Wood Yan evil slightly hesitant "Yun Jian south you need white you and I have entered the temple layer, but it will be difficult to leave if you miss this weak opportunity of heavy water barrier in the future! Why don’t I stay here for you … "

Ranging from MuYan evil finish Yun Jian south has resolutely decisively way "absolutely not! You don’t have the protection of Xuanchongjing. Even if you cultivate the shadow of God and Taiyi, it’s hard to get out of this enchantment. You know, once Shentingling sends a deity to sit here, the heavy water enchantment will surely go far beyond the past and reach its peak!
Today’s senior immortal meteorite is the weakest barrier when Brother Mu Yan returns quickly. "
Mu Yan evil was silent. He knew that Yun Jian South was right.
In the past, Xuan Ming lived a long life when he was a deity, so the heavy water barrier entered a weak period. Today, the fall of the deity is even weaker. It is precisely at this time that they can leave the opportunity.
And Yun Jian’s south back cover chip has unimaginable defense.
The title of this film is Xuan Chongjing, which can not only clean the platform and ward off evil spirits without being disturbed by yin and evil spirits, but also has unparalleled defense, especially the ability to resist and resolve the enchantment of array law.
The most important thing is that this treasure, Xuan Ming’s God-respected life armor essence, can make the supernatural powers of the Godsworn in the shadow realm endowed with the power as muddy as gravity.
That is to say, with this Baoyun sword, if you enter the shadow period, you can use this treasure to rush to the enchantment and leave the heavy water.
But … The chances are slim after all, unless Yun Jian South can enter the ghost period, it will be sure.
But that’s a ghost. How many long years does it take to practice?
See wood Yan evil silent Yun Jian south heart grateful.
Over the years, the two people have been getting along like bosom friends and brothers, and his natural silence represents the default consent.
Then he smiled and looked at Mu Yan’s evil spirit, and it was rare to recover a little bit of free and easy. Didn’t Brother Mu Yan always want to tell the male from the female? "
With that, he let Distance spread his arms and smiled, "Come and fight with me."
However, Mu Yanxie shook his head slightly and said with relief, "Although you buried the sword, your sword has always been in your heart. Now that the sword is immortal, the sword is better than the sword. Do I know that the victory and defeat have to be persistent?"
South of Yun Jian Lu Qing Pei readily nodded, "It’s not far before Brother Mu Yan can let go of the sword."
Mu Yan evil looked at the black knife in his hand, revealing a bit more frowning than laughing with relief. "In the past, I always wanted to beat you, but I didn’t know that the real opponent was my own obsession."
And he looked at the sight of his own cultivation of ten heavy waters and murmured, "Ten spring and autumn is like an arrow." What about defeat? Only my sword washes away the spring and autumn. "
After saying his word, I saw that his sword had not been unsheathed, and he held his sword and stretched his arm with one finger, so he called the arm extension station to break all the towering glaciers!
"What a way to wash the Spring and Autumn with a sword!" Seeing this magical power, Yun Jian Nan was amazed. "You and I, the swordsmen, are going to lose beautifully and go free and easy. What’s the harm?" What’s wrong with leaving? But in the spring and autumn, I laughed, hahaha. "
Obviously, at this moment, Mu Yan’s evil kendo has entered the realm. If the sword is not drawn, it can destroy the mountains and smash the sea with a sword. Yu Dacheng!
I’m afraid it’s not inferior to Yun Jian’s southern sword.
It is important not to defeat the negative in this war. It is better to be free and easy than to laugh at the Spring and Autumn Period.
Beside Yunhaishan Road
After listening to Mu Yanxie’s story about Wei’s injury, he was also stunned. "A sword washes away a good name and a good artistic conception in the Spring and Autumn Period!"
It’s amazing that he didn’t think that Mu Yan’s evil can be assured that Yun Jian Nanyi has a higher obsession.
And ocean deep Yun Jian South has always chosen the temporary town of heavy water after getting Xuanshui. This dust wave is really a chivalrous sword and bone cloud state!
At the moment, Mu Yan was about to leave.
Wei Shang looked at his back and asked with a smile, "Hey ~ Wood, will you and I be enemies or friends in the future?"
Mu Yan Xie paused for a moment and replied, "Drinking your glass of wine is not an enemy … nor a friend."
Then he has left.
Wei Shang shrugged. "Well, it’s not a waste."
With that, he leaned lazily against the pillow arm beside the mountain wall and looked up to drink the clouds alone.
Soon the mountain wobbled and a dude looked like a brother.
He was dressed in fresh clothes, and the fan was fanned with a cynical smile, and he stumbled and hummed a little tune.
"Hiccup ~ … yesterday, I dreamed that the east water was chaotic today, and I was so worried; The old cattle in the dry land are pumping water to break water … Ah "
Hearing this meaningful little song, Wei Shang immediately looked at the mat with a side smile and called out, "Hey ~ I said, Mo Dagong, what little song are you singing?"
The bearer is Mozhuang.
The Mozhuang family was destroyed, and now they live in the five elements, and they are drunk and dissolute, just like living in the past.
However, what this male elder brother does every day is not to make trouble and flirt … It is that the mountain lingers in the Red Chamber and stirs up the five elements of brothers to dare to speak out.
But after all, Mo Xing ‘er, the aunt of Mozhuang, has an excellent god statue, and she doesn’t live in mountains and seas all the year round, so she has placed Mozhuang in the Five Elements Sect.
Who dares to offend God who arranges people?
Besides, this great man often goes around saying,’ Gong, your family patriarch, that’s a life-and-death confidant …’ At such a time.
It’s not as if I’ve forgotten the great pain of genocide, and I’m happy all day. It’s a happy man who has been living in peace for many years.
Seeing that Wei, a good gay friend, hurt Mozhuang, and suddenly drunk his eyes and blurred, he took a poop and took the wine gourd and poured it up.
Then he made a satisfied burp, hit it, hit it, and stressed, "Oh ~ what is a ditty?" Without knowledge, it’s called speaking out of turn! It’s poetry! "
"Poetry? Hey ~ I still have a quatrain! "
Wei was happy and immediately handed her a hand. "I never thought that Mo Xiong was a genius! It is admirable to be able to find another way to say it first. "
Mozhuang is otherwise arrogant. "Is this very talented? Hey ~ Gong will be right? "
"Oh ~?" Wei was hurt. "Then I’ll make a joint, right?"
Mozhuang waved his sleeves and took care of Kun’s heroism, saying, "Just come."
Seeing Wei’s injury, he thought for a moment and laughed, "When you have a tight head, you will have a tight purse, a tight brow and a tight future."
Mozhuang took a sip of medicinal liquor, stared at his eyes and suddenly laughed dissolutely. He raised his index finger and circled, saying, "It’s a piece of cake to see the beauty dreams at the bedside of Gonglian humble room are also four."
Wei injury immediately showed surprise and immediately clapped his hands and said, "wonderful ~! Mo Gong’s couplet is simply wonderful! "
Mozhuang waved his hand in a stinking way, "Eh ~ Keep a low profile and watch you tell the truth."