Oh, now you’re like trying to fall into the sky and smile.

Well, I want to see the strength of the 15 th King. Yuan Ye is itchy in his heart
Good fall day up and smile, you’re the one who beat Yin Zhuque. Just attack me with that one. Say, with a wave of his hand, fall day and do it first.
Yuan Ye looked around the room. The area of this room is actually quite large, but if it’s to fight, it’s not appropriate. A little bit of quarrelling fluctuation will probably destroy the room and make me the strongest attack. Does he grasp the strongest attack with his bare hands and not let quarrelling escape?
Then the patriarch taught Yuan Ye hand way
I cann’t believe this. Is it fun to learn from others?
Come on, fall into the sky and laugh.
Shout arms and dance Yuan Ye’s limit is a real battle, and then Jin Jianyuan instantly merged together, and the surrounding fluctuations were also compressed by the extreme cohesive force limit.
One sword, nine cents, nine yuan.
A golden ghosting directly rushed to the sky, and Yuan Ye didn’t fight or consume his strength before casting this trick. Therefore, this time, the combination of nine swords can be said to be stronger than defeating Yin Zhuque.
Seeing this scene in the falling sky is also a kind of dignified example, but the falling sky is still a one-handed stretch forward, and a cyan gas will gather in the palm of your hand, and then the golden sword will directly shoot into the cyan gas in the palm.
The light of the golden sword is constantly fading, and the blue gas is also constantly decreasing. In the end, the two forces will turn around and it will not even affect it at all.
Strong Yuan Ye was shocked to see this scene. However, he attacked him the strongest. He was able to stop the falling sky with one hand. The most terrible thing was that he was able to control the two forces at the same time, which was the same as doing his best to control Yuan Ye. However, Yuan Ye did not realize that the gap between the two ranks was so great.
Yes, I’m sure you were lucky to defeat Yin Zhuque, but it’s absolutely impossible for you to kill him with this attack. Besides, I see that your wave is actually the combination of nine forces, which increases the power by far more than nine times, and I can’t do this ability.
Yuan Ye’s surprise and admiration for the difference between the two men is that Yuan Yexiu has fallen to a big peak after he lowered his hand.
Are the five kings of the patriarch so strong? Yuan Ye ren couldn’t help asking. Just now, he fell into the sky, but he said that the mountain and the moon defeated an eternal king when the Taoist statue turned to the second peak. At that time, the Taoist statue turned to the second peak, facing the Xiaoyao king, it was not a small distance. This doubt made Yuan Ye feel hitched again.
That’s why the five kings are not strong. How can they be called the five kings with a smile on their faces? However, you have to understand the two concepts of the five kings. The first one is to unify the five kings. The first floor of our wanzun star includes the ancient domain, which is 6 Jia Lan, 6 Warcraft, 6 Maya, and the top five people are called the five kings. The five kings are named Eternal King, Dream King, Earth King, Ghost King and Magic Wheel King. These five people are absolutely at the peak in their cup-bearing strength. People are bigger than these five people in our ancient domain. One earth king is also the patriarch
After a long sigh, I went on to compete for the five kings to win the king’s cup. Every time the Millennium assessment is made, four big sixes should be selected, and the five strongest ones should compete for each big six. The five kings are what we usually say. I am the big six in our ancient domain, but the names of the real five kings are fixed and all have one word, and each big six five kings can be taken casually, but they can’t be used. This is the title and the difference. Look at the honour list, the top one is the earth, Wang Lin Yuxuan, Qing Jianzong, and the second is the patriarch of the ancient domain Wanjialou is in charge of the top 6 in the ancient domain, and the third bm is also a member of Wanjialou. The fourth place is my carefree king, and the fifth place is the sixth place on the Qianhu Island Lord’s honour list. After that, you can’t be king, but you can beat Yin Zhuque with a general name, which is called purple air and ice.
Come here, so the eternal king is more powerful than the free and unfettered king. Now I’m far from being an opponent of the free and unfettered king, but the mountain and the moon have defeated the stronger eternal king. The gap between me and him has actually reached this terrible point. Yuan Ye’s heart is fluctuating and an unyielding will is scattered. He has never been a man who gives up easily, and he won’t recognize who is worse than who. Since you are better, then I will compare you with who in the future.
Well, it’s getting late. Go home. The horse is going to be executed or ready. But your strength depends on Ye Chen’s hand. No one can deal with you. By the way, Ye Chen ranks 71 in the honour list. Don’t laugh. Chapter DiYieryi Soul Beast
Not counting Yuan Ye, Xiaoyao Mountain has a total of 12 ranking masters, four of whom are the top four or four elders of Xiaoyao Army, and Ye Chenshen, the third elder, is one of them, but I didn’t expect the ranking to be more than 20.
Thank you for waking up your brother. Yuan Ye bowed down slightly and left the room. As soon as the door of the room was closed, Yuan Ye couldn’t do the five kings.
This time, seeing the falling sky has shocked Yuan Ye’s heart too much. It is difficult to go home. The five kings believe in strength, and at the same time, they are quite proud of themselves. They are more awake. He is far from being better than him, and he is still a lot of practice. Never stop fighting and never relax.
According to the strength of the wild and seven’ o, it’s the limit for Yuan Ye to practice the first’ o’ and golden spirit to reach the peak of Tao Zun’s second turn. Now Yuan Ye can wield nine swords in one, but now the nine swords in one is not the strongest state. Only when the second turn reaches the peak can he practice the strongest state, and at the same time, he is qualified to practice the wooden spirit. If he doesn’t reach the peak of the cultivation, he will have to know what the wooden spirit is all about.
First, let yourself break through the peak of the second turn, and then practice wood spirit. This is Yuan Ye’s short-term plan, which I am afraid will be completed this time.
Don’t think much about Yuan Ye walking quickly to his residence.
Soon, the Xiaoyao Army carried out the news in a Xiaoyao Army. At the first moment when the news came, Yakuan found himself, and this time the gold came. After all, everyone belongs to the Three Elders Ye Chen, and this execution is them.
Oh, I heard that, too. I just don’t know what it is. Yuan Ye looks at Keng Ya Kuan Jin and smiles to say
What else can I do when I go to Red Soul Mountain? It is to supervise that Red Soul Mountain is a mine of soul energy, and because soul energy is mainly the cheapest red soul, all the mountains are red and red, which is the same everywhere. Of course, there are still many orange soul energy, yellow soul energy and green soul energy, which can be excavated to Jin Kan Kan, an old sergeant of Xiaoyao Army. But this time, we are going to the northernmost red soul mountain under my jurisdiction. I heard that there is a soul beast recently, which attracted many people’s attention because of the blue sword Sect of that red soul mountain.
Yuan Yekeng Yakuan, the spirit beast, frowned. Both of them have been here for a few years and still don’t know many things.
You don’t know anything about this. Then you always know that ordinary souls can assist in cultivation, but very few souls can have a strong respect.
Yes, Yuan Yejin nodded, and the power of the statue was very great. The root was that Yuan Ye didn’t have a black heart, and the soul root couldn’t be one of the nine swords. In the end, he wouldn’t even be able to kill Yuan Ye. He was seriously injured and collapsed.
You also know that this soul can’t see from the surface which soul can’t see which one is missing. Once it’s gone, it will disappear directly, even if you have it, but it’s gone. Without it, the soul can be very expensive, and even the lowest red soul can be invaluable. The only way to find the soul can be that the soul can eat and have it. The more they eat, the stronger they will be, but if they can kill them, they will be able to enjoy it alone.
Yuan Ye was surprised at such a thing.