Once Dacheng is the most suitable chaotic magic artifact, it can be easily taken away.

But this is not the scariest.
The scariest thing is
After reaching a very deep level, the main road of the clubhouse will resonate.
In this way, even chaos fiend can be directly called from the road mark and directly replaced by people from the root.
Have become someone else’s wedding clothes.
The most painful thing is that Cheng took the initiative rather than being forced.
This is a typical practice. In the end, I will be refined into others.
And this way of resurrection is to resurrect directly from the source, which will not be affected by the fact that the chaotic fiend is still in a sealed state.
No one can imagine that the mountain will collapse.
No one could have thought that the chaotic fiend’s true spirit would break through the seal.
The demon Zuluo racked his brains to think of such a wonderful way to resurrect the chaotic fiend.
This method is really wonderful.
If it weren’t for seeing the big dark fiend experiencing the wind, Zichen couldn’t have imagined this.
Who would have thought?
The magic gate that ran wild in those days
Actually, it was the magic ancestor Luo who came to cultivate the magic artifact factory?
After understanding these winds, Zichen had to admire the wisdom of the magic ancestor Luo Wei.
This is the Yin ancestor!
Set someone up
But also make people grateful and virtuous.
Knock on dawn!
Compared with the wind zichen those Yin means some not mesa.
Yinren road
He is still making progress
At this time, the chaotic fiend’s true spirit has already broken the seal for many years, and it seems that it does not need to replace the magic door master.
But it’s not!
Who would think they have more incarnations?
Don’t start work now because the magic master’s strength is not good enough, and it’s time for the chaotic fiends to start work when they reach the level of mixed yuan pick Jin Xian.
In this way, they will be incarnated in multiple mixed levels. Isn’t it beautiful?
And Ji Du Mo-xiu has been limited to the mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, and it is necessary to close the penance for dozens of yuan, so maybe we can break through.
This kind of character is a real chaotic fiend when he meets you now.
Killing fiends in three thousand fiends!
Meter is uniting the killing way corresponds to the killing fiend.
So he must die.
This is called weakening the enemy’s strength before
as a matter of fact
Ji Duo is also a poor man.
He may not realize that this is a trap when he first cultivated the magic way.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-three Those who move the years will surely usher in Pangu’s beating.
But today, if you still can’t find the problem, you will have lived to be a dog in these years.
But when he realized that there was something wrong with the magic way, it was too late to turn back.
At this time, even if Ji Duo stops practicing the avenue he is practicing, he will involuntarily move closer to the killing path, and gradually enhance his strength and transform it into the most suitable killing magic artifact.
The stronger the strength, the deeper the understanding of the killing way, and the closer it is to the killing fiend, the closer it can be to him.
At this time, it is not the demon who controls the avenue, but the demon who controls the avenue. He has become a puppet of the killing avenue and will appear at any time.
The lower the strength of Taoist practitioners like this, the more secure they are, and the more powerful they are, the more easily they are influenced by chaotic fiends and gradually become "He".
There’s really no chance to resist.
Because it’s almost impossible to rebuild the avenue after arriving at the pick of Jin Xian, let alone the quasi-sacred realm.
The magic master has a calculation, and all of them are surrounded by their own avenue and become chaotic fiend puppets. They can’t be independent.
When they step into the mixed yuan Luo Jinxian and fully mature, the corresponding chaotic fiend will come forward to harvest.
What a miserable word!