Before the Lord mourned, "It’s all wrong. I invited two Xianshi to go out of the city to check the situation outside the city gate, but I didn’t expect that the sudden demon attack in the city caused such a big accident."

"I’m in trouble again this time, Xianshi. How did you get hurt?" The duke stepped into the watchtower and seemed to be very worried about getting close to the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and took a step back because of the cold eyes of the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture.
Guihong Sese said, "It’s my duty to be on duty tonight."
Guihe looked at the duke and looked at Guihong again. He bowed his head. "I also failed in my duty."
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture coldly looked at the three people, and their sharp eyes seemed to be able to puncture all lies, which generally made the three people feel a quiver in their hearts.
"Now you still refuse to tell the truth?" Qingfeng is indifferent. "Where have you been?"
The duke’s expression froze. "Is this meaning?"
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture slightly raised his jaw and motioned the guards to carry a body covered with white cloth.
The duke looked at the body covered with white cloth slightly confused.
Qingfeng Road "Lift"
The duke took a puzzled look at the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, but he still walked carefully with one hand holding his nose and one hand holding a corner of white cloth and lifted it off-
Three people startled eyes wide open duke is leng in situ.
At the moment, the Lord suddenly burst into grief and despair and shouted, "My son! ! !”
Lift the white cloth to reveal He Liangjie’s stare big eyes and twisted face, as if he had suffered great pain before he died. There was a ferocious big hole in his heart, and the wound stopped bleeding. The dried blood dyed his chest dark red.
Qingfeng said, "The people in the city just found this body in the alley when they were cleaning up the city."
The duke shook his lips and touched He Liangjie’s face with trembling hands, trying to smooth the ferocious expression of the dead body’s face, but the body was cold and stiff and touched like a stone.
"Who is it? Who killed my son! "
The duke and complete the roar with a whimper.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture said, "Who is it? You know better than I do. You knew there was something wrong with the death of those six people last night, so you went out of town today and didn’t expect that man to kill your son."
"Meng Dalang, who disappeared a month ago, is either a colleague or an old friend. I know that Meng Dalang is dead, but I dare not go outside. You also try your best to suppress this matter. You are all in charge of Meng Dalang’s disappearance. I’m afraid all six of you who died here are clear." Speaking of this, Qingfeng said, "It’s not your first time to go out of town. You took seven of them. What did you meet outside the city?"
Here the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture folded way "Meng Dalang this six people died? ! What are you going to do today? "
The duke’s face was in a trance, and his mouth opened wide and he quickly stopped, "I can’t say!"
"If you don’t say that the man will kill you one step at a time," said Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture lightly, "I’ll kill you first before that."
"I said!" Has been silent to crane suddenly way
Guihe looked at Guihong’s voice and choked, "We can’t save it ourselves. It’s better to say it and do something together."
Guihe said in a hurry, "A month ago, a landslide occurred on the north side of Fengcheng. After going to find out, I said that because of the landslide, which high-ranking monk tomb is in the corner of the abode of fairies and immortals, we … have not been attached importance to by sects, and there is no effective magic weapon achievement method. This just made greed at the moment."
The duke also opened his mouth at this moment. "It’s all my fault that I haven’t done this inverted bucket for several years. There must be magic weapons and gold and silver in the tomb of the high-ranking monk. I was confused in my mind and called two fairy teachers … We secretly called a few hands, including Meng Dalang and Lao Ma, who are good with those your honour. I also heard that I would follow them. I thought that one more person would be brought with me if I could do things well."
Qingfeng’s sharp eyes stared at Guihong Guihe and said, "High-ranking monks are forbidden to die even in tombs. How dare you take mortals?"
Guihe’s face seems to be guilty. "Generally, monks set up a forbidden cave to prevent people from trespassing, which will not harm mortals in the outer boundary of the cave. We only trust them to explore the way. After we went there, the tomb road was blocked, so I ordered several of them to dig through the tomb."
"Instead of digging through the grave, we dug up a bronze box in the middle of it." Guihe said in a lower and lower voice. "Next to it, Meng Dalang was immediately entangled in it. We finally stopped it, but it was already eaten by the heart. We didn’t dare to dig again, but Meng Dalang didn’t dare to speak out, which made people pretend that Meng Dalang was missing."
Qingfeng squinted slightly. "What kind of bronze box?"
Guihong said in a hurry, "It’s a bronze box with a tiger’s head tattooed on it and a layer of spells wrapped around it. We didn’t expect that thing to suddenly attack."
Qingfeng pondered for a moment, and his face was heavy. "The bronze moth box was used to suppress the great demons. Whose tomb did you dig?"
The presence of three people immediately a surprised to crane leng for a long time to "big, big magic? We don’t know that we’ve never seen that thing … We didn’t even go into the tomb. We really don’t know! "
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture closed its eyes and sank: "You really didn’t move the seal? How can it take the initiative to hurt people? "
Before the crane could speak, Guihong immediately said, "No! We didn’t touch it. Maybe Meng Dalang met it. "
At Guihong, Guihe was dismayed and silent.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture knows clearly at the moment and is too lazy to argue that "did you deal with the bronze box after Meng Dalang’s death?"
Guihong said, "Yes! We put the box back in its original place and reinforced it with a layer of prohibition before we came back, but it happened yesterday. We suspected that the six people died in the bronze box and went back to find the tomb. "
"Where is the tomb?"
The duke cried bitterly, "We can’t find it! The tomb and the bronze box are gone! Now six people in the city, Meng Dalang, have the same death. Does that mean that the bronze box has entered the city? If you don’t deal with it, it will be me and two XianShi-"
Gui Hongli interrupted, "It may not be that serious, even if it is a big demon, it is also a sealed demon. We practitioners-"