Suddenly, a cold breath instantly filled the whole room, and the temperature dropped by more than ten degrees. Everyone else in the room couldn’t help shivering and looked around in surprise.

Wolf girl suddenly covered the box, and the deep shock flashed in his eyes.
Just now she opened the box a little.
I have seen a white monster Dan lying there.
That’s the best cultivation for animal spirit soldiers.
She usually makes a five-monster Dan to practice.
But just now that Dan revealed that the majestic power was less than seven!
And their own practice direction fits perfectly!
"Is it the ice wolf king!"
Pingyang Douchang No.19 ring
Ye Xiaoxiao waited alone for his opponent to come.
Suddenly, a little bird’s head emerged from her long hair on her shoulder.
The bird yawned, his eyes half closed and he looked a little depressed.
"Ah, I’m back at last." The bird suddenly spoke out.
Ye Xiaoxiao pie pie said, "Isn’t it just killing a little wolf? You’ve been tired and sleeping for several days."
"Little Wolf?"
The bird immediately opened its eyes. "My sister-in-law is the ice wolf king! Monster! Strength is weaker than me so a little, ok? "
It is in the wind that this bird collects colorful birds in Qinggu Gaoling.
It has now become Ye Xiaoxiao’s favorite pet.
Yu, one of her favorite pets, well, colorful birds will definitely not want to know about it.
"Ha ha, don’t you always say that you are the nine rivals?"
Ye Xiaoxiao hummed.
"In the end, you have to trap it in my dream world for a few breaths before you can kill it."
Colorful Luan bird said that it didn’t expect that the wolf king would be so fierce in the northern environment that he almost never played.
If it weren’t for Ye Xiaoxiao, it wouldn’t necessarily be its opponent.
Thought of here colorful can’t help staggering.
A little monk in the foundation period actually trapped a monster beast.
Even for a moment, that scares people to death. Okay!
Sure enough, that man has nothing to mess with.
At this time, a strong young man came from the other side of the ring.
"Guli! Aguli! "
The audience cheered as he stood in the ring.
Obviously this is a celebrity.
Ye Xiaoxiao carefully looked at his waist number plate.
"Aguli killed this little mage!"
"Let her know that we are awesome!"
A group of teenagers flushed and cheered hard.
Guli nodded his head, and a lotus flower flashed in his eyes, grinning at Ye Xiaoxiao.
Some people in Taiwan who don’t know each other are also talking about it.
"Aguli, a sixteen-year-old three-class beast warrior, is very experienced in tyrannical fighting. He once tore a three-ice giant with his bare hands!"
"Ye Xiaoxiao’s fourteen-year-old third-order six-level destiny mage has no forehead."
Someone rummaged through their information.
"The gap is a bit big!"
"Yes, this Ye Xiaoxiao is too young and she is malnourished and too thin!"
"Like a little girl, I don’t think she can even hold up Aguli’s move."
People are talking about it, and they don’t think much of the skinny Ye Xiaoxiao.
"Come and note that Aguli will lose one by one, Ye Xiaoxiao will lose six and buy it!"
Some people even opened the market
"Aguli, I will press a hundred lingshi!"
"I will press 300 Lingshi!"
"Ha ha, always watch the unpopular Ye Xiaoxiao. I’ll buy ten Lingshi."
Most people have crushed Aguli.
Suddenly a pretty girl came along.
"I’ll bet Ye Xiaoxiao 10 thousand Lingshi."
It is Gu Youlan.
Suddenly around to a group of silly eyes.
However, Gu Youlan was unmoved and turned to look at Ye Xiaoxiao in the ring.
"Xiaoxiao, you spend money on your own."
"The battle begins!"
As the referee drank a lot, the battle between the two sides officially began.
Guli grimaced and suddenly shouted at the sky and tore up his clothes, revealing a strong body full of scars and muscles.
"Tremble, junior!"