Suddenly Bank typed a line.

Bank "Let’s get married"
Everyone …? ? ?
Qiao Yunba was stunned and stared at the line typed by Bank for several seconds.
"Let’s get married," Qiao Yun read out slowly.
Women are really tough, huh
There is an uproar in the gang.
Everyone knows that the darling likes the cloud to help less, but I didn’t expect Bank to take a look at the cloud to help less people soon. That’s why this killing is crazy. The root is that Wang has less clouds and less smoke.
This melon … is so exciting! !
Just now, the darling members of the team have all shut up. Since it’s a love triangle, we can help the Lord solve it himself.
Vague darling, "It’s funny that you only know Yun for a few days and dare to ask for marriage in public. I think you are dizzy."
Killing people is that even if they scold the Bank, they will not return, but they will directly throw out the killer.
The gang’s public frequency Bank posted the signature of the manufacturer of the extremely precious blood-stained sunset red-misty clouds are few.
[Lying in the trough, lying in the trough, is this a dowry? 】
[Wang, when are you going to be the second rare Wu Da guy? Does anyone know? 】
[Know what? If I had known, I would have growled.
[The cloud is really generous, so tens of thousands of pieces are so lightly given away? 】
[Ha, ha, ha, ha, I also want to marry Yun Shao now. Is it still coming? 】
No one cares who killed who, and the focus is attracted by the second most precious weapon in Xiao District.
Darling played a hum.
Misty darling, "It’s already like this. Shouldn’t you give an answer about what’s going on?"
What’s going on? Qiao Yun didn’t think there was another one.
It used to be that he proposed to Bank, but now it has become a tool for Bank to express his love to him, and by the way, it has been announced to the public.
Very obvious. Do you still want it?
Qiao Yun sat up straight with her hair and started typing.
There are few misty clouds. "In fact, it’s nothing. This weapon was originally my marriage proposal gift to Bank, but I didn’t catch up with anyone. I didn’t tell you that it’s okay now. That’s what happened. I chased Bank."
Everyone understood.
The root of this madness is the maintenance of the real status by the wife of the Lord with armed forces.
Be a good boy and lose.
in that case
I have nothing to say, but we can see each other. I’ll buy you coffee.
No coffee, Qiao Yun. Now a coke is gushing out.
Bank made another speech, "Cloud, I’ll wait for you at Yuelao."
This wife Wei Shide-
Help the people in the company to say that it is wonderful.
Don’t be proud that Yun Shao and I are a school game, but we can’t be real friends. 」
The implication is that the internet is just a line. Can you still compete with me?
The people who eat melons are "6666" again.
Qiao Yun realized that this matter must be solved as soon as possible. Bank is an online darling, but it is a big C. Maybe it will be the whole C.
He really doesn’t want to be famous at school any more.
There are few misty clouds. "Senior, don’t say that. I’m just a little ugly. Look online. It feels real. I dare not shout or meet anyone. I promise you, if you really see my friend, you may not have anything to do."
Darling, that is, Li Mengyuan has a good family and looks beautiful. There are not a few rich second generations chasing her, but she can’t help eating any of them. In the unrequited love game, Wang Yunshao is smart and bright.
But when it comes to this, if she wants to pester again, it will inevitably lead to gossip from people in the gang.
"Come on, I’m not Feiyun. You guys have fun."
Qiao Yun this just long relieved.
Two minutes later, the announcement floated by [misty clouds and Bank couple wish the couple a long life together]
The announcement floated across the international gang base, and 1,111 fireworks bloomed in unison.
Help blow this up. It’s definitely the strongest wedding in the noisy area. It’s 100 yuan for a fireworks display.
110,000 RMB
The expression of body/vomiting blood is rubbing against each other.
Even Qiao Yun was surprised that the fireworks were put by the Bank for 110,000 yuan, which was more than twice as expensive as the weapons sent by Qiao Yun.
Although Qiao Yun spends a lot of money in the game, he will be equipped with kung fu and will not pay for these fancy things
"Are the fireworks nice?"
"It’s beautiful, but it’s not white. Why do you want to put 1,111 fireworks?" Qiao Yun casually asked.
"When you meet someone who loves you, you will protect your life with all your heart."
Hearing this, Qiao Yun suddenly turned back. "Damn it!"
He was shocked and patted his chest. "Are you a ghost? You can’t even walk!"
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Qiao Yun watched the fireworks and saw that God didn’t know when Mo Ran was behind him.