Skirt gold and white organza is made by a special and complicated process with light gold thread at the bottom of shark silk.

Seemingly elegant, in fact, the sunlight emits a faint golden light.
Although the sole boots are covered by a long skirt, you can see the valuable white jade pearl embedded in the surface just by slightly exposing the toe part.
Cang Yao has seen and touched this costume because it is a gift made by her producer, Penglai Xianzong, to the immortals.
She once stroked the pleats and imagined what it would be like if she wore this robe, but she never thought that it would be Zong Yue who finally wore this robe. At that time, she despised Zong Yue.
Cang Yao slightly opened his mouth to look from Zong Yue’s face to the jade shoes hidden in the skirt and back to Zong Yue’s face.
"No matter where you are, you have a good life."
Unlike her, who has fallen from a noble saint and is now a gift to the celestial world.
Zong Yue hooked his lip angle.
"Immortals are not bad, but they have become immortals."
"Not immortal" Cang Yao shook his head with a wry smile.
As she opened her mouth to explain, Jing Ye came along.
On both sides, Xian Shi saluted Qi "Temple" and Cang Yao realized his identity.
He is that object of her present visit.
Although I knew that the immortal Tianzi wouldn’t even be worse than the monk in the fix-true world, Cang Yao finally felt at ease.
Then she paid attention to the accessories of the visitor and Zong Yue.
"Xie also skeleton is not cold you …" She stopped in the middle of her words.
Jing Ye’s side eyes looked at Zong Yue. He noticed that Zong Yue’s mood seemed to be transient.
"Who is she?"
"I don’t know"
Zong Yue said coldly.
Jing Ye is not satisfied with her answer. Zong Yue and Cang Yao’s atmosphere don’t look like strangers.
At this time, the famous waiter who has been following behind Cang Yao is actually monitoring the fairy waiter to come forward slightly at the right time.
"Jing Ye Dian, this is a gift from Emperor Ji."
"Diji said she hoped the temple would stay."
Jing Ye looked at Zong Yue consciously, hoping that Zong Yue could refuse on his behalf.
Zongyue smiled.
"Hua Chuo Di Ji Dian has a good heart"
"Since it is Emperor Ji’s intention, I’d better leave the temple."
Jing Ye took a sip of his lips disapprovingly.
Zong Yue said, "Will the Temple disobey Emperor Ji?"
Naturally not.
He didn’t look up and knew that ridicule and irony in Zong Yue’s eyes were clearly distinguishable.
Xianshi saw that they accepted it safely and looked a little relaxed, and said, "Emperor Ji asked Song Lin’s side princess to take Cangyao Fairy Day to Yunhu to build a small gathering."
Zong Yue a little blessing is brought.
After XianShi left, they looked at each other.
Jing Ye said, "I think you will refuse for me."
Zong Yue did not answer.
Jing Ye looked at the eyes and knelt on the ground. Cang Yao said softly, "If you have any trouble, you can find me."
"As you said, we are comrades in arms. Just because I love my aunt doesn’t mean I can’t disobey her."
Zong Yue didn’t expect him to smile so far away. "Don’t worry I can solve it."
JingYe nodded.
Zong Yue looked at Cang Yao and commanded Bai Xuan to place Cang Yao in Yao Hai Yunju.
Yaohai Yunju has not had any other women staying in Bai Xuan except Zong Yue. I have to stop talking and shut up silently.
Jing Ye returned to his hospital and said to Taozhi, "I will discuss with Song Lin when I am in trouble; She never tells me when she is in trouble. "
Taozhi thought for a while and said, "A wily rabbit is a dead stooge, cooking birds, and hiding Song Lin’s side princess is just a knife in the hand of the temple and the owner doesn’t need to give birth to feelings. The temple needs Song Lin’s side princess to be distracted."
Jing Ye looked at her like she knew her for the first time. "Is that how you miss me and Song Lin?"
Taozhi hesitated for a moment and silently nodded his head as Song Lin’s side princess said this sentence to me.
Jing Ye’s eyes turned slightly cold, and the ink became darker like the night.
He came to his senses and smiled casually and said, "You really don’t need to have feelings for her and me."
He patted Taozhi’s arm and said, "Taozhi is lucky to have you wake me up."
Taozhi glanced at him and wanted to say that I no longer call the temple Taozhi, and Song Lin’s side princess took a new name Taozhi.
But she said nothing.
He gave peach branches as much as he thanked them.
Bai Xuan’ an returned to the side hall and began to complain, "Is it because she is arranged by Emperor Hua Chuo that she can live directly in Yaohai Yunju?"
Zong Yue looked up at her and asked, "Bai Xuan, are you jealous of Cang Yao?"