"You … don’t also hand to her? Yun Xianer, don’t challenge me to your bottom line. Let me ask you one more question: Where is Su Ya? " Guo Yi grabbed her white neck with cold mans fingers like iron claws in his eyes, and seemed to wring her neck.

YunXianEr face smile undiminished and indifferent as if Guo Yi was not pinching her neck but touching her neck.
"It’s their sisters who want to touch my child first. I just came back from Sue at a little interest." YunXianEr kept her eyes on Guo Yi without fear.
She tried to kill Guo Yi, but she never did.
Guo Yi tried to kill her and never killed her.
So she is not afraid at all!
"I’ll fight with you and give it back to me."
Black Mountain’s green bull’s head was smoking with anger, and the cow’s tail was burning with fire, so it rushed out towards Yunxianer as if to bite her to death.
Yun Xianer has connected Su Ya’s soul into the nine orifices and turned it into the sixth orifice. At this time, they can be said to be a person or Yun Xianer, because she is the first orifice of the nine orifices and the person who really controls the nine orifices and ghosts.
Guo Yi held Yun Xianer’s neck in one hand and pressed the green ox horn in the other. "Don’t be impulsive first."
"Don’t impulse a hair! My disciples were all hurt by her. I can only have one disciple named Guo. You must give me an explanation, or even if she is pregnant with your Guo family, I will fight hard with her. "
The green cow is really angry this time, Su Ya, but it dares to go to the pit to snatch the demon spirit, but Yun Xianer has already robbed Su Ya’s soul, and even more, she will take away the demon spirit. Anyone who encounters such a thing will be furious.
The green cow is so angry that it will stand up.
Yun Xianer’s biting personality can kill people. Guo Yi has long known that she has always been guarded against her, but Su Ya was killed. Although this does not mean death, it is definitely no longer the former Su Ya.
Qing Niu won’t let her go, Su E won’t let her go.
Yun Xianer and Su E have become more enmity!
At this moment, the half-rotted arm suddenly flew from the bottom of the dark cold pool, broke through the bondage of the cold pool and made a loud noise, which immediately attracted Guo Yi and others to pay attention to you.
The gray dead air and black ghost fog on the rotten hand give people a strange and unpredictable feeling.
This half arm was found in the ancient coffin of the dragon fish, and it fought against Guo Yi, but it was beaten by the claws of heaven. I didn’t expect it to fly from the dark cold pool.
Several older generations of strong people have never come to the cold pool again. Is the arm so powerful that it is worse than a semi-saint?
Yun Xianer’s slender and white fingers quickly pinched her hands, and a blue demon spirit flashed and soon figured out a clue.
The whole family’s face smiled. "This arm turned out to be a deadly ghost hand buried in the sky monument. After you took it away, the power of suppressing the emperor’s grave island has weakened to the lowest. This place can no longer be regarded as a forbidden area for death …"
As soon as he spoke, the ground shook, and the cracks spread, and the dead rushed up from the cracks, tearing the sky and breaking the green ghost.
Yun Xianer seems to have expected this situation. Generally, he jumped directly to Guo Yi’s back with a pair of jade arms holding his neck, and said, "The grave island is about to be broken. Guo Laoer carries me away from here."
"Yun Xianer, I told you that my bottom line is limited. I don’t like a vicious woman even if she is as beautiful as a fairy."
Guo Yi directly threw her to the ground and then caught Xiao Su flying and rising to tens of thousands of miles away.
Green cow is also coldly stared YunXianEr one eye and then follow Guo Yi flew away from the emperor grave island.
All the monks in Difen Island sensed the bad news and flew to the outside of the island.
YunXianEr angry five jade onion fingers tightly holding the soil, a pair of absolutely gorgeous beautiful eyes full of hatred, Guo Yi unexpectedly threw himself away, and she accepted the fact that her beauty is not much worse than Bai Xier now. How could he be like this?
Slowly, the atmosphere in her heart dropped, and her fingers gently touched her, slightly hunching her lower abdomen and revealing a trace of love.
"I can’t be angry. I still have a child. Being angry will be bad for the child. I can’t be angry at this time. I will definitely smile when Sue wants to be around Sue Guo Yi."
Yun Xianer got up from the ground, his face was calm and gentle, and he took a slight pick at the corners of his mouth. Then he flew off the ground and a blue light fell on Guo Yi’s side and gently leaned on his shoulder.
Guo Yi looked at the dead island in the distance and said, "Are you coming again?"
"Because there are some things you can’t change, such as my belly child, he (she) is not only my child, but also Li Xiaoyan’s child, Qin Qing’s demon child … we all have a share. I don’t come to you. Who am I going to find? At Guo Yi, the child’s father "Yun Xianer glanced at the bitterness and wanted to say with smile" Don’t hate me. I believe Su Ya is also willing to have children with you, even if she is your aunt. "
"I’ll spare you once more if you can live with Sue. If there is another time, I will definitely kill you myself." Guo Yi turned her head and looked at her eyes with an unprecedented firmness.
Looking at Guo Yi’s eyes, Yun Xianer’s heart trembled. At this moment, she had no doubt that Guo Yi was determined. If she dared to treat Guo Yixin again, she might be really dead.
"Promise you is absolutely not once unless they volunteer. I have never been threatened by others. You are the first person to make me compromise," said Yun Xianer.
Guo Yi looked back and looked into the distance. His eyebrows frowned slightly and he saw that the island of Emperor’s Tomb was really divided. That rotten arm had been suspended.
An eerie ghostly spirit rushed out from the bottom of the island, and the death force spread over hundreds of millions of miles in the cold ghost domain.
A huge black shadow burst out from the bottom of the island, and no one could see what it was. I vaguely saw that a rotten broken arm had actually picked it up and joined it together.
Is it the real owner of that ancient rotten broken arm?
Chapter 64 Sue vs YunXianEr
"I’m the keeper again."
As soon as this statue of black shadow was born, it was a foot that sank the whole island of the Emperor’s Tomb to the bottom of the sea. When the neck turned upwards, it vomited thousands of flashes and fell into his mouth like a dragon from the green ghost.
Hades is a spectre, and he has achieved the goal of quasi-emperor. He has already been shocked to death by a great man, but now he is born again for nine days.
It was sealed by the Celestial Monument for three million years, and the overlord came back strongly!
However, Pluto’s body was rotten and shriveled. Obviously, although the burial monument didn’t shock him to death, it weakened him. Before anyone could react, he flew away directly. No one knew where he went because no one could see his flying figure clearly.
This is the quasi-emperor’s power. Although it is only a glimpse, many people have knelt down to worship it.
It wasn’t long before Pluto left the bottom of the sea, and then powerful figures rushed out. These figures were old and rare, monks and customs, and each of them was unpredictable and powerful.
They are wearing holy mans, and there is a mysterious light in their skin. None of them are ordinary people.
They are the major forces in the northern wilderness, the older generation of the strong, and some powerful and demon-cultivating predecessors.