On the other side, the clan leader of the Lingkun clan, Lai Kun, leaps up and has a huge body from the virtual world to the real world, which blocks the sun and oppresses a star.

Obviously, this powerful master of the Lingkun clan can’t sit still. I think this is a good time to finish. The most important thing is that they hope that the Deep Blood Emperor will be killed first when he is restrained.
Because all beings are not sure whether the spirit beads will be sealed together after the seal of the deep blood emperor, then the nine spirit beads will be sealed together
It is better to say that the Daqiang people hope that the Deep Blood Emperor will be sealed than that they expect death.
In the chaos, all beings in the mainland will be killed or injured, so they will be gone. Only the most important thing in their hearts is to prove the forbidden fruit position.
The ancient Buddhist clan in Hezhou, Xi Niu, took care of the Buddha’s exit and ordered, "Qingdeng, you should pay attention to the ancient gods in the west moving towards the old woman to fight for heaven."
This Buddha rarely made moves, but no one in the vast mainland dared to doubt his strength, because when the Buddha was in the western regions, the ancient gods rarely caused chaos in the mainland.
According to the past, even the old Lord was afraid to see that the Buddha had lost in the fight.
At this time, he ascended to heaven with a purple and gold bowl in his hand and dressed in purple and gold robes. When he traveled, the Buddha’s light was shining, making the west of the wild continent a bright golden light that blinded people.
As he stepped forward, there seemed to be a Buddha’s voice ringing in the ears of all beings, and some of them were slightly weaker. This voice would make their eyes become confused, and they would kowtow honestly to the place where they saw the Buddha, and finally they would say two Buddha’s names.
The heads of the three strong clans went to heaven, and only the real dragon leader still looked dignified and observed.
The true dragon Aochen patriarch doesn’t want to be the last old six. He feels that things are going too smoothly today. At this time, it may not have a good result. We should observe one more time.
Moreover, its Kirin clan patriarch is an old friend, even if he doesn’t help, he won’t fall into the trap.
"Is the goddess going to attack the palace?"
Tian hu, the patriarch of the clan, is reluctant to live together, but there is no physical body, which is obviously much weaker than in the past
But her face is still smiling and looking from the side to the sky. The heads of Xuan Nv seem to be somewhat disdainful
"Heart Moon, you are stronger than all beings expected, but here is your end."
The appearance of the shadow of Lai Kun almost covered the sky, and the coercion of the square mouth made all beings feel suffocated.
"Why did a group of old diaomao go to win so much? Don’t you feel ashamed even if you board the taboo! ?”
The flesh has not yet gathered to restore the old Kirin’s distorted body, but the mouth is still cursing, which is obviously very contemptuous of only a few people at this time.
The other party’s purpose is obvious. It’s just to close the field and lose everyone. Their previous battle was to make wedding clothes for these three strong people.
"You’ve crossed over the deep blood emperor first."
The ancient Buddhists saw the Buddha step forward, and the golden light ran through the long Buddha sound, which made Liu Chen frown in pranayama.
Because Lu Chen felt that the Buddhism was soaked in the void and eroded by the strong in all directions, which disturbed their spirits.
"Put away your deep blood emperor and we will kill you, but if you interfere with Buddhism again, we will kill you first."
Lingkun clan patriarch coldly said, then it was the first to make a move to gather Kunpeng and rush to kill the Deep Blood Emperor. At this time, it was difficult for the Deep Blood Emperor to escape from the seal.
The heads of the Xuan Nv clan also immediately made moves, and a seal of Gaia heaven and earth was played out to cooperate with the Buddhist handprints of the ancient Buddha clan to attack the deep blood emperor from three sides.
No matter what they say, they want to kill the deep blood emperor first, not because the deep blood emperor is the strongest in this world, but because once they are sealed, there are probably no nine spirit beads.
The real caster paints pear clothes, of course, knowing that the secret box of chaos of Yin and Yang is a seal to the race as well as to the abyss, but if this race is stripped from the main world, the spirit beads attached to the divine mark of the race will also be stripped together.
So they don’t need to worry about whether there will be a situation where the spirit beads are not matched, but they need to deal with the remaining enemies.
But at this time, painting pear clothes will not tell him the truth of the patriarch, not only because she can’t concentrate on casting spells at this time, but also because she doesn’t think that telling others about it will stop the fight.
On the contrary, if the new strong people know that the spirit beads will automatically separate, they will not attack the deep blood emperor, but will directly target their husbands and others. This is a bad situation
Deep blood emperor is really an excellent target now, but he will not sympathize with each other. This race is really cruel, and they will already know it later.
Her husband’s hometown was destroyed by the deep blood clan. If Lu Chen hadn’t finally exploded and borrowed the body of a Dacheng secret blood fighter, everything would have ended, even the later generations might not.
At this time, Lu Chen didn’t have a mouth, but his body moved to the heart of the fox and pulled up the other person’s mind and came to the place near the painting pear clothes.
On the one hand, he is trying to protect the painted pear clothes, on the other hand, when there is an accident, he can count on the painted pear clothes to have some mysterious props.
"Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve seen Heng Yong in such a mess palace."
Heart month chuckled, although she couldn’t even physically, she seemed to be very worried and didn’t care about her dangerous situation now.
The scene is very obvious. When the Deep Blood Emperor is attacked and killed, it will be her turn.
"Is the predecessor law restored?"
Lu Chen inquired that even if special factors were thrown away, he had a good impression on the tian hu patriarch who had fought side by side at this time and did not want the other party to fall here.
A martial arts strong man thinks that if he is killed by one-on-one in a fair confrontation in the same environment, he will die without being wronged.
However, it would be too uncomfortable if you are attacked and killed in a weak state just after fighting against a strong enemy.
Heart month shook his head. "It was a desperate measure to make Hengyong suffer a heavy blow. How could the palace not pay the price? It has been recast for five thousand years."
"Well …"
At this time, the old Kirin also flew over. It was really resistant to being beaten. In a short time, it has reunited its body. It looks scarred and very embarrassed. "What is this trick?"
The old unicorn looked at the semicircles on both sides of heaven and earth and was very curious. It was also born in ancient times. Creatures have heard many ancient sayings, but they have never heard of such a magical ancient magic weapon that can directly seal the clan.
"Are you sure you want to be explained by the secret blood fighters?"
Liu Chen tone with teasing eyes note the deep blood emperor there.
"You! Damn little old lady asked the goddess! "
Old Kirin took a bad look at Lu Chenlai. After a side-by-side battle, how much better did he feel about Emperor Wu?
"Xuan Nv girl, what is your magic weapon?"
Old Kirin looked at the painted pear clothes again.
However, the painting pear clothes have no mouth to focus on manipulating the chaotic secret box of Yin and Yang, and the old Kirin is no longer asking questions.
It’s not stupid enough to get angry now, because it can be seen that if the Xuan Nv goddess is distracted and the seal fails, I’m afraid the Deep Blood Emperor will make a comeback.
The deep blood emperor is indeed stronger than before, when it was ravaged by Kirin clan. All the deep blood creatures have been sucked back into the abyss, but the deep blood emperor is slowly coming in the direction of the abyss, which means that he still has resistance.
"Gdzilla can’t do it. The deep blood emperor is too strong. Even the secret box of the first generation of ancestors can’t seal him. He is not weak enough. I’m afraid I will seal him after my soul is exhausted."
Painting pears and clothes is a headache.
It’s not that the first generation of the founder of Shengfeng University didn’t leave the fortune treasure, but that her realm was too low.
That is to say, she is lucky, otherwise the law of fate will lock in the level of the deep blood emperor. If she has a higher realm, she will be able to support the soul source until the casting is completed, even if she is deadlocked for millions of years.