There are 410 candidates who entered the fourth examination body, and there are 10 candidates who choose the specialty of refining.

No more, no less.
At most, of course, it is still fighting. A total of 260 people signed up.
There are 40 people in the array, 20 people in the alchemy, and the remaining three are still big surprises. Together, more than a dozen people have entered the exam (there are three boys)
Since a total of ten people entered the exam for the refiner, they were naturally divided into large groups. Fortunately, Zhai Ling and Liuyuwei were not divided into one group.
Liu Yuwei is the second group and Zhai Ling is the fifth group.
Ten refining platforms are arranged neatly and orderly. The first group of candidates have found their own refining platforms according to the arrangement.
The remaining 70 candidates who did not take part in the exam are not far away from a red line.
Four refiners, invigilators, tutors and ten assistants are in charge of the refiner candidates.
There are thirty minutes.
Everyone’s materials are also consistent, depending on who practices pure and strong!
Zhai Ling took a closer look at the material of the refining platform nearest to him.
There are three pieces of stellite and a package of coloring powder with matching polishing and carving tools.
Zhai Lingbai’s three mysterious stones have two meanings.
The first is that candidates will have three chances altogether.
The second is that if candidates want to forge weapons or magic weapons, they can fuse three pieces of black iron stones into one.
One time in the past, Zhai Ling also took one look at Taiwan’s ten-person technique.
Unfortunately, these ten people are still refining apprentices, and their techniques are similar and slightly immature.
The four tutors also sighed. Obviously, these candidates did not meet their standards.
Thirty minutes later.
At the end of the first game, there were still three people who didn’t practice well, but they were forced to end by the helper.
At that time, someone started crying.
You didn’t make trouble. This is the rule. If you don’t respect the rule, you will provoke all the tutors to make trouble. The guy was directly kicked by the helper and thrown back into the square.
The invigilators didn’t move one by one. Obviously, this too green weapon is really unsightly.
Seven helpers each picked up a handful and attacked each other.
A series of fractures sounded and all the weapons were broken. The seven candidates also looked pale. I don’t know if they were too tired just now or scared now.
In this case, we can see who has the lowest weapon damage.
A refiner’s facial expression came up, took a rough look and said, "The technique is not skilled enough, and everyone is doped with a lot of impurities! Even the weapon standard can’t be reached! If the soldiers get your weapons, they will definitely be easily killed by the enemy! Is this your level? I am so disappointed! All eliminated! Change a group! "
The seven candidates were stunned, and they rushed slowly and finally got it done in 30 minutes, but the ending was not what they thought.
"Teacher, give me another chance! I can! "
"Yes! Mentor, please give us another chance! "
Seven candidates have begged.
However, the instructors kept their faces straight, and the helpers stepped forward to gather high-level momentum and suddenly burst out. When the seven people were shocked, they threw them into the whirlpool.
Don’t stay LiuYuWei before they the star college refiner said with a face of serious "refiner all the way don’t the slightest neglect! In the future, others will come to you for refining, and that will be a letter to you! What a thing to dope with so many impurities! Although your level still needs to be high! But this sense of responsibility must be shared by everyone! This is the refiner! Ok, let’s start! "
Everyone has his own understanding of what the tutor just said.
Middle-aged people don’t say anything more about the cold face and walk away. The helper just started to invite the candidates.
Liu Yuwei gave Zhai Ling a refueling look.
Liuyuwei smiled and left the fourth refining platform.
In the twentieth minute, a magic weapon was revealed, and all the instructors looked at it with dribbling eyes.
Liuyuwei at the moment is condenser nuclear has slowly formed the magic weapon breath vaguely has flowed out.
"A refiner!"
The tutors were shocked, so were the candidates who were taking the exam, and so were the candidates who watched it.
Actually, someone really reached a refiner!
"We want this girl in the Rainbow Garden!" A middle-aged man said
Just now, the middle-aged man immediately replied, "She is our star school! No one wants to argue! "
Another tutor sneered, "Have you ever asked me about the Virtual Heaven Institute?"
It’s true that the nine elite colleges in the Virtual Academy of Fine Arts have a high status.
There was a last dusty courtyard tutor who looked calm and smiled. "Is it interesting to fight now? People haven’t decided yet? "
Immediately the teachers were silent again.
It’s true that even if you show your breath now, what can you do if the girl doesn’t choose you then?
A candidate who is refining the device suddenly felt a shock and one mouthful blood suddenly spewed out.
Soon he was sent out.
Mentors shook their heads in succession. "Poor psychological quality! Roots are not refining materials! "
As expected, this group of candidates did not have a refiner except Liu Yuwei.
If the natural assessment is successful, Liu Yuwei will be the only one!
This can’t blame the instructors for not handing over the last place in this group, mainly because others are too low in rank.
Liu Yuwei successfully advanced, and when the assessment department is over, she can directly talk to the tutors of the colleges and universities to choose the colleges.
Liuyuwei turned to Zhai Ling to make a refueling move and was respectfully led to the rest area by the facilitator.
Chapter 30 The choice of fashion in colleges and universities was struck by lightning
After an hour, it was finally Zhai Ling’s turn.
Just now, no one in the two groups made it through.
However, the instructors are not completely disappointed, and they are still looking forward to the emergence of such a genius as Liu Yuwei.
Zhai Ling conveniently took out two pieces of black stone, and the spirit constantly released energy. The external aura fused and wrapped these two pieces of black stone.
If someone else needs one piece for refining, he can directly use two pieces, so there is a requirement for his speed.
Zhai Ling didn’t think about his things and began to forge his magic weapon.