More than 100,000 Shura cousins suddenly twitched when they heard the facial muscles.

Mujiang Xu Zijing Censen reached an order from three directions at the same time. Suddenly, all the people in the valley yelled at each other, either by bombarding the Shura Gate camp from a distance or directly holding a sword and tomahawk to kill them.
Break through the Shura Gate at the first opportunity of attack, and another single-attribute quasi-statue also roared. Suddenly, Shura’s younger brothers also rushed to their targets like locusts. Shura Gate stood 6 million years old, and his core brother was not an ordinary one-sided.
The two sects fought together in a blink of an eye, and dozens of brothers of Heaven Sect rushed to the surface like fighters, and the younger brothers belonging to Shura also rushed to attack the enemy one by one.
War, which is almost the oldest, can be finished after killing.
One master after another was killed and fallen from high school, and one new master rushed away.
Shura’s younger brother is more than 100,000, and the strongest quasi-deity can fight now, but one is still a single attribute quasi-deity. The elite of 300,000 clan masters is actually here, and the theory of the number of people or the quality of masters has reached the absolute peak.
What’s more, Heaven Sect of Science has been hunted by Shura Gate for so many years. Today, it has finally been vented. All the brothers of Heaven Sect of Science are madly killing and wantonly spreading hatred in their chests.
A ghost brother of Heaven Sect of Science flashed with a ghostly sword. It was almost a cliff. An ancient fairy of Shura Gate was destroyed by them. As soon as he escaped, he was grabbed by one hand and ate the soul directly.
This brother of Emperor Haotian is Yuan Ye’s 1,000-soul fighter, who was summoned by Yuan Ye from the state of death to rely on his powerful soul to directly devour the enemy’s soul to enhance their strength.
Bastard, you Heaven Sect of Science are all attacking us by cultivating high, and we are simply a shura’s younger brother, watching one of the students being killed and howling in horror.
Suddenly, a brother of Emperor Tianzong of Science tore the man’s body into two halves from behind, and still dared to be distracted during the World War II. This is a war. It is not fair at the same level. There is no one-on-one samurai spirit. The attack on the assassination group attacked everything and killed the victory. He has been treating Emperor Tianzong of Science like this for years, but Emperor Tianzong of Science has just.
No one can save Shura’s younger brother. Fear, pain and madness surround Shura’s younger brother. They have no hope of winning at all, but they want the enemy to do the same, and they can’t do it. The gap between numbers and strength is too great.
Occasionally, the master of the Shura Gate came after the master of the Science Tianzong to repair his younger brother. The master of the Science Tianzong immediately won the victory with almost no casualties. But his master of the Shura Gate didn’t have as many as the Science Tianzong, and more than a dozen elders of the Science Tianzong respected it as if the hell fiend was raging wildly in the crowd. This is an unequal battle. More than a dozen of the Science Tianzong side respected it and Shura Gate was one.
Light flash
Killing the deity Leitian combating Dao passed by a shura door with a wave of his hand. As soon as the deity was beheaded, it was destroyed in two pieces on the spot along with the soul, and then Leitian milli’s expression killed another person. Leitian killed too many people, which made him the title of killing the deity. Now killing another person makes him feel nothing.
On the other side, MuJiang growled and his face was full of war excitement. Today, if his strength does not recover, he will reach the ghost god. It is too easy for him to slay the ancient fairy, and MuJiang, the ghost god of Shura Gate, will directly give those pro-deity and anti-deity masters of Science Tianzong without fighting.
One-sided war, Shura’s younger brothers are all scared. They want to rush, but before that, they forced Tian-zong Hao to be like ten thousand younger brothers. The terrain at the mouth of this valley is steep. It is said that it is very difficult to get into the ground. Once people hunt down and escape, the opportunity is almost constant, and Tian-zong Hao’s younger brother is flying in this direction. All the forces of Tian-zong Hao have come this time.
The sky is densely packed, and the Shura brothers are falling among the fallen people, and some of them are brothers of Heaven Science. However, a small number of Shura brothers are declining, but the people of Heaven Science are getting more and more excited. It is not a class to finish two.
At this time, the only quasi-statue of Shura Gate was also surrounded by Zhang Long. The quasi-statue was difficult to hide from the dragon and the sword, but it was noticed that the sad situation of Shura’s younger brothers looked at the death of Naidi one by one, and the quasi-statue felt a little dry in the throat.
Shura’s younger brothers listened to orders not to rush to the War Department. Who can escape to Zongmen immediately and tell this story? When the army of Shura’s door arrives, they must kill the chickens and dogs of Haotianzong without leaving the quasi-statue.
Suddenly a pike with a handle pierced and killed the quasi-statue.
The quasi-statue’s face changed dramatically, and he didn’t retreat. He gave a long gun a fight, and the single attribute faced the double attribute, and the quasi-statue was smashed and flew.
I don’t know when a bloody combat knife was flying at his moment, but he was stunned by Zhang’s back, and he couldn’t stop his body from reflecting the situation in the quasi-statue. The bloody combat knife directly pierced his body, a vast edge of death, bloody combat knives and madness raged in the quasi-statue, and at the same time, a method resisted huge forces from all directions and flocked to his soul.
The gap is too big, and the quasi-statue root didn’t even have a little resistance. At the moment when he lost consciousness, he heard a cold sound. It’s just a single-attribute quasi-statue. Excuse me, we three double-attribute quasi-statues surround you and kill you.
The killing continues, and the younger brothers are trying to escape and let the bodies fall from the sky again.
On the other side of the battlefield, she kept treating Yuan Ye’s arms, and Rui Xi finally woke up slowly.
Ye brother Rui Xiyi saved Yuan Ye.
Hehe, I woke up. Yuan Ye smiled gently. After a kiss on Rui Xi’s forehead, I wouldn’t let you keep your hands off.
Oh, Rui Xi didn’t say anything, but squeezed her attractive body into Yuan Ye’s arms.
Yuan Ye smiled and pulled Ruixi to the front where the soul had been bound.
As Yuan Ye called for Zhang Yi to come to Yuan Ye in the melee.
Yuan Ye smiled and said, "I have traveled abroad and participated in many wars in recent years. This night-terrorizing gun is also full of my soul strength. Today, my department will give you and I, Hao Tianzong, have created a master of keeping up appearances."
Yuan Ye said that the soul force surged in the night-terrorizing gun. This soul force was huge and immediately attracted a battlefield attention. One thousand soul fighters Duanmu Yunji could do it because their souls had been baptized in artifacts, and Zhang became more and more powerful with the injection of soul force. When the strength in the night-terrorizing gun was exhausted, Zhang suddenly opened his eyes. Even Yuan Ye was surprised.
The peak state of five-attribute quasi-respect requires too much energy if it is not from five-attribute quasi-respect to six-attribute quasi-respect. I’m afraid Zhang has broken through now, but even this one is excited. Yuan Ye dared to come to this battle, but he was not prepared to let Rui Xi take the shot, but Rui Xi has already taken it.