Aunt Cathy innocent girl leans on Mr. Schell’s side, holding a tightly wrapped baby in his firm arms.

The photo black hole is Mr. Schell’s tear.
[ding! Congratulations to the player for completing the search for serum! 】
[Reward please distribute the serum to everyone to complete the purification of the town]
Two people’s brains are ringing at the same time.
Vivian didn’t get Mr. Schell’s letter. She looked at Zhou Yangang with a question mark on her face and wanted to say something. She heard the monster give a tragic cry.
Several faces vaguely show fuzzy facial features, and handsome faces can be vaguely seen. Every face is like a black hole, and black tears fall in his eyes.
For the monster, this liquid is like sulfuric acid, which corrodes its surface skin. When it seems to be restrained by some force, it cracks and its mouth is tightly closed, and it is sealed into a thin dead seam. Those liquids will erode its skin until it emits blue smoke.
Zhou Yan shouted to the stunned residents of Amber Town, "I want to get rid of people and insects and drink the black liquid."
Vivian felt a chill all over her body. She shook herself and said, "Do you really want to drink? It’s disgusting! "
Zhou Yan "I guess …"
Wendy saw the face of the monster with a little body in her arms and murmured, "Is it dad?"
Her dark red compound eyes filled with tears again. She walked step by step to the terrible monster, stained with a little blood, and unconsciously touched the monster’s face and sobbed, "Is that you, Dad? Why are you here? Wendy misses your mother so much. Do you know where she is?"
Cathy, the monster shivered, and more black mucus flowed from every face and eyes. Those foul mucus touched Wendy’s hand.
Her insect head has undergone magical changes, occupying almost the whole face, and her compound eyes have gradually shrunk, while her slender mouthparts have gradually shortened. The tentacles on her head have been extended to both sides and turned into Wendy’s hair.
She became a normal little girl after all.
As described by Mr. Schell, she is a lovely little girl, with long curly blond hair hanging over her round face and blue eyes filled with tears.
Monster corners of the mouth slightly Yang efforts to reveal a smile.
Other townspeople also saw this magical change, and their consciousness, which was manipulated by Klavik, gradually recovered. They rushed to the monster and their limbs touched the black liquid after mutation.
"ah! I changed back! I am not a worm! "
"Oh, my God, honey, look at my feet. I’ve become two legs. Oh, my God!"
"How do I feel like I had a dream? I’m a bug dream. It’s all so beautiful!"
All the people in the town have become normal human beings. They hugged and kissed each other in the stone to celebrate the new life in the eternal life.
Zhou Yan came to Vivian’s side and took out Mr. Schell’s letters, dolls and photos of his family, saying, "I’ll give them back to you."
Wendy’s eyes are red and her shoulders are thin. She can’t stop sobbing and says, "Thank you, thank you, cousin. I miss my mother."
Cathy was probably …
Zhou Yan felt her soft blonde hair and couldn’t bear to tell the truth. He squatted in her eyes and said, "She will come back one day. You should read this letter carefully."
Wendy holds Spotty Dog, holds everything in her arms like a treasure and says, "I will, I will, I will …"
"Wait, isn’t it all finished?" Vivian sensed something was wrong and screamed, "Oh, my God, the countdown is five seconds! Who else has not been purified! "
As she said, there are five seconds left in the countdown of the two people’s minds.
Zhou Yan turned his back on her, picked the insect limb in his hand and threw it into the magma.
[ding! Congratulations to players Zhou Yan and Vivian for completing the purification of the town]
[Starting to send players to get ready]
Zhou Yan is going to say something. The brain seems to have suffered a heavy blow, and the whole person turns around in a flash.
His toolbox is still in the library!
He will have to say this in the future, and his consciousness suddenly disappeared into chaos.
You have something to say.
Vivian has temporarily become a human being and can be a bat pet.
Amber Town has been destroyed forever, and the residents have gone out to be human again. Thank you for voting for overlord or irrigating nutrient solution angel at 31:51:3834:1:6.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Reality one

Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Real world 1 (starting with inverted V) ◇
Go back to the real world and rest for a few days.
"Don’t play with your mobile phone before going to bed. What’s going on? I believe everyone is familiar with mobile phones, but have you found that in daily life, we often hear the phrase "You can’t play with mobile phones before going to bed", so today … "
When Zhou Yan opened his eyes, he was familiar with the blue back chair of bus No.67, and behind him rang a short video of the aunt.
He quickly looked to the left and the black toolbox was gone!
"Uh …" Damn it!
Suddenly, the bus side sent out a harsh tire friction and a strong impact force, which knocked everyone in the car to the east and west. Before some people complained, the driver sounded extremely frightened from the front, "The brakes failed!"
"Everybody, hurry up!"
The car screamed again and again, and all the passengers didn’t blame themselves. Unfortunately, they panicked and clung to everything around them.
How did this happen?
At a critical moment, Zhou Yan’s cell phone in his pocket suddenly sounded a tone that he had never heard before.
The sound seemed to have a long aftertaste, buzzing in his mind with long and narrow waves.
Zhou Yan has a bad feeling that the bus accident must have a lot to do with this sign.
Take out your mobile phone from your pocket, open the screen saver, and a short message is displayed in front of him-
[Dear player, congratulations on your passing our primary test and your complete birth. Please open the link, which belongs to your app]
[Otherwise, after 1 second, you will die]