"Of course that’s fake?"

"She is very strong and afraid, so you should be prepared!"
"Is it stronger than you?" After Chen Bo smiled and got into the car, he remembered what he was thinking about by pressing the window. Meyer said, "Give you a gift and remember to check it later."
Before she could reply, Chen Bo’s car had gone far away to leave the beautiful female engineer stamped her feet in situ and denounced the inexplicable elm bumps.
The next day, the network had already seen Chen Bomi’s photo of Shirley, and the speculation that ants had dug Google was pouring in.
This news hasn’t been heated up yet, and then another picture comes out at the entrance of Four Seasons Hotel. Chen Bo and Mayer are hugging and talking together. A high-definition recent photo of Google’s two female executives have been with the head of their sworn enemies on the same night. What is the situation?
Shirley cheated? This article is extremely unbelievable. After all, being 11 years older and adding two people is just being friendly.
But this is not the first time Meyer has been photographed. Besides, she is single and Chen Bo is a habitual romantic. I’m afraid it’s more erotic than business. You can tell by the expression on their faces when they embrace each other intimately.
The news that Shirley handed in her resignation to Google’s board of directors the day after these two hexagrams came out confirmed the speculation of the people who ate melons.
Meyer, another vice president in charge of technology, received a McLaren p4 supercar with a market price of 450,000 dollars. Although it is not the top, it is already a very awesome gift in the eyes of ordinary people.
Some people wonder if Page will take out an iron bar and smash the car.
Then, I think that I just bought McLaren, and Chen Bo used to have money, so it’s so cool to buy a car company, and it’s also bloody to pick up girls, and I still have the first beauty in Silicon Valley and I’m called the vice president of my rival company.
This is almost the same as a romance novel. It’s a bloody drama, but Google management should be vomiting blood soon.
Chapter 14 seems to be an old friend
Does Google vomit blood or not? Chen Bo doesn’t know, but Meyer has fallen into a crazy state.
I’m a vice president at least. Shouldn’t I consider the influence? You sent it to Google Industrial Park just as you sent it. This is the rhythm of forcing people to die. Whether you accept it or not, this affair is about to be settled by the media.
Call Chen Bo to tow it away? Root can’t find anyone, okay? It’s the assistant who answers.
Even if you are a tin man who doesn’t rest, how can you keep throwing your mobile phone to your assistant for 24 hours?
Finally, I had to look at Paige’s murderous eyes and sign for this valuable super sports car. Although it was in a hurry, the door had been painted with marissa mayer’s name, and I was quite interested in the details
Schmidt and Shirley had a long talk and knew that she was determined to leave and could choose to let go. Can she still eat pigs without Zhang Tu? Schmidt quickly promoted a female vice president, susan wojcicki!
This elder sister is also quite amazing. It was she who rented the garage to Page and Brin that gave birth to Google. She was tricked by two younger brothers into jumping ship from Intel and gave her own sister anne wojcicki to Brin. It was a loss of wife and a loss of soldiers.
She and Shirley cooperated with each other to build a Google sales framework and called Google Goddess of Wealth.
The vice president of the first search engine company switched to the second search engine company, and the smoke was not seen in the Internet. The rivers and lakes were filled with the smell of war, which also made several media flock to Ant City to watch this poaching drama.
Chen Bo not only poached your people, but also called a high-profile press conference to announce to the media on the spot that Shirley would join the board of directors of Ant Technology as an executive director and lead the line business group in annual salary. Of course, these problems could not be directly disclosed, but spread through the small road.
The first female executive with ball salary came into being as the times require, such as Avon, Loma and eBay. This is just the end of her life.
Shirley is 35 years old this year, at the peak of her energy, young and full of ideals and ambitions. The vice president blessed her in front of the media and showed her confidence in meeting future challenges in a high-profile way. Both IQ and EQ can be critical.
Subsequently, Chen Bo also announced that the list of the temporary board of directors of Ant Technology was closed to the chairman of the board of directors by others, and the position of vice chairman Hoffman, executive director Shirley and Hastings independent directors Ellison and Steve Rockefeller was revoked.
The position of independent director in California company law is very important. It can neither be a shareholder nor a company with a position. This country’s independent director is very strict, and his salary will not exceed 10 thousand dollars. He can call the board of directors and be responsible for voting on behalf of minority shareholders
It’s common to have a guest appearance as a university professor specializing in the industry of independent directors to earn some extra money, but that’s what small and medium-sized companies do.
Like Ant Technology, it needs some weight to keep Ellison down. It’s just right for Jobs to be idle now. He still holds the directorship of Disney. Steve Rockefeller has to help him in reason. Can’t he be old and young? Is it based on the executive director that everyone represents a business group, and there is no Chinese senior management involved, or is it out of consideration for overseas markets?
In addition, it also announced the addition of two honorary voting directors, Alwaleed and William.
This is already a super luxury array in the eyes of the media!
Rockefeller family members carry the old rogue platform in Silicon Valley with two kings to help, one of whom is a stock god in the Middle East and the other is the future king of England. What the fuck is this?
Does your family know that this is awesome?
The media immediately fried the pot, and one report immediately made headlines.
How premature! Royal aristocrats search for hanging bombs. Oh, my God! !
Princess Diana’s legacy has been invested in ant technology. What are you waiting for? The Rockefeller family is optimistic about the company’s future. How can it be limited?
Of course, it’s harmful to brag, and some media say that this is the marketing trick used to grandstanding. Just because the legacy is not enough, it doesn’t mean that the royal family is simply fooled.
What’s more, William, who is about to graduate from St. Andrews University, admitted this fact with a red face, highly praised the innovative spirit of Ant Technology Company and promised that the investment income generated in the future will be used for charity.
William’s watertight official rhetoric made several people quite satisfied, which made the inferior ant search in Britain instantly overshadow Google. This is the influence of royal family members.
Alwaleed doesn’t know how to show his face. new york accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter. He couldn’t wait to tell the story that Chen Bocai got a stake in six chapters and twenty-four times to show his unparalleled investment vision.
Of course, the media are happy to write such stories. When it comes to royalty, it’s always fascinating, isn’t it? At that time, the hot search list was an ant search article, and Chen Bo had to manually adjust the heat in the background.
Of course, Google is not a good person who can swallow this tone easily. Can you let all the advantages go to you? Turned around and directly filed a lawsuit with Santa Clara County Court, suing Ant Technology for improper means of poaching.
As soon as the news came out, it intensified like adding fuel to the fire, which once again triggered a verbal battle
There’s no way to settle out of court. Just do it! Their respective lawyers are gearing up and can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and go shirtless directly.
When Silicon Valley was filled with smoke by two Internet companies, the owners had already gone to London Road.
"I hope Dave won’t blame me, and when you get together, it will be a lot less," Chen Bo said apologetically.
"It is always difficult to give consideration to career and family, especially after giving birth to a woman, which also causes the scarcity of female executives in various companies." Since Shirley made this choice, she has fully considered everything she will face.
"The number of workers in Silicon Valley will also determine the number of women engaged in this industry on the first floor. Most of them are technical support positions, and this situation will occur with the family’s contribution. Women need to be equal, but they need to change their way of thinking first."