"If this move is severely humiliated in front of all sentient beings in the three realms,"

"If Taoist friends don’t give me an explanation today, you can’t take this brother away!"
Facing road flyover Jade Qing, Yaochi said rudely that dissatisfaction with words can be felt even through the screen.
"It’s just that the younger generation is playing around. Will Yaochi Daoyou rest assured?"
In the face of anger, Taoist Jade Qing of Yaochi said airily, the attitude is not that he didn’t realize the influence of this matter on heaven, but that he didn’t pay attention to heaven.
"You …"
Smell speech Yaochi was so angry that he pointed at Taoist Jade Qing speechless. It took a long time to calm down.
"Empress Jade Qing wants to take away Twelve Jinxian, so let him take it away. On the contrary, even if we really catch Twelve Jinxian, we can’t tell them what to do."
After seeing Yaochi calm down, Taibai Venus said before.
It is the best choice for heaven to explain and teach Twelve Jinxian.
Otherwise, what if they live? Can you still kill it?
At the end of the day, if it is a trouble to dispose of them, it is better to take this opportunity to release Twelve Jinxian and sell Yuan Tianzun one by the way.
"In that case, it’s up to Taibai Qing’s family."
Yaochi felt the same way when he thought about it, but he used to say something too dead, but now he is a little embarrassed to let Taibai Venus do it himself.
"Taibai obeyed!"
Venus Taibai is a child prodigy. As soon as Yaochi said this, he knew that he agreed, but he didn’t want to talk about it, so he left the matter to him.
In my heart, I care about Taibai Venus, and the heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals make a wink to signal them to make a passage for Twelve Jinxian to leave.
After seeing the Taoist Jade Qing appear, those heavenly soldiers will lose their fighting spirit and dare not continue to make moves. Now, it’s just their liking to get a sign from Taibai Venus.
So soon this group of mountain soldiers will want to retreat on both sides and make way for a passage.
Seeing that his master has come to explain and teach Twelve Jinxian, he is emboldened to get up again and change his previous flustered appearance. He walked through that passage and walked to the Jade Qing Road flyover.
Seeing this, the crowd looked ugly, but they didn’t say anything.
In a short time, Twelve Jinxian came to the Taoist Jade Qing, and then silently retired behind him after the ceremony.
"Jade Qing Daoyou, since you have received your brother, are you still there?"
See yourself put his brother jade qing road flyover haven’t left the jade pool could not help but eyebrows a wrinkly asked.
"Although I have received my brother, I can’t leave if I haven’t received such poverty."
Shook his head jade qing road flyover push your luck.
"Good road flyover jade qing, are you really afraid of being original?"
"It’s not enough to let your brother go. It’s cruel to think about letting your disciple go."
This Yaochi is really angry.
There’s still a reason to find out if Jin Xianshang is released, but if Yang Jian’s mother is released, the face of heaven will be completely gone.
From now on, heaven will be a laughing stock and an object of ridicule for all beings.
It’s just a shame
How can Yaochi agree to let people go? Even if you turn your back on me.
Anger rose in the heart of Yaochi, and a flicker came directly to the fake Yao Ji Yang Jian mother’s side to stop him.
"Two Taoist friends want to save lives, but they should first step over the body of being original."
Overturning hands to suppress Yaochi by the two mothers looked back at Taoist Pu Jade Qing and said with a face of determination.
Playing Yaochi alone is not necessarily the opponent of these two people, let alone one enemy and two.
But Yaochi really doesn’t believe these two people, and he dares to kill them.
Not to mention the status of Yaochi diva, just saying that he is the ancestor of Hongjun Road is enough to make Taoist Jade Qing dare not kill him.
In order to save your disciple, did you kill your master Taoist boy or did you ignore the situation yourself?
It’s true that when Hongjun’s ancestor was pinched by mud, wouldn’t he be angry?
"Daoyou, are you suffering again?"
With a sigh, Taoist Jade Qing shot a jade fairy light and turned it into a white light and rolled it towards Yang Jian’s fake Yao Ji mother.
At the same time, on the other side, the Bodhisattva suddenly bloomed hundreds of millions of light and generally hit the Yaochi, forcing him to defend himself.
"Damn it!"
See the jade Qing fairy light will be swept away Yang Jian his mother Yaochi eyes cold light flash is moved to murder.
After that, I didn’t see him move. Then Yang Jian’s mother exploded into two blood fogs and completely lost her life
Yaochi is the great avatar of quasi-St. dzogchen’s realm. He wants to kill two small monks of Taiyi Jin Xian level. Isn’t that a move?
A move of mind can make Yang Jian’s mother die in an instant.
"Taoist friends don’t have to say that you can’t kill them before being original."
Witnessing Yang Jian’s mother being killed by Yaochi, Taoist Jade Qing said coldly without any movement.
Then I saw his big sleeve swing and turn upside down, and all the forces emerged, twisted Yin and Yang, reversed life and death, and made Yang Jian and his mother reappear in this world.
This is …
The magical power of the 36 th National Congress of plough reversed Yin and Yang!