Zhang Sheng is one leng. It’s strange that this Yuan Tianzun is not so good to Zhang Sheng. Some Zhang Sheng can’t believe it’s true. Besides, Zhang Sheng is a force of the Jiuli clan. This is the taboo of the celestial world. Does Zhang Sheng think of a terrible reason?

Ok, you go first. I’m going to rest, said Yuan Tianzun Shen
Brother excused himself.
Disciple, practice your swordsmanship, God of War and the spectrum of boxing. The future is you. This sound is Yuan Tianzun’s sound. Tell it to Zhang Sheng. When Zhang Sheng raised his head in astonishment, Yuan Tianzun’s Taoist boy behind him had disappeared.
When Zhang Sheng walked into the Buddha’s Taoist Palace, he still wondered what this yuan Buddha meant. He gave himself an extraordinary armor and a pill that could grow for 500 years. This is simply an incredible thing.
Gee, maybe I have wronged the Buddha, who is also a descendant or friend of Jiuli clan. Zhang Sheng was suddenly scared by his own ideas, but apart from this explanation, Zhang Sheng really can’t think of anything else.
At this time, the celestial world is already in the middle of the night, and the sky is full of stars and auspicious colors. When Zhang Sheng was thinking about where to go, he suddenly heard a rush call, as if it was a beast with a very sharp sound that stimulated the eardrum and was very loud. Zhang Sheng was sure that he could at least go to half of the Oriental celestial world.
Then Zhang Sheng felt a lot of strong breath running towards the Buddha’s Taoist Palace, and Zhang Sheng didn’t reflect what happened. Dozens of lights flashed and dozens of immortals had already appeared.
Lin Chong is impressively in these people. Lin Chong’s face is less severe. Although other immortals Zhang Sheng don’t know each other, they can be with Lin Chong and all of them exude great power. Zhang Sheng can also be sure that they are all masters of the number of oriental fairies.
Father-in-law, what happened? Zhang Sheng went over and asked
Lin Chong took a look at Zhang Sheng and said, I don’t know what’s wrong with the western celestial world, but suddenly he wants us to fight the eastern celestial world and launch a surprise attack. Now 30 thousand troops have come to the meeting place between the two worlds
What? The Western Fairy World started a war. Zhang Sheng was shocked.
It’s Lin Chong who looks worried. We in the Eastern Fairyland may have a hard fight this time. In fact, we are also blamed for being too arrogant and never paying attention to the Western Fairyland. The Western Fairyland was unified by a fairy with great magical powers 300 years ago, and we still don’t know it’s ridiculous.
Zhang Sheng was shocked and asked if the western celestial world was unified.
Yes, we didn’t believe it when we first heard the news, but now people are calling, 30 thousand western immortals, this is enough for us to drink a pot
Zhang Sheng smiled bitterly, so this war is inevitable.
Of course, it’s good not to fight. If we really have a large-scale victory in the celestial world, it’s probably a demon in the underworld. I’m afraid there will be even greater disasters waiting for us then. Lin Chong sneers and shoots cold mountains with his eyes.
At this time, more and more immortals have come from all over the world, and hundreds of immortals have gathered here, including those immortals in the world. Although the immortals in the world are also very strong, they are insignificant compared with Yuan Tianzun. At this time, it is difficult for the eastern celestial world, and these immortals also let Yuan Tianzun act as the head.
Hehe, fellow Taoist friends, don’t panic. This war may not break out. Yuan Tianzun smiled from his appearance while everyone was waiting, which immediately made the fairy present feel a sense of trust and some violent breath disappeared.
Buddha, this time, the western celestial world is menacing, and we can’t help it. But if those barbarians think we are easy to bully, hey hey, then they are wrong. The western celestial world can take 30,000 immortals, but we can still take tens of thousands of immortals. Just by the Buddha, we are told that the fairy friends in the eastern celestial world will definitely kill them and go to the western celestial world to talk. Wen Zhong Wen Zhong said on the shady side of the wind and fire beast.
Wen Zhong fought a war. Everyone knows that other immortals wish it wouldn’t happen this time, and this old man was born a war maniac who was excited to see the war and ate stimulants.
Hehe, Wen Zhong Xianyou hasn’t got rid of his love of war. In fact, it’s really unnecessary for the two sides to fight. Come with me and see if this great man in the western celestial world can sell me a face.
Zun Tian Zun fa zhi zhong xian qi cried
Yuan Tianzun rode on a fake green ox, flying far ahead, followed by the immortals. Zhang Sheng was the first time to encounter this kind of thing. It was exciting to think about the battle between the immortals. The flying speed of the immortals was not slow, and the emergency was an hour. More than 100 immortals from the eastern celestial world followed Yuan Tianzun and came to the boundary of the celestial world.
Silk When Zhang Sheng saw the scene on the other side of the Tianhe River, Rao experienced so many things that he couldn’t help but gasp. His back couldn’t help but feel a chill. Zhang Sheng really saw fear.
On the other side of the Tianhe River, the rough fairy force is coming towards here. It’s dark. Tens of thousands of western immortals are eyeing up and looking at these hundreds of immortals. Wanshan tigers are staring at their own food. Generally, Zhang Sheng can’t help but smile. I’m afraid it’s not a simple thing to ask these western immortals to go home.
Yuan Tianzun’s smile is clear and accurate to everyone’s ears. Who is the Western Fairy Lord?
It’s a dull sound, and suddenly there’s a soaring ambition. With the spread of the day, all the immortals in the East have changed their faces. I didn’t expect that the strength of this Western celestial statue was so earth.
A dozen young immortals flying from the western celestial camp seem to have a golden yellow whip in their hand. He is very tall and has bright eyes, and this pressure emanates from him.
Come is Zeus fairy friends haven’t seen for many years, I wonder if fairy friends are well. Yuan Tianzun still smiled and asked with the same face.
Haha, Zeus laughed and said that he never thought of you, the old man, but he still remembers me. I am very good, and it seems that I have cultivated and increased a lot. This western celestial world has also been unified by me. Look, old man.
Good, good, good. Yuan Tianzun’s soldiers are going to attack our eastern celestial world. We have always stayed out of it, haven’t we?
It’s no wonder that I, who let you Oriental fairyland be rich in treasures, I’m very greedy and your fairy tale is far stronger than here. How can I not be tempted by this Baoshan? Zeus smiled faintly.
Yuan Tianzun frowned and sounded strange, but Xianyou’s doing so is bound to cause chaos in the celestial world. If the underworld attacks then, who can resist?
If I become the king of the fairy world, I will be able to unify all the worlds in the Millennium. Zeus, the king of the gods, is getting stronger and stronger, and the eastern immortals have resisted with their immortal strength.
Alas, Yuan Tianzun said with a sigh that although Xianyou Xiu has improved, his mind is the same as that of thousands of years ago. Let’s talk big, your roots are not the opponent of the magic statue. Don’t say that even you are the old one. The magic statue is afraid to invade the celestial world because our overall strength is much stronger than that of the underworld, but if we really fight, it will be unimaginable. I hope that the fairy will be friendly and consider it carefully.
Chapter two hundred and four In the celestial war
Chapter two hundred and four In the celestial war
Zeus waved his hand and grinned. Not much to say. I asked you to adjust your troops. Let’s have a fight. Hey, hey, even if I don’t want to fight, tens of thousands of fairy friends behind me still don’t agree.
Well, it seems that Xianyou’s decision has been made. Yuan Tianzun’s face is not seen, and he is still worried. He said slowly
It’s the celestial victory that is about to break out. I want you to prepare for it. Zeus has never been a villain. How to fight this battle is up to you. Zeus is proud and arrogant, and said
Zhang Sheng’s heart sneered and dared to talk for a long time. This fellow is a pustule. No wonder the immortals in the eastern celestial world say that the western celestial world is a barbarian generation. It seems that it is really not a fake war. Is it a child’s play? This fellow actually gave the initiative to the other party. I really don’t know what this head is filled with.
Yuan Tianzun ha ha smiled and said that the old road doesn’t fight, not to mention our celestial chaos. Can Brother Sakyamuni show up now to be fair?
Hehe, the Buddha of Amitabha has just arrived, and the Buddha has already noticed the dazzling golden light rising on the other side. Sakyamuni, the founder of the Western Heaven, is still in front of people with a group of Buddhists.
Visit the western hierarch, except Zeus Yuan Tianzun, others bowed respectfully and shouted.
Dear fairy friends, you are welcome. Sakyamuni smiled faintly. He was radiant with awe-inspiring golden light. Sitting on the lotus platform, his body was more than ten feet long, which shocked the eastern and western immortals.
Therefore, Zeus Xianyou wanted to attack Sakyamuni, an immortal in the East, and smiled and said
Zeus’s sullen heart has turned white. Probably, the two Buddhist and Taoist schools have joined hands. If he speaks alone again at this time, it is bound to make the western celestial world fall into a state of perdition. Think about this. Zeus suddenly laughed and laughed. Since the western hierarch said that if I don’t know how to be good, wouldn’t it be too disrespectful? Well, I’ll withdraw my troops for the time being today, but won’t it be later?