Chapter five hundred and forty-one Fall apart

Chapter five hundred and forty-one Fall apart
At the beginning of the recovery of Ma Rongshen’s chain, his strength also fell to a level barely close to that of the Emperor of Heaven. When he turned white, he had vaguely seen his face, and now he became blurred.
Together with the hidden gods in that day, there were six protoss gods trapped in the mirror of Kun market to search for the latest updates.
Leitian felt that the Kunxu mirror was much more powerful than when he was trapped in the Emperor of Heaven.
That Ma Rong grabbed the mirror of Kunxu in his hand and laughed. We can go and kill the protoss.
Leitian thought it wouldn’t be this simple thing. The protoss God King doesn’t know if Ma Rong will seize the six gods this time. Although it is said that it is temporarily trapped, it is not difficult to slowly kill these six gods with fairy in Kunlun Fairy’s hand.
Losing six gods again, the six gods who besieged the five heavenly emperors were frightened.
Is Rongzhou a trap for the protoss to drill?
The protoss didn’t unite enough when they came, and the six God emperors who were besieged by the Golden Pagoda had the idea of running away.
All of a sudden, six God emperors dispersed to take their magic weapons to get the captured God emperor magic weapons.
There is no leitian here, but the six great gods scattered themselves to deal with it. Even without Ma Rong’s help, the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace is as sure as a gun.
Leitian took the lead and rushed at a recent god emperor. He sacrificed the aurora stars and whips to capture the protoss soldiers before the god emperor. He was too strong, and he wouldn’t give it to the bodhi old zu Leitian of Biyou Palace to capture the Jin Xian protoss.
He’s already a puppet of the stars, and his strength is not much weaker than Ma Rong’s present state, so he can deal with the Jin Xian protoss.
The Emperor of God was very angry when he saw that Leitian took the magic weapon in front of him, but Leitian was a little faster than him and he could judge his direction. If he wanted to take the magic weapon, he would be thrown into the millstone of heaven and earth.
The god emperor roared, don’t you dare stop at my first world war
It was I who answered with a smile during World War I, and at the same time he really stopped to wait for the arrival of the God Emperor.
This god emperor is covered in latosolic red S armor, and there are not many magic soldiers behind him. Everyone is a true immortal, which is terrible.
Leitian pointed to this god emperor and said, I’m a great Kyushu. You horned things dare to call God a spy. You want me to fight a decisive battle, then don’t run away. You and I will fight alone
When Leitian stopped, the God Emperor had come to him and grimaced, Who are you fighting alone?
Speak. The magic behind the God Emperor will flood in and surround Leitian. These magic gods will have a sharp sword, and the god emperor’s shelter root will not be swept away by the aurora stars whip.
For the sake of white, the God Emperor paid attention to his star ruler, and now it can be sensed that a Rong Luo disappeared and Leitian regained control of Rong Zhou, but it can be sensed that Ma Rong fell.
Ma Rong killed in the south, that is, the direction in which the protoss army attacked. It is the most dangerous to connect the protoss to the mainland. The protoss sent two gods, one of whom was injured by the treasure of the underworld and trapped in the mirror of Kunxu. The god almost caught Leitian.
Another powerful god emperor is this one.
For no reason, Ma Rongyuan took the root method to peek at his own fight. This just laughed. Since he refused to fight alone, his predecessors.
A fire in the sky is now a fire. The bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace accused magic dragon of stabbing him in the middle of the back.
The emperor’s back was covered with scales more than a foot thick, but when magic dragon’s blade pierced, the emperor’s heart suddenly ached and he lost his opponent’s magic weapon in an instant.
Leitian, etc. is this opportunity. At this moment, Leitian put a demon gourd to surround the God emperor, and the magic god took most of it.
Cut the demon in the gourd and others to deal with these magic generals.
Luo Xiu Xiaoyu is also waiting for the gourd in the demon spirit gourd world. It is already strong that these protoss soldiers will enter the strength and keep 20%.
Most protoss can’t control the body demon when they enter the demon spirit gourd.
The bodhi old zu sneak attack at Biyou Palace succeeded without mercy. A wisp of blue flame went down the magic dragon blade wound and got into the body of the God Emperor. Every hole on the body surface of the God Emperor was ablaze with fire. He didn’t take it for granted. This blue flame burning technique directly burned the soul of the God Emperor seriously.
He also wanted to try to fight back and put a tiger symbol in leitian, and swallowed him in one gulp.
The seriously injured God Emperor was swallowed up by the roller and immediately crushed to death by the roller power. A small statue was vomited by the roller and fell into Leitian’s hands.
Leitian Da, if the God Emperor is not injured, it is impossible to say anything. ji’s ability to send a roller directly transforms the God Emperor into a magic statue.
A wisp of soul of God Emperor was sent to the demon spirit gourd hell in Leitian to go to the reincarnation peak.
Leitian himself took a large number of magic soldiers and sent them to the demon spirit gourd. At the same time, he told the Qin Guang king that you should try your best to expand the strength of the first temple. When I set up the second temple, you can’t take it away.
Qin Guangwang knew that he was the first to surrender to the Leitian Emperor, and he would get some preferential treatment, but this preferential treatment was also limited. After Leitian’s expansion, it was impossible to allow himself to dominate the family.
But listen to leitian meaning now how to expand power will not be investigated.
Since leitian is not bound, what is he worried about?
The bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace saw that Leitian had taken the Emperor of God, and he didn’t even let go of his soul, but he had promised to help Leitian take the Emperor of God, and there were five of them.
Then there would be no fighting for these from leitian, and then you still have to work hard