Before revenge or dignity, he chooses revenge!

What dignity is ridiculous before Wu Huang and Guan Yao’s hatred.
A faint dragon rhyme sounded and the wild dragon Jingxue shone brightly.
After Taihua Dragon’s tactic operation, huge forces rushed into his body like a torrent.
A torrent of dense sound nourishes Li Xuan’s broken orifices and twisted meridians, and even the broken abdomen has faint signs of recovery.
But strangely, his blood has turned into a slender shape, just like strips of dragon flying in his orifices, his meridians and his abdomen have become long and narrow, just like stretching the dragon wantonly, and even some extremely light lines have appeared on his skin. These mysterious lines look just like several dragons.
"Dragon Blood Dragon Cave Long Mai Longpi … and Long Dan!"
Li Xuandao was shocked with surprise.
This Taihua Dragon tactic is really amazing.
Li Xuandao has just cultivated, not only repaired the damaged abdomen meridians, but also condensed more than half of the dragon body. If the cultivation is to the extreme, can it be considered that the dragon body is absolutely earth?
"Haha, if you can combine Taihua Dragon Tactics with fencing, who else can be my opponent?"
Li Xuandao heart joy can’t help but laugh wildly.
Chapter 6 Five hundred years later
"Master, what are you laughing at?"
Li Moyan good asked while sweeping the table food.
Li Xuandao shook his head and suddenly asked, "Do you know who Guan Yaoguang is, Li Moyan?"
"Who doesn’t know who doesn’t know why you ask this?"
Li Moyan looked up and asked
"The Goddess of Heaven?"
Li Xuandao smiled blankly and nodded. "Nothing is a little confused after being asleep for so long. By the way, what’s the matter with the female emperor? Can you tell me about it?"
Li Moyan coughed in a pack of seriousness. "The Xuanhuang World was originally ruled by dragons, and all the families of heaven and earth suffered oppression. Five hundred years ago, the strong human official Yao Guang rose up and led the strong human day, Xuanshan slayed the mixed yuan dragon emperor, overthrew the dragon rule and occupied the whole Xuanhuang World …"
"Five hundred years ago? She killed the mixed dragon emperor? "
Li Xuandao suddenly clenched his fist and his face was livid.
He fought hard for ten days and ten nights to kill the Dragon Emperor. How did he become killed by Guan Yaoguang?
Damn it!
I am so cruel to Guan Yaoguang. Why is Guan Yaoguang so cruel?
Li Xuandao suddenly said, "You mean the official Yao Guang killed the mixed Yuan Dragon Emperor? What about Destiny Wu Huang? What about the Sword Emperor? "
"I haven’t heard of what destiny Wu Huang cracked the dome sword emperor. Anyway, I’m not sure if there is anyone else who was killed by Guan Yaoguang according to the smell of mixing Yuan Dragon Emperor."
Li Moyan a full face of vacant way
"Destiny Wu Huang and Guan Yaoguang joined hands to slay me. What happened to Guan Yaoguang but there was no news of Destiny Wu Huang?"
Li Xuandao frowned. Some people can’t think of a way. "Okay, you go ahead."
After Li Moyan’s description, he knew everything that had happened in the Xuanhuang World in the past 500 years.
In those days, Guan Yaoguang’ beheaded’ the Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and overthrew the rule of the Dragon, which won the admiration of all ethnic groups in heaven and earth. She conveniently wiped out all the major forces, unified the seven continents of the Xuan and Huang worlds, established the Dawn Empire, and set herself as the queen of heaven.
Lin ‘an City, Li Xuandao, is a small town in South Manchuria.
"Dawn empire and female emperor? Ha, ha, ha. Good officer, good means. Kill me while I’m unprepared, and then take everything from me, right? But you didn’t expect that I, Li Xuandao, have been reborn. I will take back everything and expose your lies to ruin your reputation! "
Li Xuandao clenched his fist with a jerk and his teeth rattled.
His face is ferocious, his eyes are red and his heart is unwilling to growl.
"Master, are you all right?"
Li Moyan asked with concern.
Li Xuandao looked up and smiled weakly. "Are you full? Let’s go when we’re full. I want to buy some weapons to arm myself. "
Say Li Xuandao and Li Moyan got up and left Haixuan Building together.
On the easternmost side of Lin ‘an City is a row of shops with bright flags, but Li Xuandao glanced at them and stepped into the corner, the most broken and humble blacksmith shop.
No sooner had I entered the blacksmith’s shop than there was a tinkling while the iron was hot.
An old man with bare arms and a scar on his face is constantly waving a hammer.
The hammer is like the size of a millstone, and a strong wind blows and dances wildly with Li Xuandao’s long hair.
A crimson iron block the size of a man’s head was smashed into a thin piece of iron paper by a sledgehammer.
"Just look at each weapon, 10 thousand Xuanlong coins."
The old man beat the iron head and didn’t lift his voice as harsh as steel friction.
Li Moyan stared at the room full of ordinary weapons and said angrily, "It’s too dark for some ordinary weapons to cost 10 thousand Xuanlong coins, isn’t it?"
"How expensive?"