"Dear Chairman, I updated the game and it was a brain preset program. I just followed the rules. You don’t have to be so angry," Zhinao said

"Well, you can always send me a video that I know is noisy with you here and there is no first kill," the chairman asked
"I’m sorry, I can’t do this because I listed the information in the top secret at the beginning of the design. I’m sorry, sir," said Zhinao
"Forget it, I’m fighting with a program. You can do whatever you like." Then the chairman turned and walked out of the brain chamber. When he turned around, a laughing face appeared on the big screen of the brain, but it turned into a fleeting data.
When Zhao Bohao finished reading the announcement, official website also had a new indication that the game was updated for twelve hours.
He first went to the toilet to solve his personal problems, and then set the alarm clock for eleven and a half hours, and then closed his eyes and went to play chess with Duke Zhou’s daughter.
Ding Rinrin’s alarm pulled Zhao Bohao out of his dream. He stretched himself, then washed and ate at the speed of light. After everything was cleaned up, he lay in bed and waited for the game update to end.
Seeing that the helmet indicates that the game update has been completed and he can log in to the game, he has to wait for the helmet to enter the game.
When he logged into the game again, he first adjusted his perception to a minimum, and then observed the situation around him, and saw the original traces of fighting. However, the bodies and falling objects of the Wolf King, the Snake King, the Bear King and the King Ju Jia had already been refreshed.
"God, why do you do this to me? I won’t have a good fight. You can leave me two pieces, too." Zhao Bohao issued a cry that was even more miserable than a howl.
"If it’s not right or wrong, it’s not easy to stay and sneak away. When people see me, it’s going to be a big surprise. Don’t be bored and make a fortune for me." Then I read the mantra of returning to the city and disappeared in a flash. Mobile reading
= = = Section 13 Neuropathic epilepsy = = =
When the white light flashed in the town, Zhao Bohao returned to the town chamber and went to an absolutely safe place. Zhao Bohao checked his gains today.
The first thing that caught my eye when I was backpacking was the dozen interesting eggs. He reached out and took them out, like to see if there was any introduction. Who knows, it was still white.
Shaking his head with a wry smile, he put his precious balls in his backpack again and watched five things lying quietly in his backpack. Zhao Bohao felt a heartfelt heartache.
"Damn it, the update has caused great losses to the uncle. If you give me some, I will." Zhao Bohao kept cursing like an old lady with feet bound.
"Scold also white scold or look at what the Wolf king gave me first. After all, it’s the spirit beast who killed the explosion first. It must be the essence."
He took out the golden spike with great expectation.
Furious spike dagger
Grade gold grade
One-handed weapon
Attack power 2
Attack speed: rapid
Level 4
When attacking, there is a chance to trigger a tear attack and make the target bleed.
There is a chance to trigger a rapid attack state when attacking. The only effect is to increase the attack speed by 20% and last for 3 seconds.
There is a chance to trigger a violent attack state when attacking. The only effect is to increase the attack power by 20% for 3 seconds.
Seeing this, he jumped up and down, and everyone took a step back and pointed at him.
Zhao Bohao looked around and retreated, and the crowd got a fright.
"I can’t pretend to be struck by lightning. I want to suppress South Amitabha’s view of Buddha. God bless me." He desperately suppressed his joy and waited for a long time. He finally adjusted his mentality to ensure that he would not lose his temper and took out the golden egg.
Pet egg golden wolf
King class
To rank.
There is a three-headed dog in hell, which has a very high talent for growth.
When Zhao Bohao jumped to the ground in the middle school again, he saw that the people around him had flashed to his two-step distance, as if to prevent Zhao Bohao from becoming a mad dog and biting people.
"Zhao Bohao, I told you that you can’t be so proud. If you pack to force yourself to be careful, you must be depressed by the thunder." Zhao Bohao tried to calm his mood and waited for a while. He took out an iron token.
Guild token
Only then can a guild be established.
Make level 1
"I don’t want to fly." Zhao Bohao jumped up again and called out not to fly, but the whole person couldn’t help jumping to the ground, and he couldn’t restrain his joy and burst out laughing.
After he smiled for a while, he glanced at the side road, and people saw people shouting and fleeing, and their mouths shouted that creation was insane. Run, everyone. Neuropathy is going to bite people. Come on, urban management.
"You are the mental derangement. Your family is all mental derangement, and you still have rabies mental derangement." Zhao Bohao scolded in his heart. Anyway, he was also recognized as a mental derangement, which is called depression. He took out the silver token directly from his backpack.
City building order
Only then can a village belonging to the player be established.
Level 4
This time, Zhao Bohao didn’t jump. He really didn’t jump because he directly fell headlong, foaming at the mouth and convulsing, and then he was forced to log out of the game with a flash of white light.
He didn’t even take off his helmet when he was lying in bed, because his brain was still in chaos, and his whole brain was full of the words "building a city"
My mouth kept saying, "Building a city is really a building order. How can it be a building order? Could it be that it is wrong? I have to go and see clearly. This is a baby worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Don’t be mistaken." Log in to the game again and find that I can’t go, indicating that the player is too excited to continue the game. Please log in again after calming down.
Zhao Bohao hurried to the public bath, took a cold shower and returned to the house again. His mood has calmed down almost, and he entered the game smoothly with his helmet.
After taking a deep breath for five minutes, the atmosphere backpacked again and saw a silver token attribute, which really confirmed that the hand was the forum. After the major guilds bought the city building order heavily, he turned into a white light again and was kicked out of the game again.
Back to reality, as soon as he took off his helmet, he ran to the shower to wash it because he was afraid that he would smoke it like Uncle Shan.
After about fifteen minutes of cold shower, he felt that his excitement had turned into dizziness, runny nose and cold, so he ran back to his room and wrapped the sheets.
"Damn it, if but before he could conquer, he was dead has a cold and a fever, it will be out of luck," Zhao Bohao said