"What?" I got my legs in tandem and got up. When I saw that my hair was sticking out, there was a sinkhole with a diameter of four or five meters in front. I accidentally almost bumped Liu Dachuan into it just now.

Chapter 19 Tiankeng
"Fuck a good mountain! Who is full and supports to dig such a big hole!"
"You don’t understand that this is a sinkhole, not who dug it out." Liu Dachuan rolled over and got up. I saw that his fire was gone. I was embarrassed to look at him. "I know."
Lu Dachuan carefully walked to the edge of the sinkhole and stretched his neck to look into the sinkhole.
I looked at the bottomless dark pit and asked, "They won’t go into the pit, will they?"
"It’s hard to say that under normal circumstances, if they go, they will leave ropes, but now there are no ropes." Lu Dachuan looked around. "There is not even a rock nail or rock plug around … Besides, what are they doing in the sinkhole?"
"But where else can they go without going?" My heart was in a hurry and I shouted, "Sister Keqin-"
Lu Dachuan immediately stopped me. "Don’t yell, don’t yell at the situation. No, don’t invite wolves again!"
"What should I do?" I put up a arbor in my hand to cover some dazzling sunshine, and turned my body back and forth to look around. "There is not even a grass growing on this mountain. Where can they go if they are not in this pit?"
Hu small asthma even rang rang "you ok? If you ask me, let’s either wait here or hit a shot with dates and say what’s the point of grinding! "
Lu Dachuan said, "Let’s look around again. We didn’t see this pit just now. Maybe there will be a hidden cave somewhere else. I always think it’s not reliable that they went to the tiankeng."
We discussed it from the mountain on the right side of the lake and looked for it again, so we bypassed the sinkhole and climbed a section along the mountain to the right. After a while, I was sweating and my clothes were soaked. It’s not that it was hot, but I don’t know how the foot mountain grew from bottom to top. I couldn’t find a flat place with a big ass. It was a 50-60 degree slope, just like walking on a tiled roof.
Walking in front of me, Liu Dachuan kept going. I wanted to stop to catch my breath, but I dared not say that I gritted my teeth and insisted on walking. I couldn’t hear Hu’s small steps behind me, and there was a gasp in my ear. "Why am I behind the wolves?" I thought about looking back at Hu Xiao, where there is a human being? It’s simply a dressed monkey with his hands and feet on the ground and his ass pursed and he climbed one step at a time.
I tried to hold back my laughter. "Brother Hu, are you walking or practicing frog skills?"
Hu Xiao rolled his eyes and gasped. "It’s hard … no wonder Dachuan said you … you’re full of shit. I said you’re full of shit … and you can’t spit ivory in a dog’s mouth!"
Is that really the case? I was secretly surprised that I quarreled with Lu Dachuan in the last day or two. He said that I didn’t feel anything. Now Hu Xiao said the same thing. It seems that I have talked a lot. You know, I used to be a quiet person. I still remember the first time I saw Lu Keqin. I don’t know what to say … I can’t help but sigh when I think about this. No wonder people say that people don’t look at each other for three days. It seems that this person is going to become really fast!
"If you want to go, don’t go. Don’t stand in your way!" Hu Xiao climbed up to me and arched his head like a dog. I took two steps sideways and let him crawl to the front.
I think Lu Dachuan has gone out for a long time and recited a poem "The mountain is not high and the slope is steep and tiring;" People are not fat and energetic! " Hurriedly follow
No matter how difficult the road is, there will always be three people. Finally, I took a close look at the mountain and found nothing unusual.
Back to the sinkhole, Lu Dachuan looked up and saw the sun overhead. "It’s been half a day. They must be in trouble!"
Hu took a gulp of water and put away the kettle. He took out climbing ropes, hand drills, rock nails, rock plugs, descenders and other equipment from his backpack and quickly made preparations for entering the sinkhole.
Lu Dachuan broke a fluorescent stick and threw it into the sinkhole to observe the depth and terrain of the sinkhole, and then helped Hu Xiao fix the rope.
I won’t do anything while I’m in a hurry to help.
Everything is ready. I learned from them to fix and wear the head lamp. They taught me how to make the descent device.
"The sinkhole is about 30 meters deep, but there are raised rocks in some places. You should pay attention to the point." Lu Dachuan reflexively grabbed the rope and put his feet on the sinkhole wall to stabilize his body and said, "You helped him when you were fat last in Zheng Shuang."
"Don’t worry, be careful yourself."
Liu Dachuan pushed the pit wall down quickly with both feet, leaving a small light spot soon.
A few minutes later, there was a call from Lu Dachuan, and the light signal arrived.
Hu Xiao patiently explained to me what should be paid attention to in health again. For the first time in my life, I wanted to hang myself on a cliff with a rope. I was both nervous and excited. "Mm-hmm" promised to Hu Xiao, but I was in a trance as if everything was not true.
Hu Xiao slapped me. "Do you remember that this is no joke!"
I quickly steadied my mind and told me some important points in my heart. Then he helped me hang up the rope and slip out bit by bit. Maybe everyone was taken care of, or maybe there was an adventurous spirit in my bones. After I dropped a few meters, I didn’t feel relaxed at all. So I put Hu Xiao behind me and learned to push Liu Dachuan’s feet and swing his body to the pit wall quickly. As a result, it was almost time when a piece of opposing rock came out and hit a seven-meat element to meet me. Liu Dachuan smashed the Malaysian party.
Liu Dachuan gently climbed out of my body to check the injury and found that I was a skin injury. I immediately got angry and kicked my ass. "What are you doing acrobatics?" Why don’t you get up and want me to make you a bed? "
I feel very dizzy pulling his trouser legs to get up. Hu Xiao has been around us. "Are you all right?"
Lu Dachuan softened his tone, "Rub a little skin and apply some ointment to him."
Hu Xiao helped me to sit by the side and simply treated the wound for me. I patted my shoulder. "Don’t fade. Yum! Did you fall for the first time? You know you did a good job pulling a mat."
"Well, you’re a fat man. I said, Zheng Shuang, how did an honest guy become this virtue in a few days? It was you who taught him!" Lu Dachuan shone his hand on us.
Hu’s little hand blocked the light. "Don’t beat around the bush. Did you find anything?"
Lu Dachuan turned his hand away. "I haven’t found any traces of them yet, but there must be something strange in this pit. You see so many stones look like Nima piles."
After two disasters in succession, I dare not show off in an ostentatious manner again, move my limbs, take off my headlights and play strong light, and watch the bottom of the sinkhole.
Although the mouth of the sinkhole is four or five meters in diameter, it’s really big inside, except for one side near the lake, which is smaller and the other three sides. Looking around, it turns out to be a cave that seems to be bigger than the mountain outside. The top of the whole cave is ten to fifteen meters from the ground, and the surface is flat and smooth. From near to far, there are many large and small stones piled up, and the maximum diameter of the circular stone pile is as small as three meters, and the height is also different
Nimadui! I remembered that after Lu Dachuan entered the Tibetan area just now, I saw a lot of piles of stones piled up on mountains and intersections. I asked Lu Dachuan, and he told me that those piles were called Nima piles, which were built by Tibetans on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as "altars" or "sacred piles". In Tibetan, "Duobang" means to build stones, and "Duobang" can be divided into two types: "Duobang" and "Duobang".
Most of the "anti-filth and anti-disaster gangs" set up huge and stepped stone piles at the end of the village. The stone piles contain scriptures for preventing filth and evil, praying for peace, and grains, gold and silver jewelry, guns, knives and spears.