Everyone heard the news and looked forward to it. It seems that they have no doubt that the wolf king’s words are not impossible for the old man in their hearts.

Hehe, I can try a stupid way.
When the old man smiled, he had a giant black knife in his hand and walked to the edge of the door.
Tianwang, it’s still in Wolong Stone, and the magic weapon can’t destroy the cave wall. We’ve tried it several times.
Xiao qiyi saw the old Gou take a magic weapon and then he woke up with a wry smile
is it
Who knows, when the old man didn’t answer questions, the big black knife in his hand was understated, and when he inserted it into the cave wall, poof, the blade of the big black knife was straight and rootless, and it seemed powerless.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Wolong stone broken
Xiaoqi had already exclaimed with horror, and everyone looked at him in order, wondering whether he had exaggerated Wolong Shiweineng.
Rio Tinto is watching nodded a pair of I already know.
He felt that nothing could harm the Yan, and that nothing could harm Wolong Stone, which was better than Yan Yi.
Xiaoqi, you can’t be mistaken, can you
The wolf king can’t help but complain
It can’t be true
Xiaoqi was startled and then put the shadow sword into the cave wall, obviously doubting the fact.
When a firm crunchy directly to the small seven shadow sword played back even can’t leave a trace in the cave walls.
Xiaoqi never gave up and inserted it seven times in a row, but it was still here.
Finally, I deliberately ran to the position of the old dog and tried my best to make a sword, but I was directly shocked and sat down on the ground.
Tianwang, please try again.
Small seven a face of confusion is still hard to believe that way
The old man smiled and didn’t pull out the Yan, but pulled it with force to break the bamboo and cut a big mouth without force.
In the stunned eyes of everyone, the old dog never stopped. H’s novel has turned around the honeycomb door in a flash.
Then, in the crowd’s dumbfounded, the revolving door struggled and stopped directly.
The symbol pattern connecting the large array in the door has been cut off by the old dog.
Great, heavenly king. You are amazing.
Xiao qiyi saw the door stop running and immediately jumped up and shouted
Because at this time he has been able to find the right door.