But I heard Surdak accurately call out his name. "Aung San still asks you to take the mayor to the scene and get those stolen goods back at will. Do you remember the way?"

Aung San hesitated, but still reacted quickly and nodded his head.
Marco mayor surly waved to Hans battalion chief will he shut up cloth, rope solution.
"Commander’s adult!"
Aung San prostrates at the foot of Surdak.
"You go to the mayor’s adult and take a road. Don’t forget to ask them for a reward. Go back quickly. Don’t delay guiding our patrol. After all, we are new here and are not familiar with the surrounding environment of the town."
Surdak grabbed Aung San’s shoulder and lifted him from the ground in a relaxed tone.
At this time, the Yugoslav capital guards recognized Viru among several guards behind the battalion chief Hans, pointing to Viru behind Surdak and introducing him to the battalion chief Hans in a low voice, saying,’ That man was the one who went to town with the boss Aung San last night …’
Captains Hans can also look at Surdak more resentfully than depressed.
We’re all in the same boat. Why can’t we talk about this in advance …?’
People watching around the square also saw some clues. Although they were far away, they didn’t know the specific details, but they were able to tell that the commander Surdak was actually the original resident of Duodan Town this time.
At this moment, some people in the crowd are happy and some people are worried …
Surdak didn’t go out of the north wall with the search team organized by Mayor Marco, but the aboriginal Aung San in the town became the guide.
Those aborigines in front of the penalty stone were also released on the spot, and some aborigines cheered immediately in the square.
Surdak, Viru and Andrew will return to the garrison camp and the residents of the town will immediately make a way out.
A group of cavalry in the garrison camp are doing morning exercises in the courtyard. They are practicing riding now. Twenty-seven local herders have carefully trained the cavalry and made great progress in riding.
Surdak has written to the elders of Watts village, hoping that he can send some more people to Dodan town if possible.
"You are completely offended by mayor Marco this time," Andrew said to Surdak with a "hey hey" smile.
Surdak shrugged his shoulders and kicked off a piece of roadside rubble and said, "Otherwise, how can we go along with them and make Duodan town a cigar smoke?" I think this town can still save a "
"Besides, I need the base of Duodan Town to continue to expand its territory to the north. It is impossible for the town to continue to be chaotic," Surdak said.
Veru looked at Surdak and said, "You are full of confidence in this beast tide."
Surdak said confidently, "What’s to worry about? Don’t you think that the Marquis of Lu Se sent Chester swordsmen to Wilkes this time just to deal with the beast tide?"
He thought that if the wild animals in the forest formed a beast tide, they would blow through the river bed and take out the gunpowder to blow up all these wild animals.
Surdak analyzed that "Marquis Lu Se didn’t tell me about it, but arranged for our cavalry battalion to resist from the front, probably to see the defensive ability of the cavalry battalion"
Andrew habitually reached out and pressed the handle of the axe and said excitedly, "We still have some time to make some preparations. The more dangerous it is, the greater the harvest will be. This time, I want to visit the forest of Warcraft in Inver cargill."
"I’d better go. I just want to hunt in the forest of Warcraft. I didn’t expect to be delayed by this for three days!" Viru went on to say
Then he changed direction and walked along a fork in the road to the gate of the north wall.
Surdak patted Andre on the shoulder and said with a smile, "By the way, at noon, I have an appointment with the tailor’s boss to see the house and patrol the border. I’ll leave it to you first …"
Chapter 75 Town life
There’s a garrison commander with great personality in town, who doesn’t even give the mayor Marco a face, and the mayor Marco is furious.
What happened in the square early soon entered the ears of the town residents.
This town is not big, and the news spreads quickly.
The disagreement between the garrison officer and the mayor Marco has no direct interest for most small town residents.
Most of the townspeople behave in the so-called way, and everyone hopes to have more wonderful afternoons and talk about it after dinner.
When Surdak walked back to the garrison camp, he saw Samira leading a group of recruits to the bow and arrow training ground in the north wall to teach these recruits some skills of using alloy bows. This time, he taught them 50 yards of close-range flat shooting skills. Samira wore a salamander tight leather suit and patiently taught her experience.
A group of recruits gathered around her to watch her pull the bow sideways, and every time the arrow hit the bull’s-eye accurately, it caused the recruits to cheer.
However, when Samira asked every recruit to master this basic archery skill for a week, or some corporal punishment would be carried out, there were waves of wailing in the recruits’ team.
Surdak didn’t bother Samira’s bow teaching and went straight back to the building.
By this time, Andrew and Gulitem had joined a group of cavalry battalion veterans. Everyone rode horses away from the barracks and went straight to the north wall of the town. It should be a border patrol. These patrols should not only bring enough cavalry battalion veterans Surdak, but also the ogre Gulitem also set off with the army, and there was an emergency outside the city.
Of course, this is also in line with the idea of Gulitim, an ogre.