Various posts in the forum are full of’ finger style’. After the news department, people are ashamed of their predecessors’ teaching and left behind their fine virtues.
It’s not even enrolled yet, and the forum is making a lot of noise
However, it’s not strange that the students of Castle College talked too much for many years. In the past, there was a time when this university was close to ordinary institutions of higher learning, and it was no longer so killing.
However, with the revival of aura in recent years, the secret party has once again increased the number of members of the management executive department of Kassel College, and the iron and blood atmosphere has returned to those children from the dragon slaying family. They also grew up listening to the stories of their ancestors, and naturally they are newborn calves, all of whom want to slay the demon and slay the dragon.
It is natural to have more curiosity in the face of the descendants of once strange people.
A well-decorated coquettish office, a man who is middle-aged but still handsome, sat on the sofa and took a sip of red wine glass in his hand. "Has Milanella arranged it?"
"President Caesar, I’ve asked the current vice president of the Student Union to pick him up, but you know President Lu’s family style … most of his sons don’t take the usual road and I heard that they swam by themselves."
Milanella looks weird. She is now in middle age. It is the effect of dragon blood and aura recovery that makes her look younger than when Lu Chen saw her for the first time more than ten years ago.
She is the only female executive minister in the history of the Secret Party, and she is always a little confused when facing President Lu’s family affairs.
When she received Chuhang’s words, the whole person was shocked. I didn’t expect that President Lu’s family style would remain the same after many years … tough and unconventional.
What the hell? Is your family unable to afford a plane ticket? Elizabeth, the school manager’s gift to the black card is still casually swiped, right? How to get your son to swim over here?
What does the sea say? President Lu, your son is smuggling!
Even if we wipe Xiao Ping’s ass, we don’t know where he is! ?
Because of this, she is now both public and private, and has mobilized most of the troops of the executive department to guard the coastal areas of the United States, always pay attention to the coastline movements and prepare for clearing and shielding.
"Ahem …"
Caesar was choked after hearing Milanello’s words. Before he traveled around the world with the school board and his own money, he also met Brother Lu and Brother Chu, and naturally he met Brother Lu.
He was impressed that Xiao Ping-an in junior high school was polite and clever at that time. At that time, he also praised the good teaching of pear painting.
How come it’s so out of line when it’s time to learn
"When I know this, I will talk to the governors of those States and pay more attention to the executive department."
Caesar restored calm, but he was somewhat expecting what kind of storm Brother Lu would cause after he entered school.
Over the years, he naturally didn’t stop getting stronger, and finally he got all the skills from White King. After he got the achievement method from Brother Chu, the comparative strength is now much stronger than that of nidhogg.
It is the strength of the secret party that has risen, and after the revival of aura, the dragon has become very outrageous. A four-generation species is going to die, and three generations are many times more terrible than the dragon king.
And some animals with good qualifications have made great progress after being trained by dragons, and some of them, such as the three generations of species, are even worse.
There is no such thing in the next generation, because in those days, Lu Xiong cleared the sky and cooperated with Xia Mi to lead the way. The next generation should have been killed
Fenrir, the king of the earth mountain, is naturally superior in strength now. It is true that Fenrir does not work hard all day except eating and playing games. His strength is not as good as Caesar’s, and the terrain has become three generations of climate.
The dragon speaks by blood, but with the release of heaven and earth, it has become by hard work and chance. The descendants of the ocean water king in the Atlantic Ocean have gathered in the four seas, and their blood has been continuously broken through and purified, and there is no surface to restrict his dragon king. In just 20 or 30 years, he has become a hegemon.
Caesar once led a team to crusade, but there was nothing he could do about the underwater monster, and he had to worry about the other side’s larger foe and launch a tsunami that flooded all continents of the earth.
Caesar is still looking forward to brother Lu’s admission, which may bring some new fun to the world, and it is not necessarily that all kinds of problems can be solved.
He knows that the strength of Liu Xiong and Chu Xiong is probably too difficult to imagine now. It is estimated that it is a piece of cake to deal with various phenomenal problems in this world.
But who is he, Caesar Gattuso? Since Brother Lu and Brother Chu don’t talk, he also knows that these things are things that people in this world should deal with themselves. He is proud that he won’t let him ask his old brother to clean up the earth.
Besides, Caesar felt that his life would be more interesting if he had some opponents.
Yu Pingan’s nephew, that’s what it means. Since Liu Xiong asked him to learn, he will follow his nephew’s idea and come up with ideas, so he can learn in peace.
Although Brother Lu was very outrageous in those days, Caesar can still cover himself as an elder.
How can a 19-year-old child be more outrageous than Brother Lu?
When Caesar Milanella was talking, she suddenly heard Norma’s warning.
[A huge tsunami occurred in the coastal area of Boston, and the element turbulence was detected. According to the atmosphere of the database, it is suspected that the new Neptune landing execution department has arranged for the emergency evacuation of residents. Please ask President Caesar to be in place! 】
Kama’s warning sound goes on and the room lights turn scarlet, which is enough to say how serious this is.
Milanella also turned pale. There were members of her executive department and an A-class elite in Boston, but she knew that this kind of incident was beyond the ability of members of the executive department there.
The new sea king refers to the man who used to be the king of oceans and waters for three generations, and now he has become a monster. He can almost overturn the earth’s climate and drown all continents with one thought.
"Emergency dispatch from Nibelungen!"
Caesar made a decisive decision and Milan pulled themselves through Nibelungen, Kassel College, and arrived at the coast of Boston in almost a minute.
Looking at the huge waves pushing towards the seaside from afar, Caesar is also serious. He can stop this level of natural disasters. After all, it is not a tsunami that devours the ball and covers several cities.
But the problem is that if the sea lurks and it is really the new sea king who fights with him here, whether winning or losing, I am afraid that the whole land of the United States will disappear for tens of thousands of years before the sea will retreat.
Caesar picked up the phone and dialed a number, "Brother Lu, come here quickly and have a big job to do."
This was when the old brothers of the Dragon Slayer team agreed that if there was a world crisis, they would join hands again. Caesar was not young then. He is now the new leader of the Secret Party and has a great responsibility to protect humanity. He must be cautious.
"ah? The new sea king landed! ? Shouldn’t … "