No, I feel that several channels are more powerful than energy, and the subconscious protection is rapidly teleported.

It was the daughters who later burned their lives to gain powerful energy, whether it was the night maple or the twelve music, it was all worth it
Later, she floated over and got out of her coat, and she patted her on the shoulder and said, Let’s really fight, boss, and you have saved ourselves.
Twelve music stretched out his hand and wiped his face with tears and smiled and said, big brother has helped me. Let’s fight.
Twelve music floated over and went round with the girls. When the sisters saw that their little sister was almost humiliated, they all hugged each other. Twelve music didn’t speak. After this baptism of tears, the feelings of the girls could not be transformed by words.
Had a narrow squeak. I didn’t expect all these little girls to be so powerful.
Look at the magic super mixed yuan chop, and then the magic was first sent, and then everyone was white. If you don’t take the opportunity to kill Laier and wait for a break, then your life will be over.
No son just stopped when he flashed the sword, and then he felt the magic. He waved his hand and followed with an energy wave.
Mixed element chop is hit by energy waves, and several kinds of mixed element chop break out. This mixed element chop is called mixed element chop because it is a whirlwind chop composed of four elements: wind, fire and water.
Be divided into mixed yuan chop received information from the owner, directly attacking Buerle, one by one, spinning fireballs and water polo at a high speed, etc. In an instant, chop it to Buerle for thirty or forty mixed yuan, even if it is night maple, it is even more white.
Don’t come to draw energy. The sword is aimed at the mixed yuan in front, that is, hundreds of shock waves sweep away some fireballs, and the red shock waves immediately disperse, and finally become one of the elements in this magical world again.
Don’t come, don’t come, cut some pieces. At this dangerous moment, don’t come, bite your teeth. Red energy fluctuates from layer to layer from his body. Later, the mixed yuan chop is scattered by the strong blow of this energy. All the daughters are dark and want to fly again, but in the end they are disappointed. Don’t come, the energy pushes them away and it is far away.
I see how you died this time. Hey, hey, hey, the opportunity to turn over has recovered in an instant. It’s not easy to pick up these little kids.
The music of 5612 just flew in flicker, but it came at a bad time and was pushed away by the energy of not coming.
After the energy passed, the daughters flew together immediately, all of them looked serious. Obviously, it is not so easy for the enemy to win him at present. Maybe it will cost him a lot to win.
Come and hold hands. Later, all the women feel that they have been slowly pulled forward by an energy, and they can’t struggle if they want to.
It’s getting closer and closer.
I won’t let you die so fast. You have to wait until the end. I’ll play with you slowly, haha
Everyone’s eyes are already blood red, but what can you do if you win and lose?
When Buerle sucked the night maple, it flew away and settled in front of Buerle. Buerle looked at the night maple and said, I want you to watch the night maple die in front of you and let you feel the feeling of losing your loved ones. Haha.
No son said a kick night maple back night maple didn’t hum is a mouthful of purple blood from his mouth, he didn’t hum anything because of death or because he was too lazy to bird.
Come on, don’t come, say "Shu Haha" and then say "After the individual flies to a certain height, his body hits vertically." Poof, don’t come, and his elbow hits the night maple belly. This night maple didn’t spray blood, but his eyelids moved slightly and didn’t move. The night maple was fixed by the energy of the night maple. The night maple didn’t fall to the ground after being hit by the energy of the night maple, but the energy passed through his belly and hit the ground and was hit by a big pit.
Everyone was heartbroken and looked at all this. In addition to blood infrared, their eyes were still little reflective objects, which shone in the sunset and looked as precious as gems.
Ha, ha, cool, ha, ha, let you see it again. After this sentence, you are already in the distance. Scud is not coming. With incredible speed, your feet are screaming with energy and rushing towards the night maple head.
Scud is a scud. After the night maple was kicked by Blair, its body sank to the ground as fast as a rocket, leaving a head exposed on the ground.
In the night, when Maple was beaten by Laier, three or two girls had different reactions. In a deep sleep, my darling dreamed that her lover was flying towards the darkness and wanted to call him, but she couldn’t stop. So she silently watched him slowly move towards the darkness, and at the same time, her jade face slipped through two lines of clear tears and she was dreaming in another country. This evening, I was always restless and my heart ached. I just thought about what happened today, but at this moment, I was calm, so calm that the surface of the mirror didn’t fluctuate.
No, look at the beauty in front of you and say, Ye Feng has half a life left. Let me play with you and kill him again, Gaga.
All the women’s minds are on the night maple. Where can I hear the words if I don’t come?
When I saw that no one was angry, I roared, Mom, you are my prisoners now. If I want to move my fingers, you will have to turn to dust. I will draw the twelve music with one hand and touch the smooth and tender face of the twelve music. It’s really a rare beauty, let you accompany me. Haha, I will pull the twelve coats with my hands.
The female eyes are not red but blue, and they are all thinking about energy. God, let me wake up and let me burn the fire of life.
Twelve-music coat was torn to reveal the red coat inside. Twelve-music is a military man’s long-term exercise and is in the development stage. The size of the coat seems to be a little small. The two white rabbits don’t seem to want to be bound by clothes. It looks like they are about to jump.
Don’t come, don’t feel swallowed, grab your hands at Twelve Music Chest.
Burn it, life, fire, twelve music, and suddenly shout one