Solitary cloud condescending to mount to follow him may not be able to turn into a real dragon.

Solitary cloud heard Su Mo’s implication, lost in thought.
He also told a few words that Su Mocai grew up and said, "I don’t have to send it when I leave."
Then he stood still as if waiting for something.
After a long time, nothing happened.
Su Menai smiled and gently rubbed his little head in his chest and said, "When do you want to pretend to sleep?"
Fox snorted and shook his head angrily, staring at Su Mo with bitterness. "Let me follow you, and I will become like this to ensure that I won’t be recognized!" "
"I can’t come out"
Sue ink smiled and shook her head firmly.
Fox was full of loss and was reluctant to climb out of Su Mo’s chest and move slowly.
Sumo winked and said, "Come out quickly. I’ll give you a gift."
Fox self-knowledge to retain Su Mo asked some absent-minded.
Su Mo’s palm bag has added a piece of hide when it touches the palm.
This scroll of skins looks old and incomplete together, and it has long hair outside.
"What is this?"
Fox couldn’t resist his curiosity. He stretched out his paw and touched it carefully.
The original volume, with skins slowly beating face to face, depicts a dazzling array of mysterious runes.
After the skins were beaten, there was a unique smell instantly.
Including the solitary cloud, everyone feels that they are suppressed by a mysterious force and can’t move!
"It’s that magic figure!" Lonely cloud recalls the peerless war and exclaims.
"Yes, this is the picture."
Sue ink heart move demon figure rolled up again that mysterious power instantaneous disappear.
Su Mo sent the demon map to Fox’s arms and smiled, "Don’t be angry with this for you."
Lonely cloud eyes reveal envy.
In that peerless war, all the monsters in this picture could see it.
I didn’t expect such a treasure to be given away by Su Mo.
"This, this, this won’t work."
It took a long time for Fox to react and quickly shook his head. "You have to keep such a powerful baby. Wow, I have a monkey brother, an emoko, and a green sister to protect me."
Su Mo smiled and said, "You can take this thing with me. I’m going back to the fix-true world. How can there be so many demons to suppress it for me?"
"What’s more, I am the biggest demon in the same rank, and which demon is my opponent!"
It’s not that he boasted that his body now can suppress the demons without using magic and occult techniques!
Of course, in addition to this, Su Mo returned another idea this time.
At the beginning, the old fox in Dagan Emperor Palace left something for the little fox, but it was taken away by Taoist Xuanyu of Liuli Palace for saving him.
Su Mo has always felt guilty about this matter.
Fox is holding a demon seal. I don’t know what he thinks. He purses his lips, his eyes are red, his eyes are full of beans, and he refuses to fall.
Su Mo knew that Fox must have thought of the thing his mother left her.
"Don’t worry, I will definitely get that treasure back for you myself!"
Su Mo’s tone is firm with a hint of war.
At the beginning, when Taoist Xuanyu came after him, his strength was broken and his wrist was scrapped, and he jumped into the valley of buried dragons.
Now Su Mo believes that he is not without a fighting force in the face of Taoist Xuanyu again!
If you meet Taoist Xuanyu again, he will pay back everything he suffered that day!
Su Mo rubbed his little fox’s head judo. "Don’t cry. With this demon picture, your monkey brother, tiger brother and green sister may need your protection!"
Fox laughed through tears when Su Mo said it was funny, and his cheeks were slightly red. He said shyly, "No way."
"Okay, I’m leaving."
Su Mo took a deep breath and turned around and left. He waved his back to the crowd and soon disappeared into the vast darkness.