It is true that kunlun mirror Taigu congenital Lingbao is unique in thinking besides holding the magic weapon and the power of the legal enterprise. It is not because kunlun mirror really refines the strength of buddha magic ghosts in the mirror that he will never be soft.

Fortunately, this Kunlun treasure essence is not capable of refining the world figures in the mirror. Otherwise, he will dare to sacrifice him in the future. He has worked hard to get it, and he has taken it as a tonic. What is this called?
Li Yueling didn’t introduce kunlun mirror to the big ghost. The same big ghost was bent on repaying Li Yueling, who worked for him, and he was surprised at most and turned to kunlun mirror.
You know, although they are condensed into human beings today, their bodies are still in shape. If the ghosts and ghosts are in shape, once they fight, what magic weapon is needed for their immortal bodies to shuttle back and forth? It is a magic weapon for this kind of people to love things, but the ghosts and ghosts will not move.
After getting Li Yueling’s approval, the heavenly ghost suddenly broke through the mountainside and stationed in various directions was Li Yueling’s dharma.
What do you want to ask? Take a magic weapon. Now, please ask quickly. The Kunlun frame is really big, but Taigu congenital Lingbao did say that it is qualified. After all, Li Yueling is not a brand-name person kunlun mirror. It can be said that Li Yueling is in the same position.
I want to go into your world in the mirror, Li Yueling said in an amazing way
Do you want to destroy the two devils in the mirror world? kunlun mirror guessed that it’s a good idea. The magic weapon protects you. You are in the mirror world. If you want to make the two devils round, you can pinch them flat.
Can’t see you this new heaven emperor to head is really good enough.
Li Yueling smiled faintly, whatever you say, but I really went here to find buddha magic ghosts. They have been trapped in the mirror world for more than two years, and they should all think about it. Now it’s time to go in and meet them.
Kunlun mirror in the middle of a somersault and then a burst of Jin Tieming strange seems to be very excited. Well, this magic weapon has been cultivated for more than two years, and I will return you a favor. You really decided these six words.
If you are in the mirror, the world is the biggest, even if you are the master, you can use these six words to avoid the world in the mirror if it is difficult in the future.
The six-character true decision for kunlun mirror’s gift Li Yueling readily accepted it, and immediately a burst of external gods was sensed from kunlun mirror.
Storm, thunder, fire and water correspond to the six-character true decision, madness, violence, and violence. Every time, Hong Lie contains thousands of changes, and each change can produce nine-nine-eleven variants, which are superimposed with each other.
The power is also very different, and they can be combined and applied together.
In fact, kunlun mirror gave Li Yueling the six-character truth, even if it is not in the mirror, the world can also be used, and the power may not necessarily be weak, but it is too complicated. Somehow, this six-character truth was created by Pangu Emperor in those days, although it was not the strongest means of the emperor, but it was also a magical power that Li Yueling got from Zhenyuan.
It is said that the cultivation of Li Yueling’s realm theory can be mastered in an instant, and the change in poverty can not be made clear for a while, but it can only be mastered in practice.
Send me into the world in the mirror. For this is an accidental six-character true decision, Li Yueling really doesn’t say that mastering these six-character true decisions is equivalent to mastering the six source forces of storms, storms, ice and fire. Although it is the beginning, Li Yueling already knows that the power of controlling the six source forces through these six-character true decisions will never be weaker than that controlled by Lei Gong’s mother Vulcan.
Kunlun mirror divides 3,000 points in the world. Since the birth of Bao, I don’t know how many characters have been attracted. Today, buddha magic ghosts are both trapped in 3,000 points in the world. If Li Yueling breaks in, it may take thousands of years to collect 3,000 worlds, but kunlun mirror is different.
In a golden light, Li Yueling turned into a touch of light and shadow and passed through the mirror. In an instant, she was already in a vast smoke wave. Looking around, there were silver waves and golden seas, and the sky was empty. I never saw half a creature.
It’s hard for the two of them to wait here alone for more than two days. Li Yueling stood proudly in the middle of the park and suddenly the golden ocean rose and caused great waves.
It’s you, the bastard, who conspired to frame the holy king and was trapped here. You dare to come in. The roar has not yet settled. A giant with a thousand feet rises from the sea level, but its size is huge, but it is fast. It has jumped to a height of half a foot. The fist with black hair smashed towards Li Yueling, which is the world trapped in the mirror for two years. The holy king of buddha magic.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Double Sage
It seems that you are still trapped for a short time, and your anger has not diminished at all. Li Yueling did not care about it, and he made a real mistake in his hand.
Suddenly, a blue dragon roll was born from the soaring of the holy king of buddha magic, and the huge bottom spun up and roared. buddha magic’s thousand-foot body was still a third of the blue dragon roll.
This is not to mention that the hurricane call sign is gradually condensing and forming, which looks like a roaring lion. This is also a variant of the six-character true decision. However, Li Yueling has almost no difference in the concept of unicorn, and the super giant lion dragon roll was born.
For this sudden condensation lion tornado buddha magic was startled, but it is not unusual to be able to transport wind power, but it is by no means possible to drive wind power out of thin air, and this level of repair can be completed.
Even the most adept at exorcising evil spirits can’t do this magical means.
However, based on the hatred of being trapped in kunlun mirror, buddha magic is still trying to attack Li Yueling before the lion-shaped tornado has entangled him.
Li Yueling’s few words really changed suddenly in his hand. The lion-shaped tornado suddenly flew in the ear and buddha magic was severely pressed.
This robot is extremely fierce, and the four claws will abruptly step into the golden Wang Yang of buddha magic, causing a thousand waves.
At the same time, the lion’s head suddenly opened its mouth to lock buddha magic’s four claws in his mouth, and buddha magic’s limbs were repaired, but it was hard to earn.
He is not a fool, knowing that the wind condenses into a lion can easily settle himself. After half a column of incense, buddha magic finally stopped struggling, but his eyes glared at Li Yueling with a fierce look, not saying that he was a big deal.
Emperor knows you don’t, and you don’t stare at me. If you are really capable, you will get out of trouble. Otherwise, Emperor doesn’t mind letting the wind lion hold you for a thousand years. Li Yueling smiled and stared at buddha magic. At the same time, I don’t know if my hands have changed. Another true decision.
You can’t hide from ghosts. No one can escape yet. There’s nothing to hide, but Li Yueling still speaks very seriously.
At the same time, a palm-sized dragon-shaped purple really took off from the final seal, but it was quite cute without any power.
Since ghosts don’t want to come to see the emperor, the emperor also showed up. Li Yueling spoke at the same time, and the real frequency in his hand changed or it was not the size of a palm. Zi Long grew with the evolution of the real decision.
It’s just that a few breaths have actually become a dragon that stretches for three thousand feet. The number of purple flowers is lingering in the dragon’s body, and the sound is exhausted. At this moment, the sky is also rendered brilliant by purple.
Raise your hand and cast your feet to show this magical power. In just two years, this guy managed to capture buddha magic by the wind and lion. It didn’t take long for him to understand everything after he was absorbed into the three thousand worlds by kunlun mirror. Therefore, the ghost king is more important than the good. It can be said that he was bored and didn’t kill him for more than two years in this place.
After all, the two of them are used to enjoying the prestige in other places, and they can’t stand the loneliness in the world in the mirror.
Speaking of hatred for Li Yueling, buddha magic is still a little. After all, Li Yueling imprisoned him but didn’t do anything else to harm him. Ghosts are different. Every time I think that my relatives were framed by Li Yueling as more than one soul and two souls, I wish I could eat his flesh raw and drink his blood dry.