Great power drives his body to fly backwards.

A big shadow came over!
It’s the blue man!
Su Mo’s speed is faster than half a step, and he will catch up to plow the fields and step on Ma Xuan’s other horses.
It’s a foot that will crush Ma Xuan’s head and break it apart. Yuan Shen is silent!
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six A moth to the fire
Ma Xuan died tragically and was in an uproar!
Anyway, Ma Xuan, after all, has the blood of the red horse monkey and understands that the avatar belongs to the true spirit.
But in the face of that sumo horse noise, the resistance was almost instantly killed!
The whole process is too fast.
By the time the six kings in the blood ape world reacted, Ma Xuan was already lying dead on the spot.
If they knew the origin of Su Mo, they wouldn’t be surprised that Ma Xuan would die so easily.
The demon battlefield is recognized as the first true spirit in ancient and modern times in the three thousand realms of World War I!
More than twenty true spirits were killed by him alone.
After so many years, the Soviet Union and Mexico have made further progress.
Killing Ma Xuan is so true that it makes no difference to him to kill a chicken.
They didn’t expect this stranger to dare to kill a blood ape in the eyes of the public. It’s really clever!
Come here with Su Mo Yuan An look shocked and whispered, "I brought someone …"
"No matter what the origin, he killed Ma Xuan and couldn’t walk away from the bleeding ape world."
"I’m afraid this person doesn’t know that behind the horse noise is a terrorist force in Fengtian, which is beyond Shiling’s driving world!"
"Those who know are afraid."
See Ma Xuan meteorite many blood ape people really feel Japanese.
But they also know that the blue man in the battle platform has already made a big disaster or regretted or lamented.
Not to mention the two horse monkey kings sitting in high places, just eyeing around and murdering many horse monkey families is enough to tear up this blue monk!
Sue ink, of course, know that once the hand is bound to serve heaven.
He is also well aware of the possible consequences of committing evil in heaven.
But seeing the monkey in trouble, he had no choice
Take ten thousand steps back, even if we deal with him, he’s a true spirit and he’s not without strength.
In the wild world, Wudao Zun has fought with the heaven behind Fengtian.
What’s wrong with offending a Fengtian community?
Even if budo respects the law and gets away, he can take the monkey and flee to Jiu Youcheng for temporary shelter.
He had gone through all the possible consequences in his mind before he made his move.
"How dare you!"
High two horse monkey king flew into a rage and stared at Su Mo folded a drink.
"Calm down, you two"
Next to the skyshatter monkey king, he quickly got up and stopped the two horse monkey kings to sink a way: "Ask this person’s origin first."
The two horse monkey kings were furious when they heard about it!
One of them stared at the ape king and gnashed his teeth. "I don’t care where he came from. If he killed Ma Xuan, he would have to pay for it!"
Skybreaking ape king’s move seems to be to persuade the two monkey kings to calm down, but it is really to stop them and give Su Mo a chance to escape.
He can’t help Sumo in person.
But he doesn’t want to help the horse monkey.
Another monkey king seems to have some reaction. He turns to look at the monkey king and squints at him. "Why do you want to help this foreigner?"