Surdak got 500 gold coins from the city hall, and he thought about how to spend the money.

According to the Marquis Bernard, he can set up a private army. This private army is not responsible for the deserted daily public security, but belongs to the private armed forces stationed in the northwest of Hailansa City. At ordinary times, it will be deployed by Hailansa City to guard the northwest gate of Hailansa City.
To build private armed forces, it is necessary to recruit people first, and then buy horses, weapons and armor, build barracks and so on.
It is the best thing for Surdak to recruit people. He is going to recruit some experienced veterans from 19 natural villages in the barren land. They don’t need to be stationed in military camps at ordinary times. They can also farm at home. When there is a war, they can be called together quickly and belong to the militia mechanism
Surdak doesn’t need to buy armor and weapons either. The rebel knights left a batch of hard leather armor and knight’s pike and sword when they attacked the village of Wall. He is going to take out a gold coin and buy these weapons and armor directly from himself. The Marquis Bernard should not care where these weapons and armor came from.
Later, I have the opportunity to apply to the logistics department for the maintenance of weapons and armor in the name of the barren security corps, which can also save a sum of money.
In this way, the money for buying weapons and armor can fall firmly into his purse, Surdak thought.
In addition, Surdak also ordered a batch of cheap wheat flour from the Military Supplies Department. This is the welfare that the sheriff of Hailansa City can enjoy, which is 20% lower than the market price of wheat flour. These wheat flour are all high-quality wheat flour shipped from southern provinces.
Surdak bought this batch of wheat flour and Hailanza City was delayed for two days.
It’s already four days after leaving Tehran City.
Fifteen wagons pulled nearly 10,000 pounds of wheat flour and 14,000 pounds of miscellaneous grains, wheat bran and beans, crossed the moat and entered the Oak Ridge Mountain Road.
Carl casement is worried that rebels will rob these grain trucks along the way, leading a group of knights of the squadron outside the city to escort these grain trucks to the fifth mountain before waving goodbye to Surdak.
Surdak returned to Wall Village from Hailansa as usual and brought back a lot of materials. This time, the materials were much more than the important ones. The main materials were a lot of wheat flour and miscellaneous grains. The Green Empire did not lack food, and everyone would starve because people here were too poor.
Raising nearly a thousand kobold slaves, these kobold slaves consume nearly a thousand pounds of miscellaneous grains every day. These miscellaneous grains are only enough for kobold slaves to eat for half a month. It is something that Suldak needs to seriously consider. If it is not for the pustule mountain sulfur mine and some income, he really can’t afford to raise so many kobold slaves.
When I returned to Wall Village, Surdak saw the old village head staring at the dead trees at the entrance of the village and staring at a row of slave sheds that had been rebuilt not far away.
This time, these Kobayashi slave sheds are no longer simple sheds surrounded by reed mats, but limestone blocks are built into row houses like city walls. These row houses block the south entrance of Woer Village like semi-arc city walls, and a female wall is built on the roof of the row houses. Even the entrance of the river in Woer Village is built with long gates. There are fence gates on both sides of the waterway.
Since the rebel knights attacked the village of Wall, Surdak planned to build a townhouse similar to the wall at the entrance of the village of Wall. Usually, the kobold slaves lived in it. If the village was attacked by bandits and rebel knights, this was the first line of defense in the village of Wall. At least, those cavalry could be stopped from driving straight into the village.
Recently, the old village chief always complained to Surdak that these townhouses need to be strong and not built too beautifully …
The villagers have not yet lived in such houses, but they have taken advantage of these kobold slaves.
Chapter 527 Those who forget people by law
At the end of July
The village doesn’t need so many kobold slaves, so the old village head arranged for Charlie to send 200 kobold slaves to the Pubao Mountain Lava River sulfur mine to mine sulfur.
At present, there are less than 600 kobold slaves left in Woer village. Most of these kobold slaves are mined with limestone in the mountains not far from the village.
The villagers in Woer village drove the square stones back to the village from the mountain bag with a carriage.
First, they use black powder to blow up large blocks of limestone, and then they use picks and chisels to cut limestone into square stone village houses. These kobolds cut out stones in the first half of the month and built them up. Pouring pozzolan cement in the gap looks like a thick wall from the outside.
Surdak arrived in Woer Village smoothly with fifteen wagons, and a group of villagers quickly arrived at the entrance of the village. Together, they unloaded all the wheat flour and miscellaneous grains and put them in the newly-built warehouse.
Seeing that Surdak has brought back so much wheat flour and miscellaneous grains from Hailansa City, the old village head came up with a frown and said, "Why did you buy so much wheat flour again? Everyone’s family has enough food to eat until autumn when the wheat is ripe. Once the wheat flour is not well protected, it will be moldy and bug-prone in summer. Although you are now a noble master, you can’t waste food like this … "
Surdak touched his nose and explained to the old village head, "Uncle Brett, this time I went to Hailansa City to meet the Marquis Bernard. We are short of a local defense chief here in the barren land. He wants me to set up a defense team to prepare for it. I recruited some retired veterans from various villages to set up a deserted militia camp. I sent these wheat flour back from the Military Quartermaster Office."
The old village head was overjoyed.
"You mean Marquis Bernard asked you to form a militia battalion?"
But his horse remembered that Surdak was currently the knight captain of Hailanza Guard Camp and asked again.
"Don’t you have a security guard battalion security team? How to form a militia battalion? "
Surdak is also a little confused about the position here in Hailansa City. He knows that the security guard battalion is responsible for daily public security incidents, but the militia battalion is a local garrison and a local defense force.
He said, "The security guard battalion is responsible for peace and order, and the militia battalion is a defensive reserve."
Brett village head frowned and said
"Ducky, everyone is lucky to live from the battlefield. Everyone has been to the battlefield and knows how cruel the battlefield is. I don’t think anyone will want to join your militia camp."
Surdak looked at the carriage wheat flour and said
"I will only bring back these wheat flour. All veterans who join the militia camp will get a certain salary every month and temporarily order a bag of wheat flour."
The old village head’s eyes lit up slightly and he couldn’t help asking, "Can you get wheat flour regardless of the war?"
Surdak nodded and said, "Well, in summer and autumn, we won’t organize training. In winter, we will organize some wild field training in slack seasons, and there will be extra living allowance for these trainings. Even if I don’t organize this militia camp and those bandits to attack the village, the villagers will have to rise up and resist me. Isn’t it better to give me some material subsidies here?"
"In this case, try to take care of our village when selecting candidates," the old village chief told Surdak.
"Of course, if they are willing to join, they will be the first choice, but they will not all look for villagers. Every village must have the talents of militia camp to master the situation of each village."
Listen to Surdak and the old village head nodded with satisfaction.
Two full-strip limestone wagons drove into the village, and the old village head walked over on crutches, pointing to a place in his hand and shouting to the two villagers who were driving the cars, "Pull the stones over there … Yes, that’s it!"
These coachmen who transport wheat flour have been coming to Wall Village for a while.
When they came to Woer Village again and saw that a 700-meter-long wall was built at the entrance of the village in just half a month to drive the carriage into Woer Village, they were also amazed at these stone houses.
Great changes have taken place in the village of Woer. In addition to a lot of building materials piled up in the village square, horizontal and vertical cement roads have been built in the village. These cement roads are wide and flat, and the road surface is enough for two carriages to keep pace. There are cement stone steps with slow steps on both sides and cement drains next to them.
In the past two days, most of the rainwater from the successive rain village trips has flowed into the reservoir village, and the rainwater has flowed into the river along the drainage ditch.