matter what Huiyang ancient home he has.
Thirteen corpses in the compound were lying in a pool of blood, and a Shenyang compound was filled with an extremely rich bloody atmosphere.
The hall of the compound was also open, and Stuart walked in slowly, and he couldn’t help shivering.
This is not trembling with fear, but trembling with anger.
There are three naked female bodies lying on the ground in the hall. One of them is the handsome young woman last night, and the other two female bodies should be young maids.
Around them lay the bodies of the old and the young. Obviously, it was time for the abnormal young master to rape and seduce three women. Their acupuncture points allowed these people to watch.
At this moment, thirty strong men ran into the gate of Shenyang. Their clothes were exactly the same as those of the abnormal master’s entourage. Chapter 18 of murder
Who are you? Who told you to come in here? A leader-like person in the crowd looked at Situhao and asked.
Situhao’s heart is full of murderous look at this time, but his face is restored calm. He slowly walked down the hall. You are people. What do you care if I enter this manor?
Don’t you want to get involved in the ancient family affairs?
In the eyes of the old man, the ancient family is a group of fucking animals. Situhao’s cold voice has already sacrificed the golden blade in the knowledge of the gods. You dog legs are just a group of accomplices. Since you want to move the body of the Shenyang family to feed the beasts, the old man will let you lie down here.
The 30 ancient family members who came here listened to the roar of Situhao and knew what was about to happen. They had already sacrificed their weapons in succession.
At present, 30 people’s weapons are just ordinary weapons. Situhao doesn’t look in the eyes for these weak roots.
This hero is a chivalrous man passing by Huiyang, and he is our friend of Huiyang’s ancient family. He has made some irrelevant people, which is what you must do.
The leader has long been oppressed by Situhao’s imposing manner, and he knows that the weapon in Situhao’s hand is a magic weapon. I really want to start hands on them. The thirty of them must die in Situhao’s hands.