The death knell rings

The tall and brave monk in the motionless crowd spat without looking back, "I’m not your father!" What are you following Master Dao? "
Just because this tall monk admires the sonic attack and can swear, you will know that this person is well known.
Behind him, the handsome boy looks cold and spits two words to perfunctory "fate"
"Fuck your fate!" Strong man burst swearing "since out of the line, you’ve been talking to Tao Ye since you were a child. I don’t know? Get out of here when the drums start again! Otherwise, Tao ye must fart and die alive. "
Leng Jun’s young man didn’t talk, but this deadly golden bell brazenly extended his palm and silently pressed the generous back of the strong man monk and asked, "Is it doomed?"
Obviously, his figure was blocked by the strong man in front of him, and he just avoided the ghost and glanced around!
And behind the tall monk, the feeling of five fingers pressing suddenly is constantly pushing forward and strengthening.
Suddenly the chill swept through his heart and he found that his life was in the hands of a teenager!
He suddenly frightened to disgrace the dead and hurriedly dissuaded him, "Don’t, don’t, don’t ~ isn’t it fate?" Say … Brother, what are you thinking? "
The boy stopped, and the sound in his hand was extremely cold. "The ancients had a big cloud and a big tree, so they enjoyed the cool, and they would keep people away?"
Although this strong monk is angry with each other’s shame, he dares to be angry and dare not speak.
Of course, he knows that this little thing is to use him as a cover to avoid ghosts scanning, but he can resist it himself
After all, his life is still holding this smelly little hand at the moment. If he is angry, he must be behind it.
Thinking of this, he had to admit his cowardice and persuade him, "Let’s say, let’s say, brother, don’t be impulsive. Some monk in the North praised the name Yi Long, but I don’t know what his little brother called."
Leng Jun’s young man replied, "Two tigers scattered in the south."
"Ah!" Yi Long Daoye quickly pretended to be happy. "People often say that all corners of the country are brothers, so what … You are a left dragon and a right white tiger ~ You are a second tiger, I am a Yi Long, and you and I hit it off at once. This is fate!"
"Hmm ~ Fate" Erhu loosened his palm.
Yi Long tao ye followed loose mouth depressed gas heart dark scold "his mother … want to enjoy the cool behind grandpa? I’ll kill you a rabbit cub. "
At one time, two people seem to be separated from each other, such as good brothers who have been separated for hundreds of years. If conditions do not allow, they all want to put their arms together and wear a pair of shorts. That’s called meeting each other very late.
In a short time, the third wave of drums rolled again with thrust and doubled in potential.
Then Yi Long turned against the drum faster than turning it over.
"Go to hell!"
See him without looking behind your hand is a potential to sink heavily lun strike raid!
Hoo ~
A kind of dragon giant arm hammer fist has been angry sonic boom lun suck up to the cold handsome boy alongside of.seem behind him so hard blow is obviously to cold handsome boy to death.
He leaned forward and turned his head, and his broad face showed a cruel and evil smile.
At the moment, he seems to have seen this damn smelly teenager being blasted by his own fist, and his head is torn apart like a melon.
But at this time, Yi Long felt that the inexplicable ghosting in front of him seemed very familiar. "What the hell …! ?”
After saying his word, it was a slap in the face. Wuzhishan slapped his forehead heavily!
If the white light in front of you thunders and explodes, the exposure will cover the field of vision.
Then dizzy and dark, Yi Long’s strong man should fall on his back.
Leng Jun boy took back his palm and looked at his eyes and fell unconscious.’ Brothers’ expression was cold. "How can a rotten heart grow? It seems … To choose a big tree. "
Say he squatted on one knee and punched Yi Long on the forehead without hesitation!
At the same time, fainting Yi Long’s eyes suddenly stood open and bloodshot, and her eyes seemed to be looming blue!
Boom ~
I haven’t waited for a response in an instant, and the iron fist has exploded with my forehead … like a watermelon!
When Yi Long’s head was blasted, Leng Jun, a teenager, picked a waist-dried Kun bag and put it in his pocket.
At this time, all the practitioners around us are concerned about moving forward when they can’t manage this episode of "killing people and stealing goods".