However, the strong man was unmoved. His face was expressionless and he said, "You can ask him to take you in again, but you can’t do it yet. Sorry, that’s the rule here."

His body is like an iron tower blocking the door, but Surdak can’t force his way in. He looked up at the towering buildings in the lane and said, "… OK!"
After that, I was ready to leave with Rita and Natasha when a voice sounded from behind Surdak, "Please wait for a knight. Are you here to ship?"
Surdak turned slightly one leng and saw a middle-aged man in a gray robe coming out of the yard. His eyes were full of magic as if there was a violent force in his body, so he nodded honestly.
He looked at him for a moment in front of Surdak and asked, "What are you going to sell?"
"Wolf meat" Surdak said that the middle-aged man was almost as tall as Surdak.
"Can I have a look?" Middle-aged mage said again
Surdak pulled out a piece of oil paper from his magic pocket, wrapped the sand wolf leg and handed it to the middle-aged man.
A middle-aged man with dozens of pounds of sand wolf legs could not hold it in his hand. He put it under his nose and smelled it. Some people said, "This is sand wolf meat, but the smell of earth magic elements in it is much better than those of ordinary sand wolf meat. Is it king sand wolf meat?"
Surdak nodded again and said, "It is a sand wolf king."
"You can go in. The price of this kind of Warcraft meat will probably not be less than five silver coins per pound. Don’t sell it too cheaply." The middle-aged man threw the wolf leg wrapped in oil paper back into Surdak’s arms and stopped to ask, "Oh! By the way, are you from the north? "
Surdak shook his head blankly.
The middle-aged man waved to Surdak to signal that he deliberately went in, and then ordered to the tall and strong man guarding the door, "Business has not been prosperous during this period. I think it is not in line with the original intention of the Earl’s Adult that you will sell Warcraft materials like this …"
Later, Suldak didn’t hear him take Rita and Natasha into the market. It seems that there are not many people who set up stalls in the hall just now. Suldak put a piece of raw cowhide on the wolf meat and the spirit bone with life magic lines and sat quietly behind the stall.
Rita and Natasha want to be in a hall for the first time when they see a stall, and not everyone is qualified to come in and set up a stall. They are curious about it and keep visiting it like clods.
Suldak priced the wolf meat at five silver coins per pound. It wasn’t long before two buyers came to buy the wolf king’s two hind legs directly. It was a pity that he couldn’t buy the wolf ribs. The meat of Warcraft Hailansa City was very popular, and these wolf meats were snapped up in a short time.
The magic tattoo wolf leg bone of that root life was bought by a magic apprentice at the price of three pieces of magic spar. After the magic apprentice bought the magic tattoo spirit bone, he almost ran out of the ground market in a blink of an eye. Surdak also prepared oil paper to help him wrap it up, but the magic apprentice obviously heard Surdak’s cry and ran faster …
Chapter 272 Gifts for Carl
Seeing the magic apprentice leaving quickly, Surdak knew that this magic tattoo spirit bone must have been sold too cheaply even if he didn’t understand the market.
The original Surdak priced this magic tattoo spirit bone with five gold coins, but before he could make an offer, the magic apprentice who looked a little cute told Surdak before the booth that he was willing to take out three magic crystals to buy the leg bone and asked Surdak if he would sell him the wolf leg bone.
Look at this magical apprentice’s bid, which is almost four times his own asking price. Surdak did not hesitate to sell this leg bone.
For those wolves who have sold nearly fifteen gold coins, it seems that people who buy Warcraft meat materials in the market are not short of money, and they can’t find any silver coins. Almost all of them are gold coins for settlement. The market in Surdak only stayed for less than an hour from the stall to the end of the transaction.
Reel the raw cowhide on the floor and put it in the magic pocket, and pay the tax at the gate of the market before leaving the market with Rita and Natasha.
Natasha and Rita walk behind Surdak. Looking at the stone street in Hailansa City, there are several blue rubble in the small attic with high rock bases on both sides of the street. Some of them are still running around the street. Natasha can read these children. When she looks at herself and Rita, her eyes are diverted to reveal a contempt for the villagers.
Women in the city also gather at the pool to wash clothes and wash vegetables, and chat. They also talk about some parents’ shortcomings. They wear dresses that Natasha has never seen before. Natasha looks down at her long gray burlap dress and regrets not wearing the dress that Surdak gave her when she went out.
Is to think about his chest will be a little tight that skirt Natasha is a little blush.
"What shall we have for lunch? Can we still have the cheese patties we had last night?" Rita asked with expectation to Surdak’s side.
At the intersection of this strip, there is actually a cold drink shop owner. There are several long tables on the roadside tree. Several young men and women sit at the long table of the tree and drink cold drinks leisurely. They are eating small refreshments and smiling and whispering. At this time, it is already the tenth day of September. In another month, this cold drink shop may be changed to his business.
Surdakrita walks side by side, Natasha Rita on the other side.
Looking at the pile of snow-white crushed ice syrup and red beans, Surdak said to Rita
"Cheese patty or his delicious food is up to you. I suggest you try his delicious food … Oh, he can miss it. Only this one must be tasted when you see it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat it until next year."
The shopkeeper was planing an ice cube with his head down. Surdak said to him, "Please give me three red bean smoothies with fruit and maple sugar."
Adding fruit and red bean smoothies is not cheap. Three servings of smoothies cost Suldak a silver coin and five coppers. Then Suldak took Rita to sit on a street bench and supported a wooden table with his hands and looked at the street scenery leisurely.
The shopkeeper brought three bowls of smoothies and a small dish of cakes stained with bean flour.
Rita carefully looked at the beautifully shaped sand ice for a long time and asked Surdak uncertainly, "Is this … ice?"
Surdak handed her two silver spoons and Natasha said with a smile, "Well, try it. It’s delicious."
Rita did not hesitate to dig a spoonful and send it into her mouth. Suddenly, her eyes showed a limited surprise. A pair of big eyes bent into a crescent moon and looked at the girl in front of her. Surdak couldn’t help but sigh gently from the bottom of my heart.
Natasha is still nibbling. She is always so quiet.
At this time, Surdak heard some familiar audio and video behind him, but he couldn’t remember where he heard it. "Knight Surdak didn’t expect to meet you here. Did you come to Hailanza to find Carl?"
The voice is very low and soft, and the pronunciation of Greene Empire is very standard and aristocratic.
When I turned around, I found that it was Carl who took herself to the Emmett Ball. The lady who had been with Carl was wearing a gorgeous long skirt and a hat filled with flowers. She was staring at Surdak curiously. One of her two girlfriends was in contact with the tall girl on the day of the ball, but now she meets the tall girl on the street and doesn’t even want to look at him again.
Surdak got up and gave the lady a standard knighthood, and then said with a straight face, "I came to town to do some personal things and was planning to visit Carl."
The lady smiled and said directly, "It’s a pity that you have come. Carl and Llewellyn are still in the southern suburb of Hailansa. If you go there, you may meet them. If it’s just a greeting to Carl, maybe I can give it to you."
Surdak didn’t expect that the bandit group had been killed by himself for more than ten days, and Carl was still in the southern suburbs of Hailansa.
"oh? Thank you for telling me the news. Of course, there is more than one greeting. This time I also prepared a gift for him, "Surdak said."
He could feel that the aristocratic lady was perfunctory in her tone that she was a friend of Carl’s country knight, which was probably the only reason for her to say hello to herself.
The noble lady didn’t care much about Surdak’s words. After greeting, she didn’t continue to talk, so she and two female companions left behind them with several maids and servants.
"Are they your friends?" When they walked away, Rita asked Surdak
Surdak seriously thought about whether he was friends with them.
Of course not a friend.
In fact, the only person in this group of nobles who can respect themselves is Carl. No matter what his purpose is, he has always helped himself privately, and he has not asked himself for help, even if he is in deep trouble.