The black smoke inside seems to be spiritual, and the console table is quickly wrapped around it, and the demon boy screams, "It’s all my fault that my brother’s guardian is unfavorable and the master is injured." Snake Niang quickly came to the front of the old man, Lin Feng and Tang Niu. This level of competition is far from two people’s intervention.

"Don’t blame you for killing this inverse acts and then trying to force the poison out. The teacher didn’t hurt you in vain." Snake Niang’s suspicious performance made the old man extremely satisfied. The snake Niang was close to the shoulder almost at the same time, and then the old man quickly retreated. I can’t believe that there was a thin needle in the snake Niang’s hand. The black face was also highly toxic.
"No one wants to kill you more than I do. You brutally insulted me and ruined my favorite big brother."
"anyone who betray me will die a natural death."
Snake Niang sneered and walked step by step to the back of the console table neck to reveal a golden and poisonous king snake. I don’t know when it will approach. Perhaps from the moment when the demon boy defected, the old man no longer trusted people.
At this time, Snake Niang completely ignored the golden snake’s force to bite the old man’s arm straight and was hit twice in a row. It was also a big deal for born to die.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Ghost Hand Needle Identity
Poison Valley Mutation This is an unexpected change in human law. The superficial attachment is just due to the strength of the other party. With the dagger piercing from behind, the anger that has been gathering in the depths of my heart for a long time has completely erupted, not only the demon boy who tried medicine, but also the seductive snake lady.
In her heart, there is always a person, a man who has been tortured to death, and the only motivation to watch each other suffer, live and hate every day.
The curtain shakes, and the demon boy rolls out from the inside, bleeding all over. It is unknown what the black smoke in the gourd is, and the gourd cracks with the black smoke.
The demon boy was bleeding like a horror. He giggled in his throat and looked at the old man who fell to the ground. He barely took a few steps and fell to the ground.
Snake Niang was hit by the golden king snake, and the snake venom entered the body. Even Snake Niang suffered a fatal blow from the king snake in the same way. Her legs were soft. At this time, she didn’t cry, her face was expressionless, and she knelt down and crawled forward with her last strength
The man in the barrel fell to the ground and was dead. Lin Feng saw clearly the snake mother’s mind. The distance can be easily achieved for ordinary people. The snake mother really has to do her best. Her nails keep breaking. At this time, she finally climbed to the front of the man and looked up at the novel in her mouth. At that moment, she seemed to stop her head and lift her head to a sink.
The demon child died and the snake mother died. There is still a breath in the old man in the poison valley. After all, it is the owner of the valley who has reached the peak of his poison. "Come here!"
Windson hesitated to one side, and Tang Niu repeatedly winked at these people’s personality quirks, which often poisoned personnel, but also emerged in an endless stream. At this time, no one will come back.
The old man snorted, "Can you have the courage to enter my poison valley? Even an old man who is about to die is afraid that he will not have the courage to get medicine to save people!" The old man said that his smooth face leaning against the wooden house wall was rapidly aging and his life was passing by.
"Save Lin Fengke do things also won’t be afraid of danger" Voice down Lin Fengke to the elders near.
"Very good. Before I die, I can still have someone around me that I can appreciate. God is kind to me. Tell me that person?"
"imperial city"
Seeing that the old man’s breath is getting weaker and weaker, when Lin Feng doesn’t want to delay, the most important thing is to get medicinal materials from the other side.
"It’s a pity that the old things in Beijing really pick places!" It’s a pity to say a few words, but the expression on your face becomes very strange at this time.
"Can the owner of the valley tell me that the medicinal materials have been hit?"
Okay, but you have to promise me one thing.
"Lin Feng can do it"
The old man said that he reached out his hand to the waist and stepped back. He didn’t dare to care about this distance. Once the other party was poisoned or he had less means to fight back.
"I’m not afraid that I will harm others all my life and I need you to fulfill my wish. I will never harm you." I took out a black token and a black roll from my waist.
The withered arm touches the token. "This poison sutra belongs to my family teacher, and the ghost needle is from the same family. The poison clan doesn’t want the ghost needle. It’s a pity that the master will be driven away when I see it. It’s a pity that the master was not prepared to be seriously injured before he died. It’s a pity that after that, he didn’t expect to hide in the imperial city. This person has a kind heart and evil interests. Be careful when you meet this person by hook or by crook. If you have the opportunity to kill him for me, I will give you the poison sutra and the head token."
"Lin Feng can’t have it"
"Here, can you watch a dead man leave with regret?"
Poison classics and tokens are stuffed into Lin Feng’s hands, but it’s hard to find a baby. If rivers and lakes are bound to cause bloodshed, no matter how bitter it is, everyone here is covered with hatred and evil. How can such a person become the most powerful doctor in the imperial city?
"Lin Feng promises you"
"A good Buddha’s palm is a cactus that grows in the desert beyond the Great Wall for thousands of years. There just happens to be a plant here that doesn’t want to be harmed by the demon Tong Li. It’s also karma to think about it." When the old man finished coughing, black blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, and his eyes closed. Lin Feng’s heart tightened and he was about to reach out to the old man’s eyelids. "Ice Hualien is from the extremely cold snow lotus snake, which is extremely rare. It is only in the dark environment all the year round that snake gall has an excellent effect on detoxification …" At this point,
Throat moved a few times, but it was a pity that Lin Feng was close to "What is the Valley Lord’s Desire Spring?"
"It’s … people’s … desire" The old man uttered three elusive words, one soft body and one last breath. It’s strange to say that the golden king snake has always been on the side, and it should be a wonderful contract with the owner. When the owner dies, he feeds the poison and dies with him.
Lin Feng got up and looked at the dark token face in his hand. It is a big poisonous word. The token face is all harmful tricks. Lin Feng suddenly has an impulse to directly destroy his arm. Before he died, the old man said that the ghost needle was kind on the surface and the benefits could be done. Will this kind of person become a threat to himself in the future? Since the ghost needle can save lives, it can be seen that the poison sutra is not simply harmful to people. I thought of it here and earned my waist together with the token.
"See if you can find the palm of Buddha’s hand."
The whole process from the demon boy’s departure to his return is very short. It is necessary to get the man in the barrel to the curtain first. This step is to kill the old man in the valley. Perhaps it has already been planned. Unfortunately, there has been no suitable opportunity for Lin Feng to enter the valley to find the palm of Buddha. The demon boy should not have expected that he would really give the palm of Buddha to others.
When the limited disappearance of the Buddha’s palm, the poisonous snake body in this room should be returned. The poisoned brother Lin Feng flicker came to the front of the curtain to avoid the body and embroidered the spring knife to pick a light and enter it to show a hand shadow.
Lin Feng bent down to deserve the name of Buddha’s palm. This cactus has been growing in the desert for hundreds of years and thousands of years, and its vitality is extremely tenacious. The medicine value is no less than that of the thousand-year ginseng. Because the shape is similar to that of a human palm, it has been replaced by the Buddha’s palm.
"This is the palm of Buddha’s hand?"
"can’t be wrong"
Covered with spikes, the poison valley is full of poison. Once stabbed, the consequences are unpredictable. Lin Feng made a wink. Tang Niu stepped aside and the knife light flashed and the spikes were broken.
"Brother Lin still has a way!"
When the knife light flashes, the cactus is not big enough to remove the exposed part. At this moment, it looks awkward, just like a woman being abruptly stripped naked.
"Take it out of the valley"
Tang Niu promised to pull the cloth curtain and wrap the noodles, and two people jumped out of the wooden house with their hands. In front of them were all kinds of medicinal materials, many of which were poisonous weeds that were specially harmful to people.
"After a fire, stay and continue to harm people."
"Give it to Tang Niu."
This kind of thing happened when Tang Niuxing kicked the hay on one side of the wooden house with his legs and branches scattered all over the floor, took out the fire and folded it directly, but it didn’t take long for the smoke to rise, and the fire spread and lit with several wooden houses, so that all the evils hidden here would disappear completely with the fire.
The wooden house caught fire, and the herbs were burned, and all kinds of poisonous insects poured out. It is worthy to have the name of poison valley, which should be the fear of herbs in the valley.
This past event finally leads to a life-and-death showdown between Lin Fengjing and the King of Poison.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Scenic brothers for help
Run all the way out of the poison valley and return to the village along the original road to calculate the time. From then on, when I was seven days away from the village, I saw the village from a distance and gathered a lot of people.
"Is something wrong!"
Windson’s feet are accelerating to worry about staying in the village. Nothing can happen here than in Beijing. Although Lu Jun is not weak, once it appears several times, it is conceivable that opponents want to rely on one person to keep unarmed Li Xiuer and Liu Ernian, who is unconscious.
"My adult is back."
One person shouted, it is Lu Jun Li Xiuer’s side that Lin Feng can rest assured that the crowd will change direction instantly and finally see that there are two people in the crowd dressed in ordinary cloth and covered with yellow cloth towels.
"What happened?"
"My Lord, they claim to be tigers, and they have been trusted by the scenic brothers to come here for help."
Lin Feng took a few quick steps to the crowd. Both of them were black-faced big men with heavy eyebrows and a machete in their hands, showing the gang’s waist with a rope.
One person fuels upon "this must be Lord Lin’s tiger gang Chen Chong and Sun Meng."
"The two brothers are welcome, but the Miaojiang brothers are in danger?"
Chen Chong nods, "Yes, the scenic brothers have been getting along with my Wang. The injured man who went to Beijing to find medicine this time has been taken care of by the Tigers. They don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Those people took advantage of the night to attack the Tigers and kill us. Seven brothers took away and threatened to hand over the man, or none of them would stay." The man said here, clenching his machete and fingers can be seen that he was angry at this time.
"You handed people over?" Tang Niu finished watching two people. Jianghu people can’t lose their last morality.
The man shook his head. "All the Tigers are not afraid of death. Even the last one has to fulfill his brother’s life. You can’t ignore Wang. Only by calling several gangs to negotiate with those people, you don’t want to fall into the trap of the other party. The Huangsha Gang and the Dragon Gang are all bought by that person and directly trapped by Wang. The Tigers help brothers to rush in desperately, and finally the casualties are too great to go back first and find a way."
"Who is the other person?"
"We don’t know. It’s said that there are a lot of forces behind it. Several gangs, territories and people all belong to each other’s door. Only the tigers don’t want to send people to the fence."
Lin Feng’s eyes turned and he heard some mysteries from the other side’s words. "Do these people continue to find trouble with the tigers after they trapped your Wang?"