Although the three major stock exchanges were closed for a short time, they still managed to resist the panic caused by this incident and continued to plummet.

Chris’s digital face expression, which keeps beating in his brain, has already changed into a state of excitement. It’s really cool for everyone to lose and win alone. Of course, this credit is mainly attributed to the magical boss.
At this time, Chen Bo has got the sample made by Phil Dickinson after a few days of tension. At the same time, there is a girl with blond hair and blue eyes in front of him, and she is wearing heavy smoky makeup and showing a rebellious wind.
This is a singer recommended by Phil Dickinson, but judging from his height and appearance, he looks like a middle school student. Is this reliable? Chen Bo couldn’t help heart way
"Lavignie is 17 years old this year, but she is very talented. I have some friendship with his father, so please give her a chance!"
Phil Dickinson didn’t shy away from his selfishness, but said it directly to her face.
Chen Bo really appreciates his honesty, but he doesn’t care who to sing for. I don’t rely on this to become famous as a reward for composing music, so I agreed to his request
When Lavignie sings, she is very amazing. Her image is different. It is that kind of spirit and clear voice can soothe the injured heart better.
The demo of this song is that there is no ready-made male singer in a recording studio in San Francisco. It is estimated that Phil Dickinson is so embarrassed and the resources of musicians are limited. Chen Bo can personally complete this song with Lavignie.
It was repeated many times to record the most perfect one, and Lavignie’s voice is very clean. If she can get popular with this song, it should be a good boost to her later music career.
Then a lot of copies were made, and then the bp fund was donated to the people who died in the 911 incident, which was sent to major broadcasting companies and media groups, and at the same time the donation department didn’t charge a penny.
Chapter seventy-two Reward on merit
Mike, an employee of bs CBS in new york, walked into the director’s office in a hurry.
"Mr. Thompson, we received an email from California. It’s a music single!"
"Music single?" Thompson, in a suit and tie, put all his savings into the financial market. Now, watching his brain keep beating the numbers, he felt bored and couldn’t help frowning. "Have you forgotten our bs positioning? We are called the old station. "
"This is sent by bp Private Equity Fund, saying that it is donated to new york citizens who are in the panic and pain of terrorist attacks. I think it is necessary for you to listen to this song first."
Mike was very loyal to his duty and didn’t choose to give up because of the dissatisfaction of the leader.
"bp fund? I haven’t heard of it, but since it’s dedicated to the citizens of new york, I might as well listen to it first. "Thompson’s face softened, indicating that he put the single in the D machine and pressed the py button.
First of all, the piano sound that comes out of the hifi high-fidelity speaker is close to people’s hearts. Well, it’s not bad to listen to the prelude, Thompson thought
With the prelude over, the full, high-pitched male and clear female followed. Although the lyrics are not gorgeous, they are very straightforward. With the soothing sadness, the Irish bagpipes can make the listeners feel the strong power calling for their own strength and rising to forget the pain.
Thompson, a pop music, is really shocked now. This song is just a ray of light in the haze of terrorist attacks in new york!
"Play this song in a loop immediately. The people of new york need it. The United States needs this inspiring music!"
Thompson was immediately excited to reach this decision. He was sure that bs was definitely not the first one to receive this D and must play it before the competitors!
Walt Disney flag ab broadcasting time warner Inc. group N Turner broadcasting nb broadcasting stations are all following the footsteps of bs Columbia broadcasting, and this song is very praised as the best gift given by the emperor to the American people.
And his TV network also adopted this song. The background music in the 911 news topic incident swept the American continent for a while.
"This is simply the gospel of the Emperor to save the suffering citizens of new york!"
"Great, this song gives me a positive energy."
"Genius musicians should be awarded the Presidential Medal for creating genius songs!"
Such media comments are everywhere, and they are all praise. This song is not only popular in the United States, but also broadcast to the ball with developed TV and Internet.
Bp fund song donors have become famous from the sight of more people silently hearing about the emergence of small private equity funds, and even more popular is Lavignie, who lives in Los Angeles and can be easily found by Hollywood entertainment reporters.
The songwriter Phil Dickinson and Lavignie are packed with interview notices every day, treated like the superstar of the emperor, while the poet and male singer Chen Bo appear under the pseudonym ven. In the signature, the insider department tells him to keep his mouth shut. Naturally, no media person can find him.
"I’m afraid the boss won’t be able to wait a week before he closes the net," Chris said to Chen Bo, a little depressed.
"Is there any new change?"
"Hey, it’s not your song that has been encouraged. The American people are now feeling relaxed, and the financial market has stabilized and there are even signs of recovery!"
Chris sigh a way
"Just a song and so magical effect? But you, the American people, don’t seem too happy. "
"I’m a financial worshiper. Money has nothing to do with nationality," Chris shrugged.
"In this case, then close the Internet cafe." After Chen Boda gave the order, Chris sold the futures bills to the market one after another and changed the futures contracts into cash three days later.
After paying off the bank’s leveraged funds and the income attributable to investors, this time, it earned a total of 1.3 billion US dollars from the futures market. Although it is pitiful compared with the loss of 14 trillion US dollars in the whole market, compared with 600 million US dollars, the leverage has doubled, which makes bp fund owners ecstatic.
Even Chen Bo’s $20,000 private money entered the market a little late and got back $460,000!
This kind of thing looks very profiteering, which is simply counting money and cramping your feet, but the risk is quite great. Who dares to go against the trend and happens to encounter such an emergency?
Then, of course, Chen Bo will reward all those who have made contributions with a profit of 130 thousand dollars, and at the same time, he has formulated 15 incentive plans for the management, which will be implemented in stages in the next five years, but dividends will be paid every year
Chris, the general manager, naturally gets the most points, and everyone else doesn’t fall behind. It can be said that everyone is happy according to the different personal contributions.
The financial industry is like this. Some people will starve to death if they can survive. Today, bp funds are naturally the former.
Moreover, the name of bp fund is getting louder and louder, and it is easy to raise funds again. More than one billion dollars can be invested in enterprises to raise funds and continue to invest in the financial market.
Then Chen Bo gave Depp and Jason two orders. The first is to set up a technology company in Silicon Valley, recruit people first, what to do in the end, and how to do it. He will send someone to take charge of them. They just need to do a good job of assisting, which is controlled by Depp’s bp fund.
The second is that both Marvel Pictures and DreamWorks Animation Department must be brought in, and then an independent film company must be found.
Marvel Pictures is a marvel comic entertainment film company, which has a very resounding name called "Marvel Pictures" in the future, but that was later changed to the official name.
Compared with the rival D comics backed by a giant media group like time warner Inc., Marvel Entertainment is very sad, and most of the time it was suppressed by many comic heroes at the same time.
In the early 1990 s, many comic hero films were sold, such as the Chinese Men’s Police, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool, to Fox Film, while Spider-Man was sold to Sony, the Colombian Neptune, and the humanoid belonged to Universal Pictures and Lions Gate Pictures.
The establishment of Marvel Pictures in 1996 is even weaker, and it is also a photography department to assist other film companies.
Men 2 has already been remake. The first film is made of 750,000 US dollars and the box office is 300 million US dollars. If the box office is divided, it will earn about 30,000 US dollars, which is not too much.
But the film company doesn’t live on the box office, and there are dvd sales, and the licenses granted by the production network around the film and television are enough to make Fox Pictures earn a lot of money.
Marvel Entertainment is a city company that can’t be smashed without a billion dollars, and it has to continue to throw money into it when it is bought. Now the financial resources can’t do it. It is better to lay out Marvel Pictures first, get control, and then inject a lot of money to recover it.
At the same time, the bp fund can cooperate with the absorption of some Marvel Entertainment stocks to make a long-term investment and catch big fish. There is still a long way to go.
DreamWorks Pictures is a film company founded by Spielberg and other big names, while animation is a Chinese department. Now it is famous, but it has also produced one, so it is better to let Depp take the initiative to push it.
The main reason is that DreamWorks animation is second only to Pixar. Although Pixar is still owned by Jobs, it is real money and only a giant like Disney can afford it.
Take advantage of the existing money and the other party’s strength is not strong. If it becomes a climate in the future, it will not be rich to solve the problem.
For the independent film company, that’s for the convenience of Huaxia Guoying’s overseas distribution. It’s just to buy a shell. If conditions permit, you can make a few films to make a small profit, but you can still hold it in the hands of bp Fund.