Angelnan is currently pregnant with three first-order skills: exorcist, doctor and pastor Guang.

Doctors were the first to get
This is the only one she has activated.
Exorcist is a combat bear with good output ability in hierophant.
Pastor Guang is an auxiliary inheritor. Angelnan specially learned some auxiliary gain skills in consideration of the growth advantage of innate skills. After many inquiries, she finally chose Pastor Guang.
Physician advanced
Second-order "high-level therapist"
Angelnan has also divided the debris into three parts: intensive treatment, group recovery and regeneration, all of which are very powerful. The treatment skills are different in terms of effects
Strong therapy is a single therapy with super-strong effect, which is short when it cools down, and the treatment of minor injuries does not conflict and can alternately make the treatment effect powerful.
Group recovery is a one-time treatment for many people. This treatment is not an instant treatment, but a blessing for the continuous recovery of BUFF, which is also very powerful because of the congenital increase brought by the "Leona Covenant"
Regeneration is also a treatment for BUFF, although it is a single skill, but the recovery effect is much stronger than group therapy, and this skill comes with a special effect of "body repair", which is suitable for people who lack arms and legs in battle
Jiang Meiren is the chief therapeutic hierophant in black dragon!
This can be said to be a question!
Wait for her to practice three second-order skills.
After successfully activating the secondary bearing,
The treatment effect is even higher!
Of course, Angelnan’s positioning for herself is not only to help the exorcist with several skills, but also to cultivate individual combat skills to enhance her melee strength.
____ _w_w_w________
She seems to be a little beauty who is harmful to people and animals and everyone loves the priesthood.
However, Angelnan’s equipment level can be seen in the whole of black dragon, and its strength can also be among the first line. Most people can’t beat it.
Put it in this world
That’s a first-class player
Ten big men can’t get close to fierce and cute people.
Angelnan knows very well that his quality can generally be what it is today. Everything depends on the cultivation of the Great God, and he dare not be complacent. Still, Hangyu’s goal is to continue to grow hard.
"Ow, boss, the elite lions and scorpions have been killed almost!" Erha Jing sent his doppelganger to search the neighborhood, but he didn’t find his target. "Do you want to go there with the fiercest gang left?"
Hang Yu said, "Let’s call it a day before we kill the lion, scorpion and beast lords. We have gained enough today."
Zhao said with emotion, "The white spar earned 3,000 yuan in one breath. Besides, there are more than 400 pieces of white equipment and more than 100 pieces of other white things, including seven pieces of first-and second-order white skill stones … This efficiency gain is changed to thinking before!"
Before changing to
With only one team
It is impossible to figure out the root of this valley
Even if it can be done, it will take about three days.
If you form a team of hundreds of people, it may be completed in one day if it is faster and more efficient, but there is not much left in the battle and aura.
It’s different now!
Several people led soldiers to kill monsters.
Although the soldiers can’t sign the reiki contract, there will be some waves in the reiki aspect, but there are still a few people who have Hangyu, a top player with super mobility, to harvest monsters and finally get reiki.
In addition, there are a large number of battles!
A lot of spar can alleviate the capital gap of the territory!
Hundreds of high-grade white clothes are expensive, and even if they are not sold and decomposed, they can be replaced with a large number of materials urgently needed for building territory.
The valley of lions, scorpions and beasts is too rich in oil and water
The lion and scorpion lords are ahead.