Samira bowed her head and nodded slightly.

Surdak felt that the expression of the half-elf archer was like signing a deed of sale. He said, "You don’t have to make a decision in a hurry, you can think about it for another night. If you want to join the Helanza guard camp, remember to come and see me some day."
He didn’t say the last sentence …
We are regular troops …’
This night, Surdak tossed and turned in his sleeping bag and slept a little uneasily.
Surdak is not sure whether he is doing this right or not, but at least it can help the half-elf archer to solve the current dilemma.
Moreover, at present, it is really necessary to recruit a few people in the Hailanza Guard Camp by themselves or by themselves. However, Surdak still has some doubts about whether this cross-regional recruitment is in compliance with the rules. He wants to discuss with Carl, but whether he agrees or not, he wants to sign a semi-elf archer, even if he becomes his own entourage in the future. There is a lack of such an archer who is proficient in archery in Pagros Mountain area.
In the morning, Surdak left the treatment room facing the first ray of sunshine. He wanted to find a magic grocery store to buy a magic contract scroll. After all, it involved a large transaction, and such an agreement would be guaranteed by signing a magic contract.
Not far from the city gate, there is another army. It seems that yesterday’s fighting outside the city must have gained something. That’s why we are preparing to go out of the city to face Vozhmara so early today. We need one victory after another to cheer up the people.
The residents in the city lined the streets to bid farewell to the fighting knights out of the city, and the fighting was full of glory with a burst of applause.
Surdak walked quickly across the main street towards the port pier. He heard that many magic shops in Wozhmala city were close to the port pier. It was a long journey without horses, and he couldn’t stay outside for long, but he almost galloped all the way.
When I passed the port pier, I saw a lot of goods and vehicles being pulled into the port pier. There were two port towers, both of which were moored with magic airships. A group of laborers were climbing the towers step by step with heavy wooden boxes from trucks.
Two cranes in the high tower also work hard, and the whole port terminal is very busy and full of enthusiasm.
From time to time, a magician will fly by on a magic whip in the sky.
Just outside the gate of the port pier, they crouched in the corner waiting to be hired, but they were not hired for various reasons, and they were able to line up in a row waiting for employers to come and choose them like animals. They were the lowest group of people living in the city of Vozhmara, and the Nanai indigenous people accounted for the vast majority of the servants waiting to be hired.
"Andrew, why do you look like you’re recovering well here?" Surdak saw a familiar figure in the crowd, so he went over to say hello.
That’s right. The aborigine was dressed in a thick linen blouse with thick bandages around his arms and thighs. He looked very strong. He sat at the entrance of the port of Murdock with other Nanai aborigines, waiting to be hired. He was the first urban defense guard in Surdak to treat Andrew, an indigenous soldier.
I didn’t expect to be so seriously injured. It’s only been five days since he came here, and he can actually get into bed and go to the port pier to do hard work
When Andrew was treated, this guy was unconscious, so he didn’t know Surdak.
Seeing a knight in front of him, Andrew quickly got up from the ground and straightened up and said to Surdak, "My Lord knight, I left the city because of injury. The Guard is not absent without leave, but now I have to find something to do to support my family."
Surdak was a little puzzled and asked Andrew, "How can you leave the city to defend the Guards after a while?"
Andrew looked at Surdak in surprise and asked doubtfully, "Aren’t you a knight of the Yugoslav capital guard supervision team?"
Suddenly a companion poked Andrew and woke him up. "Andrew, he is the knight who saved you that night!" "
Andrew’s eyes were wide open and his face was full of gratitude. He was excited to grab Surdak’s hand, but he was humble and hesitant. He was afraid to put his hand out and smile.
"How can you come here to carry a bag if you don’t recuperate well in the military camp?" Surdak could not help but ask a sentence.
Berserker’s soul is hidden in his body, and he has to come here as a coolie. There is no one here.
Andrew replied with a face of shame and bitterness, "There are no idle people in the city defense guards. We indigenous people in the city defense sign a temporary employment agreement, which can be terminated at any time. Once we are injured, it means that we are temporarily unemployed."
Surdak didn’t think it would be like this. He wondered if the guard camp would face the same embarrassment as Andrew in the future. It seems that the guard camp wouldn’t just abandon the injured knight who couldn’t fight in the war.
"Is there any compensation?" He asked curiously.
Andrew said with a more bitter face, "How can there be compensation if you lose your job as a wall guard!"
"It’s really a headache. You’ve recovered from your injury, and it won’t be long before you recover. How did they do that?" Surdak’s mouth said this, but his heart was dark scold the Yugoslav capital garrison that group of fools had let go of an awakened "potential" warrior in vain.
Then Surdak thought it would be a good thing for him, so he patted Andrew’s strong shoulder and asked, "By the way, has Andrew ever thought about leaving Vazhmara for the Green Empire?"
"Of course, I really want to see the outside world!" Andrew answered honestly, but he immediately said, "It seems difficult to find an adventure group that does not discriminate against indigenous soldiers!" Moreover, my family is still in the city of Vozhmala. They need me to take care of my roots. No! "
Do you have family to take care of? Surdak thought for a moment, and he thought of Samira’s request for an advance salary, so he patted Andrew and said to him cheerfully, "Are you interested in joining the Hailanza Guard Camp with an advance salary of five years before becoming a member of the security team in the barren land of Pagelos Mountain?"
Andrew probably heard what was behind the five-year salary advance before, so he looked at Surdakhan excitedly and asked, "Are you serious?"
Surdak nodded heavily and said, "Of course you don’t need to question a knight and I will sign a magic contract with you!" "
"Then I did it!" Andrew replied brightly.
"Andrew, welcome to join the security squad in the barren land of Pageloth Mountain …"
Chapter 436 New
Magic contract should be the safest contract method in the world, except that the contract body is a little expensive, it can be said that it is very binding elsewhere. Once the form of magic oath is determined, it will form a mysterious binding force.
Many wizards are good at making contract scrolls, so contract scrolls are a very common magic thing.
In a magic shop near the harbor pier, the shopkeeper tied up two contract scrolls and handed them to Surdak with a smile and said, "Knight, here are the two gold coins you asked for."
Surdak can bite his teeth and take out two golden gold coins from his wallet and give them to the shop owner until the shop owner quotes a high price.
"Knight’s adult welcomes you to come again!" Shopkeeper will send two people to the door of the store very polite waved and said
Surdak ignored him and left the magic shop directly with the native warrior Andrew.
A magic airship is full of all kinds of daily necessities, and two people ride a magic bucket to follow the magician and drill into the clouds together. Recently, the magic airship flew to the plane of Maca. In addition to the regular crew, the magic airship in other cities is usually equipped with a 15-person heavily armored infantry team and two magicians to ensure that the goods can reach other areas of Maca safely.
Surdak thought that some magicians sent from Hailansa City should have arrived in Wozhmala City by now, and I wonder where the magician Lance is now.