"It’s the hand that will be able to complete the master’s sacrifice and never hesitate." Wang Ling, the king of two fights, was ordered to leave quickly.

Just want to go, Bora seems to think of something: "Somebody ask the family city guards to keep an eye on the people who enter and leave the city during this period, and take these two portraits to see these two people alive as far as possible. If they can’t come back alive, they will brake on the spot." Once again, Bora was ordered to go to the direction of his concubines.
Early the next morning, an old woman in Liangjiangcheng rushed out of the city early in the morning with a basket of egg heads wrapped in a bit discolored linen, a smelly blue robe and a long nose.
Today, the city gate was particularly strict, but when the city guard saw the old woman looking like this, she called out of the city quickly, and the old woman seemed to be afraid to go out without checking, and her eyes were afraid to look at the city guard, which made the city guard even more angry and dirty, even if your ya smelled bad and wanted to kill yourself.
The city guards set aside their weapons and threatened the old woman to run out of the city gate. She turned over and got up again. The old woman looked behind the city guards with a face of fear.
Ha ha! Ha ha! Some city guards who were far away and nobles who entered the city early in the morning were teased by the old woman.
These city guards came to take a vacation on their own, and suddenly they were asked to guard the city gate early this morning, and the people in and out of the city were called here to guard the city gate early this morning, which made the city guards very angry and the old woman’s performance made the city guards feel wider.
On the side of the city gate, two city health school officials were also laughed at by all the cities. It seems that they saw the old woman fall to the ground and all the people laughed and fled. They shook their heads and looked at the portrait in their hands again and looked at it out of the city.
Two miles after the old woman walked out of the city, she was suddenly stopped by a young man. The young man was a handsome guy with a smiling face, a crooked nose and a tall figure, two jaws and two dark eyes.
I can’t see any malice from the young man, but the old woman is still wary of watching this resolute young man pretend to be in a hurry and was about to pass by the young man.
The old woman "Lanxianger" was settled by the youth.
Ting! A beautiful dagger was pulled out of the old woman’s cuff, and the old woman opened her head with a wisp of white hair and showed a black hair. A young woman appeared in front of the young man.
Xiang Laner quietly escaped from the college that night, and that friend of Ge Lai’s helped to prepare things and made up the city. I didn’t expect this to be seen by this mysterious stranger, Xiang Laner stared at the young man in front of her.
"Ha ha, I don’t mean any harm. Come with me and stay here for a long time." The young man said and disappeared into the forest on the side of the road. He left a sentence in the forest, "If you want to see Gelai’s words," Xiang Laner sank and put away her dagger and followed her into the forest.
A hundred miles away from Liangjiang County, there are two grass houses and a reed grass shop in the mountains, and there is a young man lying on his face, pale and sweating, covered with bandages and his bones broken by a third.
This man was abandoned by Siebel, a Teya family. Gray’s broken bones have been repaired, and he is full of quarrels. Unless there are five Dan medicines, he can be cured or all of them can get those peerless medicines.
Gray lay quietly in the haystack, and the pain was still suppressed, and the only rough table not far away was a dragonfly headdress.
Wow! Half a gray-headed old man came in and shook his head when he saw Zou Gelai’s eyebrows tight. The old man thought that if his proud apprentice didn’t want to save this stupid little man himself, he would have to rely on it. This has become a waste youth, but he thought that his migrant brother would come back from work. The old man was very careful to examine Gelai’s physical injury
【 Chapter 126 Xiao Ke Opportunity 】
The old man is a free and unfettered king. He is now alone. He has been an orphan since childhood, worked as a mercenary, joined the army and served as a noble guard. He has traveled many places in his life and has many opportunities to reach the four-star king.
Xiao Zhang is very proud that he has come this far. When life is a little lonely, it makes him meet his precious migrant brother in a crisis-ridden forest. This makes Xiao Zhang very happy, and his apprentice’s surname is very similar.
Zhang Zhang checked it again, and found that many wounds had healed, which surprised Zhang Zhang. Those abrasions disappeared so quickly, and once again picked up some changed bandages and sniffed the faint scent of medicine.
This medicine is too strong, isn’t it? Zhang Zhang has a full face of excitement. This apprentice really has his own personality. He wants to listen to this as a master, and this apprentice has a lot of good things and a lot of potential, which is much stronger than he used to be.
Moreover, this disciple’s younger brother is so excellent that the old man Zhang is willing to follow him. This is also the old man Zhang’s reluctance. This disciple himself is still forced to accept it himself.
I can’t believe I’ve been out with such a friend for five years. If that friend hasn’t come in five years, then I’m willing to follow the old man Zhang.
It’s no big deal to get rid of Zhang Yue and feel lonely in the old Vietnam. Of course, it won’t give up so easily if you finally find a precious apprentice. Moreover, it’s also very convenient for an old man with such a personality to stay here for five years. Of course, there are many reasons for Zhang to force this apprentice to recognize himself as a master.
Xiao Zhang’s apprentice is Xiao Ke, the best friend of Xingqi Qing Xiang Valley. Xiao Ke is convinced that Xingqi can never fall into the tide of beasts. Xingqi left a deep impression on Xiao Ke in those years, but Xingqi Xiao Ke’s eyes are always full of fascination.
There is Xiao Ke, who is waiting near Liangjiang County. Because Liangjiang County has a strange star, it is very important for the third brother Ge Lai. Xiao Ke usually follows Zhang Jian’s practice in this deep mountain and will inquire about Ge Lai’s news every once in a while. Of course, he is disappointed every time.
But in disappointment, Xiao Ke is under great pressure. Although Xiao Ke has reached the level of six stars with the help of Master Wang, Xiao Ke always has a strong feeling that when Xing Qi comes back, it will be when Xing Qi is strong.
Xiao works harder every day, hoping that when Xingqi comes back, his gap will not be too big to keep up with Xingqi.
Go ahead and Xiao Ke stopped some steps, waiting for Lan Xianger to approach some, only a little depressed. "Do you know Xingqi?" I am a friend or a follower. "Xiao Ke shook his head and smiled.
Xingqi! That’s not the scene after the beast tide four years ago, which once again came into Xianglaner’s mind. It’s good to come to Gelai. It made Gelai celebrate himself when he heard that his fourth brother, Qing Xiang Valley, had become a senior pharmacist. At that time, Gelai was a little boy full of sunshine.
However, the tide of beasts changed everything. Gray knew that the collapse of the Qing Xiang Valley made him become silent again, practiced harder, was more considerate to himself and was indifferent to the surrounding area. Although the death of Xingqi made Gray reach the five-star fighter for a short time, it also revealed some prominent figures in Jiangcheng College.
But let Greg spend less time with Xianglan when he was a child. Xianglan often thought that if there were no damn beast tide, Laige would be much happier, and Laige would not have so much pressure. Recalling those Grammy memories, Xianglan’s face turned ruddy, but suddenly she thought of the reality that Xianglan was pale again.
Lan Xianger suddenly realized that this person was Zhou’s friend, and the person who saved his life, Laige, was his companion. Is it true that the fourth brother of Xingqi Gelei didn’t die? Lan Laner’s face suddenly changed. Should she thank this for making her Laige sad and bear heavy pressure for four years? Should she thank him or hate him?
Xiang Laner suddenly seemed to see a glimmer of new hope, and her eyes showed a glimmer of hope. Lan Xianger suddenly caught a key when she was thinking about how to kiss the senior pharmacist, Xing Qi. If Xing Qi is really not dead, Lai Ge is a good brother, then the senior pharmacist’s fourth brother may still cure himself. Lan Xianger’s eyes are looking forward to this friend who leads Xing Qi.
"Alas, Xingqi is a very special person. You may not have contacted him. Maybe he can really cure Gray." Lan Xianger’s eyes were hopeful when she heard Xiao Ke’s words.
"Well, I mean, it’s possible for Xingqi." After all, one person’s root is to fight the sea hole and fight the sea hole. Xiao Keke has never heard of anyone curing it. "
Is the fourth brother of Xingqi helping Gray to heal his wounds now? Starkey, did he say it could be cured? "Asked LanXiang son eagerly.
"This star is not here. I’ve been looking for him from Qing Xiang Valley …" Xiao Ke’s face-to-face words once again dashed Lan Xiang’s hopes, and Lan Xiang’s son also knew what Xiao Ke saved Ge Lai.
Xiao Ke never thought that a few words made Lan Xianger more sad. Xiao Ke led the way silently, while Lan Xianger was very rational and suppressed his feelings. Now Lai Ge is still waiting to take care of himself.
The two men were even more silent. When they got on the road, Xiao Ke learned a lot from Xingqi, but when it comes to getting along with the opposite sex, Xiao Ke is a rookie. Even Xingqi is not necessarily much better than Xiao Ke.
What’s more, it won’t be comforting to face friends, brothers and wives who have been hit hard. Can Xiao be silent?
Brush suddenly stopped in the road. "I have always believed that Xingqi will come back, and I also believe that Xingqi can cure Greg because Xingqi is a fan." Xiao Ke finally thought of comforting Lan Xianger and said his years of faith.
Lan Xianger doesn’t know what makes such a young man believe in the stars, but from what he just said, he shows less momentum and is much stronger than Lai Ge. Maybe his fourth brother who has never seen him can really come back to treat his third brother. Lan Xianger took a deep breath, temporarily abandoned all his sadness and followed Xiao Ke.
Before sitting in the hut, Zhang Zheng was smoking a hookah, puffing around, and I was enjoying myself, and my eyes narrowed and I saw my precious disciple coming back.
The old man Zhang is not worried at all that this disciple has gone to town alone to find someone and has been found or tracked. Xiao Ke, this disciple is a super master.
I think I met Xiao Ke when I was mixed up in the crisis-ridden mountains. At that time, I took a fancy to Xiao Ke, a precious migrant brother.
At that time, Xiao Ke also had about four stars, but Zhang Xiao, an old man, saw Xiao Ke playing dead with a five-star spirit beast in the jungle far away, and there was another powerful five-star spirit beast not far away.
The old man wanted to secretly follow Xiao Ke when he was in danger, so that Xiao Ke could be worshipped by his own strength. Of course, he would take advantage of the situation to accept this apprentice, but the old man’s idea was that the good truth was always hit hard
With Xiao Ke, Zhang’s old man didn’t encounter danger, but Zhang’s passing by some leakages was also avoided by Xiao Ke. If it weren’t for Xiao Ke, Zhang’s old man followed Xiao Ke all the time, I really don’t believe Xiao Ke is also the first time to come to this forest.
However, Zhang Zhang still underestimated Xiao Ke’s ability, so Zhang Zhang was relieved. One night, when Zhang Zhang was enjoying his sleep, he suddenly became salty and came at himself. It turned out that one or two star-rated soul beasts were stimulated by Xiao Ke’s drugs, and he followed all the way to find the old man Zhang Zhang Zhang.
Fortunately, the old man Zhang’s four-star king level strength spelled with clothes appeared again, and several mouths braked the soul beast level. Zhang’s old man was very depressed but worried that Xiao Ke, his confiscated apprentice, finally found a secret place and stared at Xiao Ke.
Zhang Cai knows that this is his apprentice’s design and assessment of his master’s strength. Of course, Zhang also feels that this is just the best time to accept disciples. When the old man wants to accept Xiao Ketu,
It is a big surprise for Xiao Ke, and at the same time, it is like a wave drum shaking his head to eliminate the old man Zhang’s various inducements of money, beauty, potential and powerful achievement methods, which have been rejected by Xiao Ke.
Xiao Ke’s reason is simple. I don’t believe you. I don’t have such a good person to follow me in a forest for many days. The king always wants to take me. Second, your strength is really strong, but your brain is not good. Even my strength can walk through the forest, but you, the king of fighting, can’t get ready-made clothes.
Xiao Ke has two reasons to let a face of arrogance disappear, such as sinking to the bottom of the valley. Looking at his body, there are really a few cloth covers. Look at Xiao Ke’s clean body. The old man wants to say something, and his face is drooping. It’s been hit hard.
However, Xiao Ke’s wit, vigilance and potential are all lured by Xiao Ke’s joy, especially Xiao Ke’s lack of money, which makes Xiao Zhang find the feeling of knowing himself and live a half-life with Xiao Ke from now on.
Xiao Ke came to the forest to practice hunting, which is even more unique. These collars can make Zhang Zhang very envious. In other words, Xiao Ke became a soul beast in the forest and those prey became lambs to be slaughtered.
And Xiao Ke’s words are even more shocking. The old man is inexplicable. Xiao Ke looks at the distance with a face of worship and hands clasped in a light tone, but it is so sonorous. "I am also a friend of mine or a person I want to follow. I am always such a fan."
Xiao Ke’s words also made Xiao Zhang have a keen interest in the practice of Xingqi, which made Xiao Ke constantly surpass himself. Is it really like what his precious disciple said? But the fiery clarity in Xiao Ke’s eyes also made Xiao Zhang’s old man deeply remember the name Xingqi, and Xiao Zhang’s old man was also very willing to wait for the return of this Xingqi to see how many heads and hands and feet the young man who came back alive can be horrible and destroy all the black beasts.
"Come back? That guy is no longer life-threatening "Zhang Jian Xiao Ke’s eyes were fixed on his coils of smoke overflowing his pipe, only to think that Xiao Ke gave the seriously injured person in the care house to himself, but now he is smoking a pipe outside and Zhang Cai vomited a smoke turn to Xiao Ke’s way.
This is becoming more and more rude. How can you be a master? If you don’t open it, call yourself a master. Even if you want to get angry with Xiao Ke from your mouth first, you forget that Xiao Ke has always called you a master. Of course, people don’t give good eyes.
"Well," Xiao Ke nodded toward Zhang Xiao, and acquiesced in Zhang Xiao’s smoking.
Xiao Ke once again said to Lan Xianger at the back, "This is my cheap teacher, who is eccentric. You can go and see him in the room. According to the couple, it is something that Gray refused to let go before he died."
Xiao Ke’s words made Lan Xiang’s son have no mind. The strange teacher and pupil quickly ran into the hut, and their feet trembled a little
【 Chapter 127 Rushing to Xingqi’s hometown 】
Lan Xianger entered the room and saw the motionless man lying on the ground. Most of his body was wrapped in bandages, but Lan Xianger had a familiar feeling towards the man lying on the reed grass.
After all, it must be a missing day. It’s been a whole day since Gelai. Lan Xianger pretended to be strong. Although she heard the huge consumption, she was able to hold on and not cry when she didn’t see the real person or body of Gelai.
The crystal clear spring is the testimony of human emotions, the colorful life of human beings, and a bright tear that slips off from the face. The reflected light is so perfect and crystal clear, which is another embodiment of human beauty.
Lan Xiang’s son twitched slightly and walked towards Ge Lai, looking at the wounds all over her body. Many of Ge Lai’s mouths had healed, and her trembling hands had checked the veins of Ge Lai before she was relieved. She took the dragonfly headdress carefully selected by Ge Lai from that rough chair and wore her own hair records.
Headdress: A few stone ground into a cube reflect that sunlight through the reeds, which make the pale face in the mirror a little more gorgeous. Lan Xianger only smiled and blinked his two crying red eyes and went to Ge Lai’s side again.
Holding Brother Lai’s hand and guarding one side, he whispered, "Brother Lai, look at it. Xianger is wearing you to buy Mimao stone. It’s beautiful. I knew Brother Lai’s eyes … Xianger will accompany you …"
Gray or really heard Lanxianger’s words or felt Lanxianger’s excessive hand. Gray shook his body a few times and closed his eyes and shed two drops of tears. Holding Lanxianger’s hand was also tight.
Outside, Xiao Ke and his disciples quietly heard that there was no overreaction in the house, and they looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.
"I’m going to practice the Xingqi family in danger, so I may feel something. I’m sure I’ll come back quickly." Xiao Ke said indifferently to Zhang Xiao, and his voice was dumb and a little excited.
Zhang Zhang is also interested in the possibility that Xingqi will come back, and he leans against the ground. "Well, take some of that medicine and give it to the one inside. Don’t look at me like that. You worship that Xingqi family. From the point of view of those people last night, I was stared at by a powerful family. I want that to find some help. You will never think that I can handle those people with both mentoring and mentoring."