All the squadron members of the support team stood up and saluted Lord Sauron.

Carl looked a little sad, but Carol heard Captain Sauron specifically ask about him and took a step forward with his companions behind him and said, "Carol, a militia in the deserted militia camp, visited Lord Sauron!"
"Are you a deserted militia battalion militia?" Sauron battalion chief gave Surdak a surprised look and then asked.
"It’s Lord Soren!" Carol and his hunter answered together.
Obviously, I want to brand myself as a militia battalion.
At Surdak, Sauron’s battalion chief nodded slightly to him and said
"Oh, I know about it. Marquis Bernard wants you to form an armed force that can guard barren places, but you didn’t show these works. I didn’t expect them to show good results!"
At this time, Surdak can’t say,’ I haven’t counted all the militia battalion members, and the basic training hasn’t been shown. These people haven’t done anything except distribute some food …’
To captain sauron smiled.
The security camp allied forces guarded the ruins of the underground caves, and the magicians of the Law Enforcement Corps jointly explored here for nearly half a month. They almost explored the 10-kilometer cave in Fiona Fang, and all the cave walls that might contain the red dragon treasure were bombed by fire scales, but it was still a catch.
This period, the various units of the guard battalion and allied forces gradually evacuated from the circular valley.
The Hailanza Guard Battalion was the first to leave the first echelon in the valley, and it didn’t benefit much this time.
Surdak used the excuse of dealing with the barren land to return to Wall Village with the security team through the barren land. Carol and the hunters also returned to the village early. Although they didn’t hunt valuable prey this time, this credit can bring them a lot of rewards. They want to hang their names on the militia camp roster, and they will not be completely separated by their faces.
The battle was divided up. After hearing the news from Carl, the wizards of the Law Enforcement Corps got a complete set of temporary magic circle. Unfortunately, the most precious astrolabe has been damaged.
The greatest achievement of the Guard Camp Coalition was to capture twelve dying Pompeii warriors.
In addition, the guard camp also found the red dragon treasure, which destroyed the conspiracy of the Dark Moon Gate wizard in one fell swoop.
The most frustrating thing for everyone is that the treasure of Zhonghonglong is fake.
The Grand Duke of Angus Bradbury, although he had a’ Quesela’ sword, did not use it to slay a red dragon.
This red dragon, known as Lord Johannes, was the fighting partner of the Duke of Angus Bradbury. Angus Bradbury turned out to be a red dragon knight. When this red dragon Lord died, the Duke of Angus Bradbury was cursed by the magic contract and died with him.
Although the operation was a great victory, each knight got little merit.
Surdak finally received a formal order from the House of Representatives of Hailan Sa City. Although the weaving of the squadron leader in the deserted public security squadron has expanded to 60 knights, it is still a bit difficult to recruit 60 knights here in the deserted place.
At the same time, the deserted militia battalion in Hailansa was commended by Marquis Bernard Christie.
It’s so ridiculous that the militia battalion personnel haven’t gathered together, and there is no training and action, but the commendation for the militia battalion has been handed over.
After Surdak’s harvest festival, the militia exhibition of Guard Camp was called for the first field training.
Another gain of Surdak was the capture of Zhan Li from Flanagan, a magician who not only had a magic spar in his magic pocket, but also some precious things such as magic potions and magic scrolls.
In addition to these, Surdak also found the restored’ crystal key’ by Flanagan Magician.
I didn’t expect this crystal key to be returned to Surdak’s hands after a round trip …
Chapter 575 Early winter
The red dragon treasure incident finally came to an end in November, and the allied forces and law enforcement groups in Bena province’s guard camp, Pagros Mountain, foiled the conspiracy of the Dark Moon Gate and the dark magic priory, and all kinds of news, large and small, floated like snowflakes all over the streets.
At that time, the whole province of Bena talked about it, and many heroes were derived from it.
It is already very cold this season, and the city residents are looking forward to the first snow.
The streets are full of indus leaves, and boots will rustle when you step on them. Some of them will hold the straps and the cleaners will gather these leaves and pile them thick at the roots of the trees. They will not carry these dead leaves away.
In winter, these leaves will be quilts for trees to prevent them from freezing to death in extreme cold.
People in the street wear thick tweed coats, they stand their collars up and the autumn wind is bleak and hurried away.
Some cafes and barbecues are full of people, and people prefer this way to welcome the cold winter.
Order a cup of milk tea and find a table next to the window. You can sit leisurely for an afternoon and get together for a light conversation.
Some people will discuss the Grand Knight Glen, the supreme commander of the allied forces in the Guard Battalion. It is said that this knight was transferred back from the front line of Warsaw. There are many stories about him, but the most talked about is his feat of piercing the protective cover with one gun. This time, Bena will not let him return to Warsaw without sitting firmly.