Li Zhichang sink a way "he went to observe their duel battlefield after three days".

Chapter 53 Invisible combat
Sun Xiaohong said, "Is Teddy boy going there to set traps? He is the best hunter in Yuan Ye, which is not difficult for him. "
Li Zhichang said, "Real high hunters can kill their prey without setting traps and simply benefiting the environment. That’s the thing!"
Sun Xiaohong said, "Why don’t we go and see what Teddy boy is doing?"
Li Zhichang said "Ke"
At this time, the sun is setting all over the sky, and the sunset is drunk. A Fei travels all over the forest by the ancient road outside the pavilion.
Sun Xiaohong asked, "What is he doing?"
Li Zhichang said, "He surveyed where the land was loose and tight."
Sun Xiaohong said, "I understand that when he is familiar with every inch of land here and fights with Jing Ming, Teddy boy can use the strength of his feet to decide his own pace when he makes a sword."
Teddy boy suddenly rose to the sky and kept his toes on the ground. Every branch in the forest rose and fell. He tested whether the branches here were tough and could withstand much force, and whether they would suddenly fall when fighting.
Everyone knows that Teddy boy can shoot a sword quickly, but few people can’t know that his flying skill is also rare in the world. No one knows how he can practice such respectable and terrible martial arts at a young age, just like no one knows the origin of Li Zhichang. Teddy boy suddenly jumped from the dead branches, and Sun Xiaohong mused on the back of the sunset. "I see that the sunset sun will never shine on his eyes when he fights here. He even considered this." Li Zhichang shook his head. "No, that’s the position of Jing Ming." Sun Xiaohong said, "What?" Li Zhichang said, "Because the official jin hong is a man who can make an extra effort, he will never give others a chance. Even if there is a little bit of duel, he and Jing will definitely come early that day and will occupy the best position." Sun Xiaohong said, "Then why don’t we stay here all the time?" Sun Xiaohong knew that he was wrong after saying this. It is absolutely impossible to have a good rest here for three days.
Teddy boy is naturally looking for any weaknesses in this position, although this position is the best. Teddy boy looks at the front, left and right in turn, and finally looks at the left front, where there is a little snow for a few days, and it won’t change shape. At this moment, a dazzling light is emitted from the front and back, which just hits Teddy boy’s eyes.
Sun Xiaohong suddenly said in a sad tone, "Everyone knows that when the master struggles for life and death, he will be sentenced to life and death by one move, but who knows how much energy they put into this move?" It is absolutely obvious that Sun Xiaohong has such meticulous observation that Jing’s right hand is very different.
Teddy boy suddenly swept to the top of the pavilion, and he wouldn’t even let go of this position. He saw a box that was very new, not even a trace of dust or ice. It was obviously new. Teddy boy picked up the box and hit it. There was a note in it, and no one knew what was written in it except Teddy boy and the person who put it. Teddy boy’s hand had turned into pieces.
Teddy boy left and disappeared in an instant. What made him so forced to stay in the forest?
Although the rise of the money gang has been a short year, it has been unknown how long it took before it was founded. jin hong, the planner, praised two words most.
"If everything is prepared, it will be established. If it is not prepared, it will be abolished."
"No pains, no gains"
Money can help. In just two years, Megatron is not luck.
Sun Xiaohong also heard that before the money gang was founded, every minor celebrity in the Jianghu was investigated clearly. How much manpower and material resources would it take? No one can know this clearly.
However, Sun Xiaohong knew that jin hong, the official, must have adjusted the origin of Teddy boy. If you want to find out a person’s origin clearly, you will certainly find his weakness. No one will have weaknesses. The official Jin Hong is not very sure about Li Zhichang because he can’t find out Li Zhichang’s background.
Sun Xiaohong said, "Why don’t you go after Teddy boy? That thing must have been released by Guan Jinhong. Aren’t you afraid he’s in danger?"
Li Zhichang said, "There must be a reason why he has to go. No one can stop him."
Sun Xiaohong said angrily, "Officer Jin Hong is so hateful that he knows that it will be the decisive moment between Teddy boy and Jing life in three days, but he doesn’t know what strange things have cheated Teddy boy away."
Teddy boy may not come back after three days. This decisive battle has been announced. If Teddy boy doesn’t come that day, he will be completely famous.
Teddy boy and Jing’s life are very similar, but they are different. Teddy boy can wait and endure, but he will never wronged himself. But Jing’s life is different. He usually won’t wait and endure, but he can suffer all the grievances for killing people. If Teddy boy doesn’t come back in three days, he will never come again.
Li Zhichang said, "You know, no one knows who put this box. Ask the official jin hong, and he will never admit it. I can probably guess what it is now." Li Zhichang is not an omnipotent god. This time, it is indeed his negligence.
Sun Xiaohong said, "What is it?"
Li Zhichang inexplicably said, "I heard that Shen Lang, a famous chivalrous man in the past, traveled overseas with his friends and confidants, but every few years, he sent people back to the mainland to learn some news about Wulin, while Teddy boy and Shen Lang were very close. Maybe those people came to Guan jin hong at this time, and they would be sure to find out what they were doing."
Sun Xiaohong said, "So teddy boy must have gone to find those people. Even if he stood me up for a duel, heaven and man would spit on him."
Li Zhichang said, "This is something that Teddy boy must face, no matter in the morning or evening. Only when he can get out of the shadow of his life can he become his true self instead of a generation."
Sun Xiaohong said, "Do you think he can come back in three days?"
Li Zhichang faint way "who knows this kind of thing"
Sun Xiaohong was worried that "if Teddy boy doesn’t come back, then you can face the fate of Guan jin hong and Jing alone, and since Guan jin hong has done so, he must be very sure that this time you seem to be defeated in nine cases out of ten."
Li Zhichang smiled faintly with an unpredictable smile. "Maybe the current official jin hong must be very proud. This time he really surprised me."
Li Zhichang went on to say, "When people fail, don’t be too proud when they win, even if they fail once, it’s nothing."
Officer Jin Hong is very proud now. In this wisdom confrontation, he seems to have occupied the wind, and the fruits of victory are within reach. He can reach out and pick them.
Chapter 54 To kill him
Sun Xiaohong said, "I don’t know whether to expect you to die or not."
Li Zhichang said to her, "You do have a reason to hate me, and I may indeed save your grandfather that day." Not only old man Sun can find Guan jin hong and Li Zhichang, but also Guan jin hong, where Li Zhichang didn’t leave Guan jin hong would never make a move, but Li Zhichang left. Sometimes you have something to save a person. If you don’t save people, you will not only hate others, but even you will hate them. This is human nature, but this is also human nature, but it is not reasonable.
Sun Xiaohong said, "Grandpa’s martial arts, you will never know that he has been a natural enemy since I was born. When I was a child, I often pulled out his beard. He was not angry at all. He said,’ You love your granddaughter the most and are the only one who dares to pull out my beard and make me feel pain’"
Sun Xiaohong said that when he suddenly laughed, half of the memories are always beautiful, because we can remember things that are either the best or the most cruel, and the memories of the old man are naturally the best half.
The evening breeze blows gently, and the setting sun is drunk. There is a lovely girl telling a story by the ancient road outside Changting, and a Taoist listens to her story.
Sun Xiaohong said as he recalled the story that the old man brought her up, and there were many stories that the old man defeated the enemy’s natural enemies step by step in the past.
Li Zhichang sighed deeply, "It is very sad when you have no opponent in this world. When others have your goal but you have no goal, that kind of loss and desolation is your grandfather’s real opponent. The most terrible thing is that this opponent will never fall. Whenever you defeat it, it hides silently and waits for it."