A minute later, through the heavy transfer, the waves were chased outside, and the clouds and thunder clouds were transferred through the forward base, and the communication rhombus was set up.

"Commander-in-chief ray, I’m the head of the Tongtian Special Combat Team. I’m afraid you won’t exchange prisoners under normal circumstances! But my teacher is among the people you trapped in Tashing.
So I want you to carry out this prisoner exchange. "Xu tui expressed his thoughts directly.
"It shouldn’t be. As far as I know, we are talking about Blue Star …"
"Ray, commander in chief, it’s boring to say so. I don’t have time to waste your breath with you. I want to exchange your personal identity as a prisoner.
Can we exchange prisoners in Tashing? "Xu asked directly.
Leiqian, the command hall of the forward base, quickly told Leiming about the current changes and her opinions at the shortest time.
"Xu colonel, if you can continue our prisoner exchange, we are naturally welcome.
But we Eldar prisoners are in the hands of several major joint zones of Blue Star.
I doubt it if you bring these prisoners out, "said Lei Di.
"Director Lei, whether I bring these out or not, the transaction will be carried out naturally. If I bring them out, the transaction will be carried out naturally, right?"
"Yes, so how do you want to trade?"
"Because it is my personal exchange of prisoners with you, I know the risks and dangers.
The way, place and time of all the exchange of prisoners must be done according to my requirements!
Even I need some help from you, some material requirements! "Xu said.
It is urgent to consider Leiqian in the virtual projection of Leiming in the forward base office.
"Your honor, this may be our last chance to reach a deal. The Blue Star Department has lost its sincerity in trading these days because of the prison chaos."
After a minute’s deliberation, Leiqian gave Xu a positive answer.
"Well I promise you! In the future, your transaction will be dominated by your requirements! When you ask for assistance, the material requirements must be after we bring our people out! " Lei said.
"That’s natural!" Xu tui said
"Keep in touch at any time"
"Keep in touch at any time"
Then Xu retreated and hung up the communication and slowly heaved a sigh of relief.
Then he will dance with the tip of the knife!
Eldar forward base end communication LeiYao thinking only ordered "Xiao Qian this matter to you, if this retreat can make us out of the smooth exchange, we can make some concessions and pay enough sincerity to complete the exchange.
But other preparations must be made, especially after the exchange is completed! "
"Don’t worry, my Lord!"
Chapter six hundred and seventy-six Point of no return Stealing the day plan
Xu tui knows very well what he does and what nature he wants to do!
This matter has been under consideration for several days.
It can be said that it is a calm state decision.
Xu is very clear about what he should do next.
Lei Ming returned to Cai Shaochu’s office after getting in touch.
Sigh didn’t
The assistant said he went out to meet someone.
Should still exchange things to rescue AnXiaoXue and others.
There is no hurry to retreat, but he waits quietly in his mind, but he plans to reconsider every detail.
An hour later, Cai Shaochu came back with a tired face.