A round of boulders smashed Wu Ming like a meteorite, and they also showed their bodies, making the giant avatar nearly three feet in size.

The light in his hand shot at the devil who opened his mouth and shouted at him.
The light flashed and the devil suddenly shivered.
Wu Ming is no time to mend the knife. A high fiend with two feet has called him with one punch.
Great power will smash Wu Ming and flicker away, but it will catch the blazing flame head on.
Hot and high temperature will turn red like a flaming cloud.
Wu Ming didn’t sit on fire, but there were ways to put it out. It’s not a samadhi fire.
When the mantra is read, there is a sudden storm, and then it becomes a thread and finally it becomes a storm.
The fire died down immediately.
The devil immediately shouted, "This fellow is a good thing and be careful to let him get away!"
The four demons gathered around and wanted to be together again
Wu Ming estimated a distance and immediately lifted the cassock and threw it on the turtle’s back in the distance.
What is this for?
The four demons didn’t understand, but they didn’t think much about picking weapons to fight!
Wu Ming immediately raised his arms and thousands of eyes appeared.
In an instant, thousands of eyes emit dense yellow fog and brilliant golden light, which is like an iron drum or so, like a bronze bell.
The four devil instantaneous cover in.
The golden yellow fog suddenly made the four demons cry and hurried to rush out
The golden light is harder than iron, and the four of them can’t break their hearts and use their magical powers to break the array.
Wu Ming immediately fuelling more than 50 Jin Guangfei swords.
Those golden light flying swords gathered together, and the four demons felt the great crisis, so they had to avoid it.
Golden light flashed through the heads of four demons, and the whole body became a sieve god and the body was meteorite.
Wu Ming, who was removed from Jin Guangzhu Fairy Sword Array, hurried to catch four bodies and put them into the furnace for refining together with their weapons.
Finish the work
Meng Jia in the distance has looked silly. Does this fellow have such magical powers?
He saw Wu Ming emit golden light, and then the four powerful lich kings became corpses after more than ten minutes.
Wu Ming stepped in and took a robe from its back and said, "Why didn’t you run away?"
Meng Jia immediately nodded mercilessly and said, "I’m the Dragon Palace’s wife. How can I make a bad promise?"
Now let him run, he dare not run.
Wu Ming didn’t care about his little mind. He had already seen through it.
If Meng Jia really ran away just now, he must be beheaded with a halberd.
Sit on your back, ride the wind and step on the clouds and fall into a mountain to rest.
Wu Ming has refined all the demon corpses and gained a mass of repeated avatar spells.
However, there are also four devils who have given several good things.
The giant avatar has been strengthened or transformed. When the body can grow to the size of ten feet, it is far from the astronomical phenomena, but it is also a great progress.
Besides, there’s another one!
It is Yinjiao who sent three mountains to crush Sun Wu’s avatar, but it is very troublesome to display this avatar.
The first thing is to consume mana. If the hills of the Lord God are still acceptable, those mountains need permission from the Emperor Wuyue.
Otherwise, those mountain gods will never let go and forcibly take it, which is a violation of dogma.
In addition, it’s nothing serious to fire and roar, and he doesn’t have that much time to practice his magical powers.
When it comes to refining the elixir and refining several spiders, it may not be short to continue to find a way to break through the virtual road.
With a wave of his hand, he ingested Meng Jia into his sleeve robe and released seven spider spirits.
Wu Ming immediately showed his original body more than 60 feet long, and the poisonous insects around the cliff were suddenly scared to flee.
Seven spider spirits also skillfully jumped to his back and the rich moonlight was pulled to practice.
Meng Jia was released into a trance.
What kind of avatar is that?
It was dark, and he couldn’t escape by all means.
Sure enough, this fellow definitely set himself free on purpose a few times ago to find an excuse to kill me!
"Let’s go"
Meng Jia darling lie prone Wu Ming jumped to the surface and patted.
Suddenly, the clouds were born carrying Wu Ming to continue to look for some herbs left.
With ganoderma lucidum and purple lotus, there have been some news about its Wu names.
"Waste was robbed by a Taoist priest and killed them. Are all these wastes in my Demon God Palace now?"
A roar in the wide abode of fairies and immortals
Not half of them appear, but all of them are yuan gods who are invisible.
Another voice said, "I’m afraid Heaven won’t be quiet when it gets a demon mirror. Most of the friends from Tianpeng came here for a test."
This guy doesn’t care about just four cruise envoys.
Yu Ziyou Baolian is also a hand. Some people want to steal it from Zhang and give it to some guy. When they die, they die.
Hearing the demon mirror, Yu Da’s demon king is also timid. If heaven comes with the demon mirror, you can’t hide.
"If you come, even if Zhenwu’s fellow comes again, it will be like getting angry. We won’t attack the Lingxiao Hall in the worse heaven and seize the jade emperor!"
A sound bad to ruthlessly say
"I like the night king’s self-confidence. Isn’t it that Zhang Ling and the canopy broke your brain?"
"You want to die!"
Night Xiao Wang rage way
"That’s enough! I cann’t believe you’re still paying for it at this time Do you really have to kill the demon chopping platform one by one before you stop? "