Three days passed quickly.

Fengyun kept its promise and didn’t let the cabin enter the battle before practicing monks.
But three days later, when I didn’t want to, I heard the sound and asked everyone to stand by on the deck
The deck is dark red and bloody, and the hard deck has been pitted in many places, and there are traces of war everywhere.
The mast and sail have been put away in the war, and the light is flashing to the maximum. The Fengyun floats in the sea and stands tall and unmoved by the sea animals.
However, the ship’s side arrays on both sides of Fengyun are slightly weak, and sea animals break through the defense and attack the deck from time to time.
Sun Hao when they came, there were still some fierce battles on the deck.
Yu didn’t want to quickly arrange a defense area for each team and turned around and rushed into a battlefield.
Sun Hao led the team to be arranged at a ship’s side defense area near the bow, which is one foot away from the ship’s side. At present, this area is relatively quiet and no sea animals have broken through.
The newly arrived teams are all newcomers. Instead of arranging a local defense, they are scattered in different areas of Fengyun to facilitate the monks of Fengyun to take care of them.
Next to Sun Hao’s team are two Fengyun ten-person teams, and each team’s defense area has reached five feet.
After a few days of fierce fighting, the two teams of monks were already very tired. They just nodded slightly to Sun Hao’s side and then sat cross-legged and rested at every point.
The sea animal attack is dense and crazy. The attack for three days in a row is almost non-stop, and the temporary recruitment of monks is also a distraction from the pressure of the monks.
The sea beast is a wise leader. Sun Hao just decided to make a horse and found himself defending this section of the ship’s side. The sea beast suddenly increased. It seems that Sun Hao and others are regarded as soft persimmons and intend to break through here.
A huge tail of the sea sprang up from the sea.
Bring up a white spray and draw it across an arc.
In front of Sun Hao, there was a ripple on the ship’s rail. After a loud noise, the tail bounced back with a trace of blood and slammed into the sea with a wave.
Almost at the same time, the seals in front spit out water arrows and rushed to the side of the ship just now. The law of the ship’s rail made ripples again, and a dark light was torn open. A two-foot Sawaguchi.
"Mao Mao Mao" called the ship’s side to storm, and the seals poured in from their mouths.
Guanghua on the side of the ship flashed energy from the center of the large array to quickly replenish the gap and quickly bridge the large array.
But there are still seven seals rushing to the deck before the large array heals, screaming and attacking.
He Xiongjie’s ears were red and kept beating.
Sun Hao drank "take over" at a low level.
Four people flashing four elephants quickly stopped the front of the law mouth and rushed towards the seals.
Seals are not small in size, thick in skin and thick in flesh, and they are very resistant to being hit and washed on the deck, which is often very difficult.
Brother Fengyun, next to Sun Hao’s team, opened his eyes in order to help the situation as soon as it was wrong.
Almost is Sun Hao side war at the same time Fengyun war.
Just before this batch of monks, they rushed into a large number of seals and shouted to kill them one after another.
Four elephants in array, Qinglong Zun
Oriental Dragon Horn speaks loudly and breathes clouds, calling Leifa to fly and travel around the four ghosts.
Sun Haoshen lives in Qinglong, Qing Di Mudan Stone Fetus is immortal, and the four elephant arrays are aroused, and the green light forms a huge wooden stake, which is swept away like a tail-wagging elephant in Qinglong.
Qing Di Mudan Stone Fetus has a very high level of longevity, and it is even more amazing to get the blessing power of array method.
The stake was swept across the deck and the seal department was swept.
Three sea dogs were swept in the head and cried, and their heads were smashed to death and they could not die again.
Two fur seals were swept in the middle, and their waists were directly swept off by the middle. Two body decks bounced endlessly.
The only remaining three sea dogs were swept by Sun Hao’s stake to another group of monks. Sun Hao’s sweeping strength was much greater than that of the three sea dogs, and he was also dying.
On the other side, the leading monk shouted a "good" command team to easily kill the fish through the net and then gave Sun Hao a thumbs-up sign.
Sun Hao smiled and smiled. "I’m sorry for my lack of experience in the first engagement."
The friar across the street laughed. "It’s okay. Your team’s strength is top-notch. The four elephant arrays are very skilled and good. By the way, fur and oil of fur seals are valuable. You can collect them yourself. Hahahaha, we will thank you for these three things."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Brother, you are welcome."
Then the team quickly moved to get familiar with the harvest, and the seals had resources.
The fighting capacity of Sun Hao’s team is really quite strong. There is only one place where the five new teams can quickly end the fighting. It is obviously not as easy as Sun Hao’s team.
Even with the help of his team, two teams stabilized their positions and killed fur seals on the deck.
Among them, Ruan Sanjie’s team was given special care, and rushed into the fifteen sea dogs in the jurisdiction, which was twice that of Sun Hao’s team. Ruan Sanjie could not resist at all and had to ask the teams on both sides for help.
Sun Hao glanced at Ying Xuanhu and found that Ying Xuanhu looked calm as if nothing had happened.
There is too little information for Sun Hao to judge the true meaning of Ying Xuanhu.
The siege of Fengyun by sea animals was written by Xuanhu, but when the sea animals came, Xuanhu stopped moving as if waiting for something.
A series of accidents happened on Fengyun, which was not caused by Xuan, nor was Sun Hao waiting for anything in vain.
However, Sun Haoke must have responded to Xuanhu, not framed Ruan Sanjie. His purpose is not so simple.
Just finished cleaning up the seals, and the battle elsewhere is not over yet. The sea has changed again.
Sun Hao suddenly raised a huge wave more than twenty feet high in front of him, and rushed to the ship’s side.
Not only that, but the sea, the sea, the wind and the waves are rising one after another, and the waves are higher than the waves, like a huge encirclement, overwhelming the Fengyun.
Fengyun No.4 Zhou Haishui seems to have been pumped for a moment, and Fengyun instantly sank into the sea, surrounded by huge waves as high as three or four feet
There are sea animals in the waves, staring down at Fengyun.
A spectacular scene in Vivi.
Sun Haoli waves in the heart is not slightly surprised.
The newly recruited monk Tsukiji looked at the huge waves and turned pale.
The big waves hit Fengyun as if it were going to be submerged.
Fengyun, two monks then looked at each other and looked at each other with a smile. Both of them held out their hands.
Two blue lights and two golden lights
Four rays of light shone on the deck, and the monks presided over the deck of the large array hub drank "Fengfeng …"
In the middle of binge drinking, the deck is in the middle of the main mast.
The wind and the little feathers flash and the toes have reached the main mast.
When the toe turns, the main mast rotates with a huge sail.
Friar Bian Tsukiji shouted "Feather …"
Rotating the main mast seems to have a pair of wings and a large array of force. The mast force three then Li Sheng pulled Fengyun out of the sea.
The huge Fengyun soared.