I slapped myself in the face one after another

I remember Momo when I told you this.
After all, people and ghosts are different, just as I don’t understand why Momo wants to eat Aunt Sheguan and become so horrible.
Thought of here, I can’t help but sigh.
At that time, I felt that my heart also had some tremors.
Originally, your tears fell into my world, and I would be calm, but I didn’t expect it to set off a stormy wave. No one in love will be calm and have to pay the sincere love, and there will be tears, pain and heartbreak before it.
In the evening.
When I got back to the dormitory, I saw that everyone in the dormitory was here.
When I saw Wang Run at first sight, I smiled at Wang Run and said congratulations on leaving the hospital.
Wang Run shouted at me and said Xie Binge.
As I laughed, my face disappeared and became serious.
I shouted at Wang Run and asked, Are you all right?
Wang Run nodded his head and said it was all right.
Come on! I made a fist and told Wang Run these two words.
Wang Run ordered one, and he said to me, well, yes.
Wang Runhao is not easy to leave the hospital. I feel that everyone should go to a small restaurant outside the school to have a big meal and have fun.
I told this discussion to everyone!
Sitting on one side, Chen Weibin said that he agreed with an absolute agreement!
I looked at Hao and asked, What about you?
Hao frowned and said, I want to see her.
I was stunned when I heard this!
See her?
Female ghost?
Wait a minute. I twitched my mouth and said, have you thought about it?
Hao said think it over.
It’s hard to say. Who knows what Hao is thinking?
Of course, I don’t know what that female ghost thinks.
I am a test for Hao and the female ghost in vain.
Who will you choose?
After these words whirled in my mind, I went to Hao’s position.
I patted Hao on the shoulder and then nodded.
I said to Hao, just think about it. God, I’ll help you find her.
Hao said that I like to see her now.
After I just finished speaking, Hao suddenly inserted such a sentence.
Want to see it now? Isn’t it a little fast?
I frowned and glanced at Chen Weibin and Wang Run.
It seems that this big meal can’t be eaten today
I was still welcoming Wang Run tonight, but I didn’t expect …
When watching Chen Weibin, Chen Weibin ordered a head at me.
I turned to look at Wang Run, and I said to Wang Run, dude, I’m sorry. Let’s have a welcome.
Wang Runxiao smiled and said that it’s all right. Brother Hao has something to do first, that is …
Hearing Wang Run’s words
My first thought was this little normality.
I gave Wang Run a thumbs-up at the corner of my mouth and said good.
Having said that, I turned my eyes to Hao.
I told Hao to walk when you want to … I’ll help you find her.
After saying this, I failed and glanced at Wang Runhe Chen Weibin, and then I said to Chen Weibin, Are you two going?
Chen Weibin quickly shook his head and said, no, no, no, you go ahead. I’ll play ll!
Wang Run said I just got out of the clutches … Brother Bin, do you have the heart?
I depend on these two goods …
I took a deep breath and said yes, I see.
I turned to look at Hao and said, Let’s go …