Jiang Ji hesitated for a moment and still didn’t put the label back in silence.

The shift change process was very smooth, and the urn did not make things difficult. Xie Ji said that if the shift change, there would be no way to select outstanding employees.
Xie Ji owes more than 2,000 points, so he doesn’t expect any excellent employees. Yao Shun is optimistic, so he can live without asking for anything.
The long lunch hour is four hours. Thank you for sending it back. On the way, I met a self-service vending machine. The employee swiped two bottles of milk.
The employee card can be consumed at the funeral home. Last night, it was his employee card brush.
When he returned to the dormitory, Jiang Yunchu was changing slums to buy two sets.
White cloth falls from the shoulder and covers the ferocious scar to the end, then it can pretend that nothing has been hurt and everything is fine.
Xie Ji had physical contact with Jiang Zhichu. At first, he was injured and lost blood, which led to hypothermia. Later, he found that Jiang Zhichu’s body temperature was always lower than normal and he was more afraid of cold. It was said that he had fallen into the root of the disease when he was a child.
And the air conditioning in funeral parlour is enough to cover a thin coat in summer.
Xie Ji handed the milk to Jiang Zhichu for "road purchase"
There was a trace of incomprehension in Jiang Yunchu’s eyes holding the milk. "Why buy it?"
Thank you for sending "drink"
Jiang Yunchu "What should I buy?"
Xie Ji was amused by Jiang Zhichu. "You’re only nineteen, and you have to develop. Did you eat noodles at noon and bring you a bottle of milk to grow up?"
Jiang Yunchu’s "Oh"
Xie Ji talked about what he saw in the afternoon.
"We have to go to the cemetery this afternoon. We met Zhang early today. He had a strange attitude. I guess he missed the opportunity to go to the cemetery after dinner last night and found something in it.
"He can find we can certainly.
"When you finish drinking, we’ll go to Li Lanwu’s class and won’t go to the cemetery. We have nearly four hours to go shopping. Now Ann hasn’t found another Zen funeral home, so it’s so big that she won’t run out."
Thank you for waiting for half a day before Jiang Zhichu responded. I turned my head and looked at Jiang Zhichu with a positive expression and looked at the smiling villain on the milk bottle. It seemed a little distressed.
Xie Ji "What are you looking at?"
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Xie sent his legs slightly separated by a knuckle, and his fingers were randomly buckled together in a very relaxed posture. He didn’t deliberately make any expression, and his natural smile on his lips was easy enough.
It seems that the atmosphere of chatting after dinner has made Jiang Ji nervous at the beginning.
He tried to maintain his expression, but his throat rolled uncontrollably.
A name is like a dense curse. It’s not complicated to come back to him from all sides. The strokes are twisted and deformed, and finally it turns into a sly mocking smile.
His most disgusting voice rang again from the bottom of my heart.
"Jiang Zhichu, sooner or later, you will like it …"
The pressure made him almost suffocated, and he gave birth to an impulse very weakly
Jiang Jichu raised his head.
Thank you, even the ends of your eyes are bent just right. You can easily confuse people, relax people and make people believe without words. It seems that no matter how big the waves are, it will turn the spring into the wind.
But he knew from the moment he made the decision.
Can’t indulge
Cann’t lust after
He can’t forget what he insisted on until now.
Jiang Zhichu pinched himself through the cloth, and those smiling faces threw themselves at him, slender fangs gnawing at every blood vessel and organ.
He sank, "When I was at Niukuyin’s house, I once gave you a thug. You wanted to make pot-wrapped meat and marinate the meat before, but you made shredded pork in Beijing sauce and it was salty after frying, but you didn’t say anything."
Thank you. "Why didn’t you say you had finished eating?"
Jiang Yunchu: "You have no sense of taste, but you forcibly memorize many recipes and pretend to be good at cooking, saying that you don’t want others to know."
Xie sent it back, thinking that he once asked Jiang Zhichu to give him a thug when he made shredded pork with Beijing sauce.
He can’t remember whether the meat was salted before that time.
Shouren card has no monitoring to check, and this matter has become impossible to falsify.
He looked at Jiang Zhichu, but Jiang Zhichu did not shy away and looked back calmly and surely.
Xie send intuition in just a long silence Jiang Ji had not humanitarian choice at the beginning.
But he couldn’t think of the reason why Jiang Jichu kept it from him in this matter.
They met by chance at a novice. If Jiang Yunchu hadn’t accidentally bumped into him because of injury and weakness, he would have spilled a treasure porridge all over the cow bank and he accidentally smashed Jiang Yunchu’s wrist watch. Jiang Yunchu was rather withdrawn, so they wouldn’t have made friends later.
Once they leave the novice, they are strangers who have met by chance.
Jiang Zhichu is an experienced veteran who has gone through senior cards, and his strength is tough and unsatisfactory.
And he is a newcomer to the altar, and he doesn’t think he has anything worthy of Jiang Zhichu’s human plot.
Unless it’s outside the altar
Jiang Zhichu said that he is a Z college student. Jiang Zhichu’s appearance will definitely impress Z college students. If his identity is false, he will be exposed one day.
Jiang Yunchu’s identity is real, and they have never met each other. The only possible communication is Jiang Yunchu’s "brother".
But even if he knew Jiang Zhichu’s brother Jiang Zhichu, there was no need to hide it.
What are he and Jiang Jichu’s brother, mortal enemies?
He didn’t have a surname Jiang among his enemies.
There is still a long way to go, and now that I can’t figure it out, there is no need to stop for a while.
"Thank you for your thoughtfulness." Xie Ji put away his mind and smiled skillfully. "Now that you know this, my teammates hope that you can wake me up when this happens again before keeping my secret."
He blinked. "After all, it’s good for all of us."
Jiang Zhichu "I know"
Thank you for sending "Let’s go to the cemetery to look for clues when it’s late."
Based on the known clues, it is inferred that Ann set up a funeral home many years ago so that the deceased could have peace here.
However, a few days ago, an accident happened and I left suddenly, and I was in a hurry and didn’t even clean up my dormitory.
Now he is possessed by Yao Shun.