"I’m bent on finding a suitable woman for Catherine and taking care of her husband, but I didn’t think of me. It’s hurting her. Catherine is only thirty-five years old. She is destined to be a goddess in Kiel. I will never allow her to become a poor widow. Selim, I will give you a salary of 15,000 imperial marks every month. I’m willing to give you half of my property. I want you to come back and marry my daughter and take care of her …" Dick, a businessman with a net worth of ten million pounds, pleaded earnestly.

"Catherine … is she … is she all right?"
In those days, the bitter, black-hearted businessman who squeezed the sailors of the South Schleswig disappeared. In front of Wang Haidi was an old man who was inconvenient in legs and distressed his daughter’s father. He felt that the world was wonderful, and some things were always lost before he regretted it when you wanted to cherish it, just as Wang Haidi was impatient with his little girlfriend before crossing, just as Dick despised his ex-son-in-law, Selim, just as the otaku submitted an application for retirement to the personnel department of the Navy.
As the otaku stumbles to ask questions, the hatred and revenge that have been buried in his heart for more than ten years have disappeared. Don’t be a otaku, he is also a father, and he also loves his daughter very much.
"Catherine had a serious illness, and her spirit collapsed. She had to take a lot of tranquilizers and sleeping pills every day to fall asleep. Selim, I know you hate me and Veronica. Catherine is a koo. See you and Catherine fall in love one after another and see a poor father …"
When the wind blows, a little breeze blows the small garden away, making the otaku almost unable to open his eyes. When he finished smoking, the otaku touched another match but couldn’t hit it because of the breeze, so he casually stuffed the match box back into his trouser pocket and staggered towards the apartment.
"Mr Dick, I can’t help you. I’m married and wearing a cheap wedding ring. The emperor and the priest swore to be together for life and I have a lovely daughter. I can’t go back! And I love my daughter as much as you love Catherine. Please look at your father’s position and don’t disturb my life again. "
The otaku lost a few words and fled. He bypassed the German tricolor flag in front of the apartment building and the navy flag embroidered with the iron cross and the black hawk, and ran into the corridor in three steps and two steps until he hit the corridor and looked furtively at Gunther Gunther Lutjens
"Who is that man in Selim?" Gunther Lutjens finally asked after a fierce psychological struggle, "Are you all right?"
"I’m ok …" The otaku replied that Gunther Lutjens was puzzled by the romance of mountain flowers. "I am most familiar with the stranger’s father …"
At the end of January, a jeep with a Turkish government license plate stopped in front of an apartment building, and the otaku jumped into a military vehicle in a straight suit.
"West Lyme Admiralty!" Gunther Lutjens stopped Wang Haidi just after strolling from Da Shi.
The otaku’s heart thumped as soon as he knew that his retirement application report had the result. After shrinking his jeep, it was cold and hard, and the seat was holding the folded newspaper and shaking his head, he stuffed the letter back into Gunther Lutjens’s hand.
"General Ensel to find me something Gunther Lutjens this newspaper you help me take it back to see when I come back from halls …"
Otaku is not in a hurry, but has a determinism in his heart. Admiralty refuses. Wang Haidi must take off his military uniform this time. Otaku is really tired of wandering life without purpose, direction and future.
Jeep Istanbul bumpy dirt road for a long time until the road conditions in the city are good. German jeep Constantinople crossed the streets and alleys for less than half an hour before entering the halls, and the adjutant guided the otaku to get familiar with it and came to the office of Turkish Defense Minister Ensel.
Ensel is one of the three giants of the Turkish military government. In 1912-1913, the Turks lost two Balkan wars. At that time, they were still a school-level officer. Ensel led a group of young officers to launch a coup to expel the liberal cabinet from the government. In June 1913, the young Turkish strongman General Sevket was assassinated, and the liberal forces were finally swept away by the young Turks. In the same year, Ensel formed a military oligarchy government with defense minister Talat and navy minister Gemar.
Ensel was born in Istanbul, the capital of the empire, in 11 years. His father was a railway official. He graduated from Turkish Army University in his early years and soon joined the Young Turkish Party. He played an important role in Turkey’s 19-year revolution and won the reputation of "freedom hero". He was once a Turkish military attache in Berlin, and he was well aware of Germany’s strong industrial strength and tough military potential. This is also the reason why he took a pro-German stance after taking office.
Wang Haidi is no stranger to Ensel. The Turk’s navy can be a dog and a fox and tiger, and Ensel can help him dominate. In 1913, the German consultant Wang Haidi was invited to attend the New Year’s Officers’ Reception. He was met by Ensel otaku who was similar in age, but he was drunk. He took Ensel, who was young but heavy, to make fun of the Balkan situation, the secret history of Austria, the feud between Germany and France and the dilemma of Turkey, and so on. He was shocked by Ensel.
"Captain West Lyme, we took the Sultan Osman I …" Ensel threw the desk file aside and pointed to the chair opposite the desk for Wang Haidi to sit on.
"Congratulations to Damad and your Ottoman Empire …" Damad is an Ottoman royal Xu, and Ensel is about to marry an Ottoman royal princess otaku. Ensel Damad has a compliment.
"The Germans in West Lyme are not worried about the Ottoman Empire falling to the Allies at all?" Ensel carefully play with the pen in his hand slightly raised his head commanding way
"General, the Greeks are not necessarily the biggest losers in this arms race, and you are not necessarily the biggest winners. The real winners can be Germans!" Wang Haidi’s pie pie is the same old tune.
"Selim, are you worried that we won’t get those two super-feared ships?" Gunther Lutjens, a professional soldier, didn’t understand this statement more than once, but it doesn’t mean that Ensel, a head of state politician, couldn’t figure out the implication of otaku’s words. He shook his head and was noncommittal. "The British who tore up the contract and made bad friends with Turkey won’t make such low-level mistakes!"
"Big Madder, if the British abide by the contract, we will be very happy that the Allies have two more super-feared ships!"
"What if we join the Allies?" Ensel added weight without moving color.
"impossible!" The otaku said that it was not surprising to wave his arms firmly. "Polar bears can’t accept soil ears!"
As early as Peter the Great’s time, the Russians made a plan to get as close as possible to the Indian Ocean so as to seek the world. After Peter the Great, the czar insisted on this policy. The Black Sea Channel was taken into the bag, which made the Black Sea Fleet win the Mediterranean Sea and threatened the Suez Canal. The Russians did not hesitate to launch ten Russian-Turkish wars. If the Turks wanted to join the Allies, I am afraid the Russians would be the first to jump out and oppose it.
"Turkey can remain neutral!" Ensel aggressive way
"If the Allies win, the Ottoman Empire will get nothing; Do you think there is still room for the Ottoman Empire if the victory of the Allies is not contained by Germany and Austria-Hungary, and Ensel is greedy before the double-headed eagle? " Otaku downplayed Ensel’s refutation and resolved it one by one. So did the 19-year otaku Berlin parliamentary hearing. Although otaku is not good at words, his interest in the field of otaku is greatly. He likes this feeling.
"Well …" General Ensel, a famous pro-German military oligarch, smiled heartily. The head of state dug out a commission from the drawer and threw it in front of the otaku. "Are you interested in the position of the first deputy minister of the Turkish navy, Selim?"
First Deputy Minister of the Admiralty?
God talks about the smelly Taoist priest, the asymmetric war between the small and the broad, the otaku Jin Ge and the iron horse crossing the ideal, fantasizing about saving the world several times, and the champagne, the big name, the beautiful women and the countless banknotes that the otaku’s heart is about to cool down instantly come alive, and he almost nods to promise.
It’s a pity that Wang Haidi’s fist was "almost" loose and tight, so it was repeated until his hand was full of sweat before he struggled to refuse.
"General, I’m sorry. I’m determined that retired people can’t stop me …"
"What?" Ensel according to the committee consternation for a long time.
"General Ensel joined the navy in 1994 and came to the war-torn Turkey in 1912. For 20 years, I dedicated the best time of my life to the navy, and it was just a laughing stock in the naval world. After more than ten years of overseas service, I almost can’t remember my daughter’s appearance. I almost didn’t take care of my seriously ill father and father-in-law." Wang Haidi said a lot in one breath and seemed to want to express his savings over the years, trying to hide the fact that he was afraid of the coming first world war, war and death.
"Why hasn’t Selim come back to report what he said? Why don’t I read it first and hold it for him?" Gunther Lutjens wandered around the newspaper that set the table for many times. After all, he couldn’t resist his curiosity and opened the newspaper for a quick look.
"Refuse to apply for retirement? Promoted to major in the navy? Adjust the chief staff officer of the major of the first reconnaissance fleet of the high seas fleet? " Gunther Lutjens’s face turned blue and white for a long time before a few words popped out of his mouth to "retreat into a good way! It seems that I have to retire before applying! "
The second gun Chapter II Helgolan Bay gun (1)
"Selim heard that you decided to retire again?" Seventy-four-year-old Ernst von Reicher, trembling with a walking stick, stepped in front of the frightened otaku Wang Haidi and threatened to hit "Stenzel, how many times have you counted this?"
In January, 1914, Wang Haidi did not report back to the Admiralty after receiving the transfer order from Turkey, but returned to Kiel’s home directly and resubmitted a retirement application.
Wang Haidi painstakingly wrote that letter, which was full of flowers, words and feelings. Since it was sent out, the application for retirement has been lost. The otaku looked through the autumn water, but he didn’t want the receipt of the Admiralty to arrive. The old headmaster Lai Xie and the instructor Stenzel looked for the door first.
It’s been some years since President Laixie retired as a laid-off man with the rank of Lieutenant General in 19 years. President Laixie is old, and his eyesight is very poor without the help of thick glasses. However, although President Laixie is old, his heart for his students remains the same, and I don’t know which king leaked the news of the otaku’s strike. Lao Laixie got wind of it and came in with Stenzel, who had just retired.
"In 194, when you joined the Kiel Military Academy and encountered a little setback, you clamored to drop out of school. You didn’t put it into practice with bernhard von Auden. In 19 years, you were refrigerated by Erpitz and then transferred to the East Asian Fleet. You met the war in 19 years, so you clamored for retiring and going home to get married. Unfortunately, your fiancee broke her promise and stopped you. In 1997, you were sent to the commander of the German East African Marine Corps from the Imperial Land. You wrote a dozen applications for retirement in one breath because the overseas colonies were too hard, but your relatives’ expensive medicine delayed you. Now that the navy has decided to restart you, your future general Schipper has always admired you. What are you going to do when your life and death enemy Marshal Erpitz lost his family and was given a baby by the new navy commander-in-chief Ingenohl? !”
The old headmaster’s confession made the melodramatic otaku unable to find a way to defend himself. He couldn’t admit that the cruel war was about to break out. The action of the otaku was just to save his life.
"Stenzel, do you remember when you tried to persuade me to fire Selim?" The old headmaster didn’t give the otaku an opportunity to explain. His face was wrinkled and his age spots trembled. He turned around and asked Stenzel
People grew beards near dusk, and instructor Stenzel’s black face rarely rose with two blushes. Some people were embarrassed. Wang Haidi’s performance in the military basic training of the military academy was really poor. Even experienced Stenzel couldn’t see the potential of otaku’s accumulation and his overall strategic accomplishment. He was bent on clearing the "naval idiot" and "military imbecile" Wang Haidi from the military academy.